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What Three Zelda Characters Would You Most Like to See Make a Come-back?

1. The King of Red Lions - it was nice to meet a character who actually felt like royalty (Zelda feels less and less like a princess with every game for me) and who actually had some knowledge on the land, he was a bitter sweet character who ruled a sacrificed land, and the ending of Wind Waker was very sweet when he wished for a future. I think he is quite a deep character and would love to see him again.

2. Majora - I'd love to know the story behind this truly evil entity that could possess insane little Skull Kids, what power created it? is it linked to the Twilight realm or even the Hero's Shade?? I want to know!

3. Sheik - Why not? We've played as her in smash bors, we know she is lethal, she was a bit wasted in OoT, we all knew she had ***-kicking potential, it'd be nice to see her in the foreground of the action.

Sunset Blue

1. Queen Rutela of the Zoras from Twilight Princess - and Prince Ralis, too, while we're at it!
2. Aryll from Wind Waker
3. Guru-Guru from Ocarina of Time


Definitely Midna. The ending was so sad :( I was saying how stupid she is for doing that for no reason D:


1.Darunia, gotta love that crazy dancin!
2.The Great Deku Tree, I miss him so much!.. Y GREAT DEKU TREE?! Y DID U HAVE TO LEAVE US SO EARLY IN THE GAME!? :'(
3.The Fat Fairy from "A Link To The Past", she was so nice! she gave us the golden sword!!!!


1. Midna! OF COURSE!
2. Dark Link!
3. Happy Mask Salesman!!!

:) :mastersword:


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Apr 20, 2010
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Aryll would be a nice come-back for her. She's so adventurous like Link.

I think Kafei would also be nice.

What about Saria? She's a helpful person in anything you need in quest.

I think those people deserve a come-back on another Zelda game.
Dec 19, 2011
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Midna, Zant and Aryll. I loved Midna, she was probably the best partner Link could ask for. Zant was a psychotic nut who was so much fun to kill, plus he had a killer personality. As for Aryll, I thought she was adorable and sweet.

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Nov 26, 2008
Tingle mainly. People make him out to be terrible, but that's kinda why he's so awesome. He's just another one of Zelda's exceedingly weird characters, sometimes a little disturbing, sometimes just funny, and I thought he was entertaining. He's also seemingly in almost every game and is now a major part of the fanbase, so I think we kinda have to see him again. :P

Only other character I can think of is the Happy Mask Salesman, because I thought he was intriguing, but I can't really think of much context in which his reappearance would make sense, other than just putting the character in a new game without it really being the same person. Really there's a lot of characters I love, but not a lot of them would make much sense to bring back.


Jan 10, 2011
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I don't know if I can name three, but I know one I would like to see again: Demise. Seriously. We know the guy for 5 minutes and he turns out to be the reason Ganondorf keeps showing up throughout the entire series? There's got to be more on him for that to work out properly. We need to see his full story, his initial sealing in the Temple of Hylia. It just doesn't make sense to have something be (sort of) behind the main villain of the series and have him show up once at the tail end of a prequel to a game that was once first on the timeline. I wouldn't expect another prequel any time soon, but I will be kind of surprised if we don't see one eventually with Demise being the main villain throughout the entire story.
Dec 19, 2011
I would love to see

1.Midna-had great personality and just pretty cool
2.Ghirahim-crazy and intersting
3.Tetra-cool and adventerous

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