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  1. Dungeon killer

    Famous Last Words

    Sorry didn't want to cause any trouble, was just replying to the thread that's all.
  2. Dungeon killer

    Famous Last Words

    As everyone else said she was trying to express her feelings to Link, but when she broke the Mirror she wouldn't be able to fully express herself. (If you get what I mean ;)...)
  3. Dungeon killer


    Well she is useful in her own ways. But, she does seem to be alittle Cucko. (get it Cucko... bad joke!)
  4. Dungeon killer

    What's Wrong with Me?

    Don't be ashamed dude as everyone else say's it's okay to like a fictional character. Tell the Truth Midna was pretty hot at the end!
  5. Dungeon killer

    The Razor Sword

    Well the Razor Sword was a great looking sword and it was a bummer that it only lasts a hundred swings. They should make a better version of the Razor Sword and make sure it lasts.
  6. Dungeon killer

    Spoiler Rankings for Zelda Games You Own

    My list is from 1-6. 1 being Favorite, 6 being Least Favorite. 5. Phantom Hourglass, this zelda was less than I expected and I was disapointed to play it and realize how bad it actually was. Having to go back and forth from a central base of operations (Temple of the Ocean King). But my...
  7. Dungeon killer

    Worldly Changes

    Okay during school today the teacher asked us if we could change something about the world or a country, state, city, and etc. What would it be and how would you change. So I'm asking you to see what you would do to change the world or something in the world today. I would change Africa...
  8. Dungeon killer

    The Tree On The Moon-MM

    Mainly I don't believe thet they where trying for that scene. I understand why your asking but I think it has no relation to it like preivously said there is, just a tree and some children. If it was it would have animals and a forest like landscape. Good theory though. ~Dungeon killer
  9. Dungeon killer

    Zelda Wii at GDC in March?

    Last E3 they showed a trailer for Metroid Other M, so they might show us a trailer of the new zelda , but I doubt a little and think they may just talk about.
  10. Dungeon killer

    Magic Meter

    I would cetainly like a Magic Meter back in another zelda title. I thought it added more difficulty to the game which I personally like and would like to experience in a modern zelda title.
  11. Dungeon killer

    The OR Thread

    Ezlo 150% Razor Sword or Glided Sword. (Stupid 50 characters)
  12. Dungeon killer

    The OR Thread

    Oracle of Seasons. Fire Arrows or Ice Arrows? (Stupid 50 characters)
  13. Dungeon killer

    What is It About Zelda?

    well what attracted me was the way you could explore the world of Hyrule and do what you wanted. You could find treasure (piecesof heart, rupee's) you could always fight enemies and I loved the end when you fight Ganon or Ganondorf. But what really got to me has to be the expansion of weapons...
  14. Dungeon killer

    Hardest Boss

    Definitly Ganon in Snake form, he was way to fast and I couldn't land a hit on him. It was so frustating and aiming and estamting where he might go next was impossible. Molgera was not hard at all I defeated him so fast and only lost 1 heart battling him.
  15. Dungeon killer

    Zelda Phantom Hourglass on NES!!

    Okay, the pirates who made that are well, stupid thay should really look at the zelda series before making a copy of one of the games and they did an okay job for pirates as everyone else says, but I would have done some research before pirating the game.
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