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General Classic Which Zelda Title Would You Play for the First Time Over Again?


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Dec 31, 2011
A Link to the Past Definitely because it's the first Zelda game I've ever played, and it was hard as crap back then so I wonder how I would do now.


Jun 22, 2011
I'm also 21, I haven't played ALttP recently but its an awesome game, and I think much harder then a lot of, if not more, then the ones after it. I also agree LoZ is insanely hard too, my lord, I still have nightmares about the rooms full of Darknuts!

I'm 21 as well (thought I had to mention that), and I've recently played through LoZ and ALTTP. I think ALTTP is actually harder, but I die less frequently because you can have four bottles whereas in LoZ you can only use a potion twice. I played through ALTTP for the fifth time and died once, and I played LoZ for the fifth time and died 3-4 times I think. The only 3d game I've died in (not counting 3 heart runs of OOT in which stupid Bongo Bongo somehow gets me) was Majora's Mask because I swear the Iron Knuckles in Ikana Graveyard are coded differently from the Iron Knuckles from OOT. They always seem quicker and hit me, whereas in OOT they've never touched me. So in summary, I agree that ALTTP is still hard as is LoZ.


If I could wipe a game from my memory and discover it all over again, it would definitely be OoT. No game (Zelda or not) has ever blown my mind like OoT did when I first played it.
To discover 3D Hyrule field for the first time, to hear all those incredible songs, to pull the master sword and be totally stunned/shocked at what happens, to leave Lon Lon Ranch with Epona the first time... and so many other epic moments.

How I wish I could get lost somewhere in OoT, but as it is today I could probably write a walkthrough without opening the game!

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My choice would be Phantom Hourglass. Why do I choose Phantom Hourglass? Because it was my first Zelda game. It was the game that hooked me for life. It would be a truly amazing feeling to be able to relive that feeling. After all, it was the feeling of discovering the greatest video game franchise ever created. Could you imagine reliving that experience? It would certainly be exhilarating. That's one of the best things about Zelda, after all!

Venturing into a cursed temple, meeting that swashbuckling sea captain Linebeck, sailing from island to island, rescuing the spirits, meeting new friends... all while trying to save your dear friend Tetra from a mysterious Ghost Ship. My first Zelda experience. It would be incredible to be able to relive that.
Oct 26, 2008
I would choose Majora's Mask to play for the first time, as it is probably one of the greatest games I have ever played alongside being an extremely fun game to play. I find it harder than the rest of the Zelda's that I have played besides the first (mainly because that game is so random). In terms of working out what to do next, it's one of the harder ones, and of course that are all the side-quests that need to be completed, which were time consuming and fun. The main problem is that once you knew how to do them, it really didn't take that long to do them, since you just completed the largest number of side-quests possible in large bites.


Ocarina of time. First game I ever played. I played it by my self, with my Zelda loving friend and my brother. It was one of the two game I grew up on. 95% of my child hood was Ocarina of time and Myst.I loved the play trough of Zelda, the music and playing the song. (Well lets face it I love everything about that game) I bought a 3DS so I can play it. I beat the first OoT on N64 without fire arrows, I always found a torch and fired an arrow trough it. There are just so many memories that come with that game.
Dec 26, 2011
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I would love the be able to replay either OoT, TP or SS. All three of these games had me hooked in terms or puzzles and story. Story is especially true for SS, the story was amazing and I wish I could forget it to be surprised and emotional about all those key moments again. I'd also love to be back in 1998 playing OoT for the first time, that fight with Ganon and his double swords in a ring of fire, with the master sword knocked away from you was the most epic thing I had ever played at that time. I still remember going "Oh My God" when that fight started. He was huge, and Link looked so small, the music was epic as well.


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Jun 19, 2011
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Honestly, I think I'd go for Phantom Hourglass... 1) Because it was my first Zelda game to own and 2) because it had a great plot and great characters! :)


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Majora's Mask, mainly because I still hate myself for using guides to finish it. :P

Besides that, I think the themes and atmosphere would probably make a much bigger impact on me at this age than they did when I first played it about 5-6 years ago. I've never been particularly brilliant or thoughtful, but I'm usually more aware of things like death or sadness now than when I first played the game.

Also, I always saw Link as sort of a loner in it, and I can definitely relate to a person who always feels like he doesn't belong anywhere or with anyone. Maybe I do it to a bigger extent than Link did in the game, but anyway...


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Jan 10, 2012
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Majora's Mask definitely. Coming fresh out of Ocarina of Time and going into Majora's Mask gave me a feeling of hesitation and honestly a little fear given the nature of the title screen. I remember beating OOT like three times (once 100%) before I played MM. So thinking I was good, MM took me on an epic sequel I thought I would never finish. Alas twelve years later and I just finished it again tonight. If I could forget all knowledge and start a Zelda fresh it would be Majora's Mask.


Majora's Mask. The fact that the game is like an upside down Ocarina of Time is awesome. Especially the first time you play it.
Dec 21, 2011
Wind Waker because that's the only game I've mastered. I've beaten it literally 13 times and even thought it's my favorite game, it's getting old to play now lol.

I haven't even beaten all of them yet. The ones I have beaten I haven't mastered, so playing it over again is still quite enjoyable. If I had to pick a runner up it would be Skyward Sword only because I feel it's the most story driven out of all of them and I would love to relive all of those epic moments again. I'm a sucker for a good story.

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