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What would it take for BotW 2 to become your new favorite/least favorite Zelda game?

Oct 23, 2021
For it to be my least: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks 3D (seems unlikely)

For it to be my favorite: Basically BotW but with some of the classic Zelda features such as trading sequences, proper bosses, more diversity in dungeon style, permanent items, musical instrument. Also rework the blood moon concept and make Ganon(dorf) a proper boss, such as OoT.

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Coming back to this a little more coherently now. I've been thinking about it after playing so much Age of Calamity and it really made me even hungrier for this game. It also helped me think more about what I really wanna see from it.

So all the boxes that BotW 2 needs to check to replace BotW as my favorite game would be:
  • same level of exploration and interaction with the world that botw had but improved (latest trailer seems to have implied this and its probably a given)
  • reconstruction efforts that makes some towns and areas up to the level they were at in Age of Calamity. they could literally reuse assets from AoC for rebuilt towns and stuff and I'd be happy.
  • i want Sidon, Yunobo, Riju, and Teba to be heavily involved in the story. BotW worked as a lonely adventure in a ruined Hyrule, but that was BotW, and this is BotW 2. I wanna see more than isolated story arcs this time. i want them all working together. (bonus points if the four of them mention the events of AoC)
  • Zelda gets to shine as a consistent ally and partner at some point in the game. i don't really want her to be the end goal that we strive for this time. i want her along for the ride. the teaser didn't look promising in this regard, but we shall see.
Now, it doesn't have to necessarily check all of these boxes for it to become my favorite. This is just a list of things that would guarantee it to have that status. Id be happy even with one or two of them. Just going off the latest teaser, I think the idea of it surpassing BotW for me is pretty likely as it is, but having these things in there would make it a certainty.


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My current favorite Zelda game still is Majora's Mask.

So, in order for BotW 2 to become my favorite Zelda game, it needs to do what MM did, and go above and beyond that.

That means deeper exploration of characters, a more mature tone, and something other than your standard Zelda plot.
Nov 29, 2021
For BoTW 2 to be my favorite Zelda game, it would need to address the major issues I have with BoTW. In other words:
1. Remove/greatly reduce weapon breakage and rebalance combat/food (I hate getting one-hit killed in the early game, and also how trivial the game becomes once you get decent armor and figure out how to exploit the food system)
2. Fix the interactions between the weather system and exploration to eliminate me having to stand around for 20 minutes realtime to wait for the rain to pass so I can climb, or having to remove all my gear because of a thunderstorm (song of storms like ability would work wonders if it could make the rain come/go away)
3. Add actually interesting dungeons instead of a bunch of samey and largely boring shrines
4. Add more story content, especially a satisfying epilogue
5. Fix the pacing/structure to reduce difficulty spikes and remove the instances of players wandering around aimlessly not sure what to do next, or stumbling into areas way above their level (figuring out how to start some of the divine beast quests without a guide can be painful if you take a slightly different route than the game expects)
Mar 17, 2020
Some sort of game guide to start off for newbies would be good, I spent quite a bit of time looking at polygon, etc for info on how to do certain thinags.
Some of the Shrines are boring but I’m not sure what could be changed except more puzzle ones.
Would be nice if Link could ask pertinent questions and get sensible answers, maybe even have a friend or a dog that would go places with him.
No chance now tho!

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