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General Classic Which Zelda Title Would You Play for the First Time Over Again?

Jan 11, 2012
a link to the past for sure. its amazing design, puzzles, controls, and graphics blow me away everytime i play it. to go back and do it again as i played it my first time would be amazing.


One of the Sheikah
May 1, 2012
Phantom Hourglass
It was my first video game ever (believe it or not) and it just got me loving the series
I remember getting super excited whenever I got past a part I was stuck on, or whenever I recived a new spirit
And the first time I went into the Ghost Ship I was like "I can't belive I'm almost finished" but I was still kinda sad that it was almost over, but was super excited and amazed at the story that continued when I finished the ghost ship.
May 13, 2012
Kalamazoo, Mi
Mine would be OoT as well. It was the first Legend of Zelda game that I played by myself. I had played games before, but always just playing with my dad. OoT was the first game that I played and beat by myself. Every time I went to a new location, met a new character, every song, and ever new item brings back a memory for me. It is, without a doubt that it would be the game I would choose to play again and have those first-time feelings all over again.


Red Hair Wonder
Feb 27, 2012
New Jersey, USA
Hmm..I think Majora's Mask. I played it when I was younger, but now I know all the secrets, so I'd love to playit (maybe actually get it first) with it being a totally fresh experience.


The Rodent King
Jun 15, 2011
The Tree
I would play TP again. SS is my favorite game but it's like SS is more like a video game than a movie and TP is more like a movie than a video game if you know what I mean. TP has more plot-twist kinda stuff and it's fun to suddenly have the plot change in a different direction the first time but the second time, you know it's going to happen so it's not as exciting which is why I would rather play TP for the first time than SS for the first time to experience first watching all the plot twists and stuff like that.


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
Easily Ocarina of Time. Why not some other popular choices? Well, let's see:
  • Legend of Zelda - My first time with LoZ was total hell; the game was just too darn hard and I couldn't make it TO Level One, let alone PAST it.
  • Adventure of Link - one word: impossible. Even now i cannot make it to the second palace without trouble. Don't get me started on Death Mountain.
  • A Link to the Past - I got stuck on Helmaroc King (whatever that boss was int he first Dark World dungeon). I don't want to experience that again -- I almost ripped my GBA apart in frustration.
  • Link's Awakening - I love my memories of the game, losing those would hurt. ALTHOUGH, I would absolutely love to experience the MarinxLink relationship thing for the very first time once more, that was really cute.
  • Majora's Mask - Too hard. But I would like to see Cremia's hug for the first time again. xD
  • OoX - This is a serious contender with OoT. Either Seasons or Ages would be agreat game for me to play for the first time, as I have only the fondest memories of these games. Seasons was a steady trek, I got stuck in a few points but I was able to win in the end. Ages not so much, as I got lost in the second room in the 2nd dungeon and never progressed without a walkthrough. So in the end, no OoX.
  • Wind Waker - Triforce Charts, 'nuff said.
  • Four Swords (Adventures) - Games were too easy for my tastes the first time through, not much to relive.
  • The Minish Cap - Another serious contender with OoT. I loved playing through each dungeon, collecting the kinstones, and so on. But another first time isn't like being reborn unfortunately. TMC would still feel similar to OoX, which I wouldn't want to first time again had I the choice.
  • Twilight Princess - OoT rehash confirmed. Besides, my first time with TP I only really liked the game for it's graphics (played it on a box TV so it looked good). Not much to relive.
  • Phantom Hourglass - Didn't like it first time. Temple of the Ocean King, 'nuff said.
  • Spirit Tracks - Tower of Spirits was cool, but it was limiting. Still is, actually.
  • Skyward Sword - Bleh.

It's not that any of those games are BAD. It's just that my first time through OoT was the best first timer I've ever had with a Zelda game, and maybe any video game in existence.
Apr 8, 2012
I would play Twilight Princess again. I've played it 4 times already and it would be interesting to see how well i could do it without having the entire thing memorized.
May 10, 2012
I think im gona have to go with link's awakening, i really enjoyed the story and would love to relive it!


Wind Waker!
Apr 6, 2012
Wind Waker. Wind Waker was my first game and I failed pretty hard at it when I was 6. I would love to relive it now that i'm older and I read the dialogue and actually use my brain.

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