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    Hey, just so you know, your Kirby's Epic Yarn review was merged into an already existing thread about the game. In the future, please don't remake threads that have been moderated. If you're confused to where the thread has gone, contact a moderator or administrator.
    Yeah, the thing is, Titania is just ONE of my good people, they just never can kill her, but its not like i cant survive withought her. I usually just send out Soren and Ike to do most of the fighting, while Titania just goes out by herself to kill the people that im worried will kill Rhys and all of the "weaker" people. The one im trying to train as much as possible is Soren.>.< Oh and by the way, i've heard that when Soren becomes a sage, he gets to choose whether to wield the staves or the knives. This one website said not to choose knives cause he doesnt have good Attack, so choosing staves would be better. Does this mean he gets to heal with staves when he becomes a sage? Anyways, this is kind of stupid of me, but I REALLY hope Illyana isn't powerful. See, I think you have to kill her to get her into the mercenaries, but the problem is I used a very wierd strategy in that one chapter with her. Don't ask me HOW, but i somehow ended up killing only about 10 people by the time the 8 turns for a Defensive victory or whatever was over. So, I wasnt able to get her.>.< Anyways, i'm on chapter 10 i think, where you have to rescue Sephiran, Nephenee, Brom, and some other guy from the prison. Oh yeah, and after A LOT of training Soren's at level 16! Can't wait for the class change! Hmm, this must be my longest post...:xd:
    ok Fahxy, thanks for the help! oh and by the way, I JUST figured out the caravan shop thingy, I just didnt know that you had to go to "Outfit" to get there. XD Oh, and by the way, Soren has got to be my 2nd strongest, second only to Titania, they really never seem to be able to kill her for some reason... Yea, I'm really trying to train Soren, I think hes at level 10 or something like that, and he pwns with that Thunder magic! I cant wait for him to get a class change! Im raising him to 21 as fast as I can for that class change... Now im on chapter 8, that battle is super hard with those annoying long-range attack guys killing Rhys, even though every1 except Titania is covering him! I just wish that mages would have higher HP... Soren, Boyd and Oscar seem to be a good team.:lol:
    I FINALLY got Path of Radiance! XD Its an EPIC game, and i think its one of the best games ever! :) I forgot what chapter im on, but its right after Greil dies. Oh, and did you mean Boyd when you told me to train certain people? Anyways, I just get annoyed when 3 people gang up on Rhys, I really wish he had some way to attack. I have 2 questions though, if you could answer them. How do you repair magic items? I read somewhere that you can repair them when they run out of uses, but I really need to know how to do it, cause Soren's Wind doesnt have a lot of uses left. My second question is, how do you buy the items from the merchants in the caravan? I mean, where do you go to buy them? Thanks.;)
    Well, I didn't mean specifically the floatie wars thing, just that you have relatives near your age that you can hang out with. I mean, I like getting together with my aunts and uncles and all, but I'd have more fun if I had cousins close to my age.
    Yeah, I think you have just one sword in AoL. But every time you get a level up, you can choose to gain either health, magic, or attack, so that makes up for it.
    Never thought of that with Kid Icarus. But would that keep even if I turned the Wii off? Also, I don't think that save system is any different. And you spelled "remembered" right =P. You should use Firefox; it automatically underlines in red words you've misspelled.

    Well, talk to you later.
    Yeah, I'm not sure about Lostwinds myself, but if I had an extra Wii Points Card around that I had to use for some reason, that would be something I might get. As for Kid Icarus, yes, I did get a rom of it. It seemed pretty fun, and I think it would be much better with the sideways wii remote (actually, I know so, because of Brawl). Plus, I'm not sure, but I think the VC version has a more usual save system, as opposed to the passwords. Also, I read a little bit about it, and it sounded like it would get a bit better as I went along. And also, if I'm getting MM and AoL, I'd have 500 extra points, so Kid Icarus would work out perfect.

    Ah yes, the infamous floatie wars you always tell me about =D. Man, you're so lucky that you have relatives around your own age. *sigh*

    Yeah, I remember Pol. He seemed pretty nice.

    Well, see you sometime soon.
    I would not reccomend Lostwinds. I haven't played it yet, so I dunno, but as a general rule, even the highly rated wiiware games suck and have no replay whatsoever. Oh, and why did you decide on Kid Icarus? It just seems out of the blue. Have you played a rom of it? Also, the fireworks were good, I guess, but I can't tell you that much about them. I was falling asleep in the car on the ride back from a crazy 4th of July party. I was exhausted from extreme volleyball and vicious swimming king of the floatie wars. I will be coming back tomorrow with Pol (you say it Pon- I know,weird, right? he's the kid from Thailand that was up at my place. He'll be back for a week or so. Don't worry, I'll make sure that we can still hang out), but first we're stopping at a TJ Maxx to get me some more shorts and a grocery store to stock up for the trip. So, hopefully, see ya soon!
    Well, I mostly thought it was interesting because I remember playing Mario Tennis on the GC at one of my brother's friend's. Also, it's not very often that we get a new N64 VC game.

    I must be losing my touch, because I didn't even notice that you misspelled anything. I only put quotation marks around "usual" to add stress to it. Kind of a funny coincidence.

    And I haven't downloaded those VC games. As you observed, I have no wifi, so I have to wait until you get back. Heck, I've still gotta buy the points card. As to if I got another one... well, I imagine I would probably get one of the Lostwinds, as it's supposed to be a good Wiiware game. I'd probably also get either SF64, or the original LoZ and some other NES game.

    I have heard of InFamous, but all I know about it is that it's supposed to be good.

    So, were the fireworks good? They were pretty nice here, although nothing extraordinary.
    I don't really have a "usual" time that I come on. We'd just have to bump into each other there. Probably be easier to talk over the phone.

    Oh, did you see that Mario Tennis on the N64 is on the VC now? Thought that was interesting.
    For Woodfall, you get the bigger spin attack, for Snowpeak you get a bigger magic meter, for the Water Temple you get more defense (you take half the amount of damage from attacks), and from the Stone Tower Temple you get the Great Fairy Sword.
    My profile picture is artwork from ALttP. I didn't make it at all: if you search Google Images for "Master Sword" it'll probably come up. I should probably change it... and my avatar and signature too...

    Well, not long after you get back, we've gotta continue the Grand Campaign =D.
    Ah, that's a bit of a pain, Shannon having a job... Ah well, I'm sure we'll have plenty of fun with it when you get back. It'll be an easy thing to play when we need a break from Mario.

    So, you saw Cleopatra's Needle? Nice. I actually do kind of know what it is, as it made an appearance in The Red Pyramid. Is it like, huge?
    And yes, NOTHING can beat Aniello's =D.

    You know, I didn't have a heck of a lot of trouble getting all of the fairies in Woodfall and Snowpeak on my emulator run of MM. It was the Water and Stone Tower temples where it was a real pain. Well, good that you're having fun with it.

    The signature and avatar both rawk. Pretty darn awesome. Wish I could make them as good as Zeruda can.

    Anyways, when are you getting back?
    Harder than you remember? Really? I remember it being pretty darn hard. I mean, we spent a loooonnnggg time trying to beat the Star Cup on 150cc. Or maybe that was the Special Cup. Whatever.

    Anyways, I'm not half bad. Just hanging out here, as usual. I've decided I want to get a Wii Points card somewhat soon and download MM, AoL, and Kid Icarus. Also, just got The Name of the Wind yesterday. It's pretty good so far, even though I'm only a little bit into it.
    Hey Fahxy, how's it going? Did you get that Wii points card in time, and were you able to download Mario Kart?
    Hey guys! keep tabs on the Grand Campaign in the General Gaming Section! Blackicecc and I are the Grand Campaigners, so give some advice!
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