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General Classic Which Would You Prefer

Minish Cap or Legend of Zelda

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Weapon of a Lifetime
Nov 2, 2011
The ambassadors already have MC and LoZ i'm pretty sure but if one were to come out for all 3ds owners which would you prefer? And no this isn't a poll that will effect if they do or not just me being curious, personally I would want MC seeing as it just seems more fun and I haven't played it(I tried LoZ down a friends house).
Jan 8, 2012
minish cap, IMO, is a must play for any zelda fan. it's the perfect zelda handheld of last generation. (or 2 generations ago, w.e)
Nov 29, 2011
My vote is for the Original. I LOVE Minish Cap, but that would be re-releasing Tingle into the world which is not cool :\


On my Zeldathon Quest
Dec 31, 2011
My opinion is Minish Because LoZ is on the Wii Virtual Console already.


Defender of Hyrule
Oct 14, 2011
i don't have a 3DS but if i did, i would want Minish Cap, i have LoZ on the collectors edition but i've never played Minish Cap and would love to
As much as I recognize the original NES game for igniting the franchise, the Minish Cap is miles better and stands as one of the better Zelda games, in fact my favorite handheld Zelda game. Vaati is introduced extremely well and the music has an epic vibe to it. Also, Ezlo is a hilarious companion and never gets old! The whole changing sizes idea intorodcued in the game is also very unique!

As an ambassador though and someone who had played the NES original before but not The Minish Cap, maybe I'm a bit biased.


Original LoZ. Just beat the first quest a month ago on my 3DS ^.^ I beat MC on my Gameboy SP about 3 months ago so I thought it would just be annoying to do everything again in such a short time. I might wait a year before replaying it. Right now I will be focusing on getting 100% on SS.


I accidentally the...
Dec 4, 2011
Minish Cap. I think it's one of the best in the series, plus the original LoZ is already on the Wii Virtual Console and is confirmed to be coming to the 3DS one later.
Aug 25, 2011
Luckily I have both because of the Ambassador program... This is a really hard choice .. but I would go with LoZ


Call me Coco :3
Aug 3, 2011
idk somewhere South
Minish Cap, whick I have beaten. I originally thought the plot was ridiculous (a talking hat named Ezlo?!) but when I watched the walkthroughs I loved it and got it for myself!

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