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What Made You Happy Today?


Peter Pan
ZD Champion
Aug 16, 2019
I'm a home alone and supposed to cook my own food. But my uncle made my dinner today. I'm so grateful!


ZD Legend
The gravy? Sure. That's why I'm confused. You're just putting brown sauce on gravy?
I buy the little powder cubes. Break it up, add water and add brown sauce. It doesn't thicken up like gravy usually does, just stays watery.

Unless your neck of the woods thinks that gravy is the consistency of water.


ZD Legend
@Spirit I was imagining you sat with a plate that was nothing but gravy, and then you lick your lips and pour the HP all over it, lmao. I like a relatively thick gravy myself, but I can't say I've ever made some with brown sauce
Hahhaha yeah not that trampy. Hahaha.

Lots of people go 'eew' when I put brown sauce in Oxo drinks but my uncle always used to do it and now i can't drink it without because it tastes too plain.

Next time you have some gravy add some brown sauce. It's nice.


passionate open autistic european female
ZD Legend
Apr 7, 2019
I want to say 'Astral Chain combat' but I feel I've been saying that a lot recently.

So I'm gonna sa 'had a good lunch' instead :)

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