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  • When I draw I look at something, not trace! No offence intended to anyone who does but I find tracing wrong :P And thanks :D I appriciate your support, and I think you should continue drawing too! Even if you don't think your good yet, practice will only help you get better :P
    I can't draw freehanded well at all, but I put my pictures on here for any advice because I really enjoy drawing
    Im no good at colouring pictures, they always end up worse, so after I finish drawing it I fear wrecking it so I leave it... I'll try sometime but I haven't really done any drawing recently other than the comic :P but when I do I'll post in on here. Do you ever do any drawing?
    Thanks, I'm glad you liked them! One thing though, that was Naruto and Hinata from the anime series 'Naruto', not Link and Zelda :P Still glad you like it though :D Got any advice you could throw my way?
    My day was fine, now I have to make a comic in english class which will take awhile due to my slow art skills :P How was your day?
    Congrats on the job!! Thats awesome, although no, I've never heard of 'Harps' :P And thanks, homework went well, boring, but well. Have a good day, talk to you later :)
    Aye, he's a youtube user. He makes Let'sPlays for gams on Nintendo systems, and he's very funny! Right now he's Let'sPlaying Skyward Sword. Here is a link to the first Skyward Sword video in case you're interested. :)
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