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  1. AlienY

    Have You Been to Any Midnight Releases?

    I'm not THAT much of a fan of any game to miss my napp time :P
  2. AlienY

    What is Your Most Relaxing Music?

    Kakariko village from OoT and Ordon Village from Twilight Princess
  3. AlienY

    Least Favorite Fast Food?

    Onions! I don't mind fast food as long as I eat it only once a month
  4. AlienY

    What's Your Favorite Cartoon?

    South Park,Simpsons,TMNT,Dragon Ball Z,Yugioh,Spongebob
  5. AlienY

    Post Your Phobia!

    Fear of height,mouses,snakes and sharks
  6. AlienY

    Top 5 Game Characters

    1. Niko Bellic 2.Ezio Auditore 3.Tommy Vercetti 4.Crash Bandicoot 5.Jimmy Hopkins
  7. AlienY

    What Are You Talented At?

    I can fart with my hands,I can burb infinte times,and I can make cracking sound with my wrist on the leg(don't know how it is called in english xD ) infinte time
  8. AlienY

    Sweet or Salty Snacks

    I can't go a day without sweet snacks
  9. AlienY

    E3 Games You Want to See?

    New GTA V trailer Bully II and many new upcoming video game updates
  10. AlienY

    What Games Have You Finished in One Sitting?

    TMNT IV:Turtles in time I think that's the only one.I tend to play a game for more than 1 day
  11. AlienY

    What is Your Favourite Snes Game?

    Circus Charlie,Urban Champion,Popeye and one Kung Fu game
  12. AlienY

    Where Have You Traveled To?

    Slovenia,Italy,France,Austria,and many places in my own country
  13. AlienY


    Concerts are great! I was at Bon Jovi once,it is really a spectacle to see :)
  14. AlienY

    Does Anybody Like EA Sports Games?

    Ou yeah,SSX is great :D
  15. AlienY


    It is destroying music.No instrumets and skills.Just computer playing and add some screaming and you got Skrillex
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