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  • I haven't seen it, it's only being aired in the US at the moment and i live in the UK. could watch it online but i'd rather wait till all the episodes are available. did you see it?
    the video is up, if you fancy having a look, here's a link: Winged Review: Naruto Jutsus - YouTube
    other anime, Bleach is good, Wolf's Rain is full of inconsistencies but still good, Kiba was great. the Naruto anime in general has been going for nearly 10 years which is FAR too long
    most of the justus i've used are from fairly early in the series, mainly around the chuunin exam arch. is Shipuden still going or have they FINALLY brought it to an end? it's been going of FAR too long
    i've got a few planned but i'm a big fan of Naruto (though not seen it for about 6 months) so the next vid will be of some of my favourite jutsus from the series. there were loads i had to leave out as i didn't want to make it too long but it should be won't be up for about another week or so. do you know the series?
    Idk it could be some little kid gave me a bad rep for a quote even though it wasn't deserved, and as a result have negative rep points.
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