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Your Favorite Pokémon?

What generation is it in?

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Dec 1, 2009
That place where things are.
This is tough... Normally it's Umbreon or Scizor, but after seeing all the Gen V Pokemon, I've grown really fond of Mijumaru, Aakeosu, Victini, and Erufuun, making my ability to narrow it down even harder. So really, any of those could be considered one of my favourites, since I'm not going to even attempt to narrow it down.

Links Power

I would have to say my favorite pokemon would Have to be Squirtle and Piplup , Because i think there both cute and strong. In some pokemon games i got them to level 100 With out evolving them. (With the B on a DS or DSI) Then i used them in wi-fi it was awsome. :)


Aug 7, 2010
I will never know a pokemon cuter than my pal Pichu!


Hylian Coward
Oct 25, 2009
Philippines, Manila
I feel i've got cheated in the poll survey because all of the generation are my favorite., but i've got no choice i have to choose only 1, :'( i will be choosing the 3rd generation because the moves of the pokemons in this generation are awesome and so powerful.

However if someone ask me "in over all pokemon generations who's pokemon (1) you will choose" i will choose my one and only
Piplup, this cute little penguin relieves my stress.


Like a river's flow, it never ends...
Jun 2, 2009
Um...I think I may be the first person on here to say this, but my favorite pokemon is a dark/ghost type: Sableye. :)



Jun 14, 2010
Seattle, WA
Why 5th Generation is clearly the (second) best:

Need i say more? yes i do, because i like to do that

-the designs of first generation were pretty crappy, and most of the Pokemon were uncreative, but hey, it WAS the first generation. so you can't really expect much. im not saying they are bad, but they aren't the best.

-Skipping second lets move on to third. some of the Pokemon are....interesting. the Pokemon themselves are (mostly) decent, but none of them are too great. the pallets are the main things that ruined them, because the third generation Pokemon all had darker pallets compared to the previous games, and since recoloring them would be weird, they have forever been stuck with those pallets.

-Fourth gen was MUCH better than third and introduced many great mechanics.i am glad they fixed the pallets and went to vibrant colors, as it makes the game look much nicer. a lot of the Pokemon WERE unneeded evolutions to previous Pokemon though, so it kind of didn't introduce many original Pokemon

- Second is best hands down. the graphics look smooth especially compared top first gen, the new Pokemon were original and creative, and it introduced Dark, Steel,and eggs. the locations were great, and it has the best soundtrack of any games to date. honestly, even the pseudo and regular legendaries were awesome. Ho-oh is beast.

-Fifth generation improved EVERYTHING. the battles are really smooth in these game,s and nothing like the demos or previous games. honestly, you could finish a 6 Pokemon trainer in like 5 minutes of battling if you are UNDER leveled. the way the Pokemon constantly move is neat, and the new moves are awesome. the game actually has a pretty involved plot, since you see a rival or team plasma every 10-20 minutes, and the game is pretty tough. the Pokemon also have the best designs in the series, even better than second gen, but second gen still has a better soundtrack :P (i hate spell checker! it keeps yelling at me for typing Pokemon!!!)

Sage Raziel

Let's see my over-all favorite Pokemon is Mewtwo. I just feel so sorry for him, yet at the same time respect his superior intellect and dark views on the world. He has been inspiration for many of the things I've written.

~Sage Raziel


I always preferred underused Pokémon (most of) such as Kabutops (so cool with his blade-arms), Nidoking, Torterra, Charizard, Muk, Kingler, Blaziken (fire kicks and its appearance in Battle Revolution is simply insane), Pinsir, Drapion... especially Rhyperior! What a demon...

In overused, I could name two : Lucario (straight and awesome) and Weavile (sneaky, ferocious and violent)... But on top three, here it comes :



Grand Campaigner
Aug 9, 2009
Man, I remember when all there WAS was the 1st generation. I learned about Pokemon from a Pokedex book my bro got me. My favorite Pokemon were Mewtwo, Riachu, and Beedril. I THOUGHT THEY WERE SO COOL. YOU DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND. I WOULD HAVE LEFT THIS WORLD JUST TO BE WITH THE POKEMON WHEN I WAS 4 YEARS OLD.


dratini and dragonair, equally. i mean,cute, poofy dragons? who WOULDN'T love them!?

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