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What Changes Would You Make To The 3DS?


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Feb 22, 2011
You all know that when a new handheld/console is released, it has all these features and cool stuff, and the 3DS is FAR from an exception. But, what things about the 3DS do you think couldv'e been better? What changes would you make?

For me, i wished the Nintendo 3DS Sound wasn't an application, but rather added to the top row of icons with the Game Notes, Friend List, Notifications and the Internet Browser. And when you were listening to music and pressed the home button, you would be taken back to the menu, open up a new game, but the tab could still be visible. That way you can still listen to the songs while playing a game. I also would change the Internet Browser to be able to have more than one page(a la iPod Touch/iPhone).

What about you guys?
Feb 2, 2011
Nova Scotia
I would like 3d with glasses so you can view good 3d from any angle, but also an option for the 3d we have now. So you can show 3d to more people at the same time.

Big Octo

Jul 2, 2011
I agree with the Internet Browser. It could use some MAJOR improvements. For starters, it's very slow compared to other handheld devices. Second, browsing a page is always irritating, as it needs to be zoomed in far to be readable. Yes, the should have made it like the iPod/Phone.
Aug 8, 2011

And the eShop is pretty dumb. I liked the point system available on the Wii Shop Channel where each item costs a set number of points and if you have that many points you can purchase that item. On the eShop, you can have $8 in your account and want to purchase a game that costs $7.99, but you can't do it because it adds tax to the $7.99 when you try to purchase it, taking it over the $8 you have. If they simply charged tax when you added money to your account rather than when you purchased an item, it would be an improvement. Even better would be to just pay the cost at checkout and do away with having money on the account altogether.


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SECOND ANALOG STICK. or at least have put the d pad and the analog stick on different sides so FPS's could work well, or on any other first person games. I also want to be able to record sound clips and music tracks from games you're playing. More good games too. its true i don't have enough money for more games, but i don't care right now, because, no good games (in my opinion) have been released yet instead of OOT3D and SSFIV


desu desu desu desu
Aug 2, 2010
There are many things that I find wrong or unsatisfactory with the 3DS, I would be glad to make appropriate changes if that occasion would ever occur.

One thing I would do is get the 3DS to be dark energy compatible. As we all know, the 3DS is compatible with and runs on magic, but there is such a sparse concentration of magic in our universe; we have not the right amount of rainbows and unicorns that are needed to run the 3DS for more than 5 years. This could all be solved by using dark matter or dark energy, which are extremely abundant in our universe. We can use the billions and billions of years worth of dark matter and energy to power our 3DS'.

Another thing I'd like to suggest is for the 3DS to have the power to see into the future. We know that time travel into the future is possible, by means of stretching the space behind you and squeezing the space in front of you, but this would be quite difficult to achieve visually, which is why we will not resort to science. By using either the magic, dark matter, or dark energy mentioned previously, we can somehow power the 3DS to be able to see into the future. It would, however, be 4-dimensional, as 3-dimensional beings are incapable of seeing, touching, tasting, smelling, or feeling time. Having a 4DS, though, would change that.

Another thing that could be possible on the 3DS (or 4DS) would be space travel. As we all know, the 3DS has only 2 cameras. With a 3rd camera, and a capable power supply, we can be able to find a way to transport people by getting each of the cameras to scan, store, transfer, and load the three dimensions of the human body. This, of course, would be possible with the help of dark energy, which is the most abundant in our universe. Using other power supplies are dangerous, though, since they do not have as much abundance. The power of the dark energy would allow for this to have minimum consequences. This does, however, have a flaw: it would be impossible to do unless you are transferring using 2 3DS'.


Piper of Time
Aug 10, 2011
The Lost Woods
I don't actually have any problems with the 3DS itself.

All I could say is, needs more better games. OoT is the only 3D game I have, and the only one that interests me. All my other games are DS games.


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
The only two 'changes' I would make to the 3DS, and they really aren't for the 3DS but for Nintendo in general are

Flash Support for Web Browser
I still do not have a 3DS, but I've done a little bit of research on the device. Many companies, be they Apple or Ninten or maybe even Sony (not sure) still have not adopted Adobe Flash. Now, said companies also do not have support for a myriad of plugins that are almost must-have for any computer (at least, Windows OS Based). It really pains me to hear that we cannot view YouTube videos on the 3DS simply because it doesn't have support for Flash or other plugins required. All it would take is a little bit of money and an agreement between Nintendo and Adobe, at least for a while. I realize that money always plays a factor in things 'round the world, but Flash has been on PCs for how long? 18 years? And I'm sure Nintendo and several other companies know how many times YouTube is viewed a day by the average user, or have some sort of figure on that. With the addition of YT and Flash to the 3DS, I'm sure it could boost sales at least by a margin, a noticeable one at that.

3rd Party Developer Policy -- Games Need To Be Good
This is more of a complaint than anything, but if you notice of this generation, 3rd party (meaning, Square Enix, Capcom, Namco, etc) games are starting to recede into small packages where the developer(s) purposefully give you the least content available in order to charge you for DLC (Downloadable Content, e.g ports on the 3DS, that map pack you were gonna buy for Call of Duty, Mercenaries Reunion, among others). Back in the N64 and even the PS2 days, 3rd parties would give you a game of the quality that matched a Zelda or a Halo, they didn't throw you a small mix of things and sell it for full price (Resident Evil:The Mercenaries 3D)!

The 3DS' game library is already pretty low despite it being (5?) months old, and it only adds insult to injury to have a low count of games that are generally terrible. The only games I honestly see as worth getting at this point in time (that are currently released for the 3DS) are Dead or Alive:Dimensions, Super Street Fighter IV Alpha Omega Edition**, and 'maybe' Zelda:OoT3D. That is only 3 games out of how many? Capcom is probably the worst offender, with their throwing out of ports **(SSF4) and 'bundles' (Resident Evil:Mercenaries 3D) that aren't even done right, and I honestly believe them to have left a bunch of content out on purpose.

You don't see 1st parties doing that, because they have a reputation to be held with their 1st party games. 2nd party developers are oftentimes tied to the 1st party. 3rd party games and their devs are just receding into oblivion, although that's not where they originated. I recall Nintendo saying the 3DS is capable of DLC, but if it is, I want meaningful downloadable content, not a map that *should have* be in the game from launch or a game mode that *could have* been in the game from launch if they but delayed the game one more month. I propose that the 3DS get better 3rd party games while we wait for the 1st party releases, but I don't expect my wants to be fulfilled anytime soon.
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the over analysing guy
Aug 17, 2011
South Wales
I haven't really got a problem with the DS itself, all the applications and features are really cool and will make for some interesting and innovative game, which brings me onto my problem...


Viceroy of Area 11
Dec 24, 2010
BETTER LAUNCH TITLES!!! But too late for that! The launch library SUCKED! And I agree with the second analog stick. Better battery life and maybe better speakers...the sound's OK but it could be more epic, I think.

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