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  • well my favorite zelda game is a cross between wind waker and majoras mask.
    i love them both So much!
    so whats your favorite zelda game???
    really? wind waker is expensive? if i remember correctly at the gamestop i live nearby when i got wind waker, it was only 17$....
    but i guess its none of my business to where you live, or for whatever reason you can get the game.

    yea i dont really like the four swords games either. they're pointless if you ask me.
    oh, and i guess since your new here, you wouldnt know this, but if you want to talk to someone, just click on view conversation in the right corner of the text box across from my username, that way instead of me not knowing your responding to me, i can know! you see, people cant really receive a notification of your response if you respond back to them from your own profile.
    sorry if you already knew that....
    I want to get Wind Waker next but it's so expensive and hard to find. I also want a Hard Copy of all Zelda games to make my collection except Four Swords they suck!
    *le reads your signature*
    *le gasp* you dont have wind waker OR spirit tracks yet! o goodness your missing out on some great games there! if you where to buy any zelda game next, i would suggest wind waker or spirit tracks!
    but if you had something else in mind, thats ok too. just thought id tell ya about some games that i think are great.
    but enough about me.
    i talk too much...
    Hi atompike. I just VMed you to tell you that your signature exceeds the height limit. Might you shorten it a bit? It might be a great idea to go the horizontal route with the text in your signature, as opposed to listing the titles vertically.
    Hi I'm new and I'm on a Zeldathon. My quest is to 100% all Zelda games in a year. No emulators, Only hard copies or a virtual console.
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