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Your Favorite Zelda Merch!!


The incomparable legend
Dec 19, 2011
Temple of Light
All I really have are Zelda games, so no other mercandise really. But I guess my best would be the Skyward Sword bundle pack and the Ocarina of Time 3DS bundle.
Jan 2, 2012
My collection screen is currently empty... I do plan to eventually make master sword and hylian shield replicas. Don't want to drop $60 a piece for the really nice ones. I'm good wig woodworking anyway so I might as well put my skills to use.
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Feb 7, 2012
My favorite merch would probably be the games;if that doesn't count, I would say the legend of Zelda soundtrack that comes with Skyward sword collectors edition.


Bow Down to the Dark Lord
Nov 7, 2011
The World Of Darkness
My Zelda gold Wii remote. it's so cool! i am also trying to get my grandma to make my a shirt with the hylian crest on it. My grandma is a really great sewer. so that's why i'm asking her.


Aperture Test Subject #2
Dec 20, 2010
Aperture Laboratories
The manga's and my wallet its awesome because it has the hyurle crest on it not sewed on but like a big piece is awesome oh and my posters that will arrive soon. any one wanna trade a tp poster for a ocarina of time one?

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