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    Thanks fpr accpecting the my Request
    I thought so (that you liked Metroid more than Donkey Kong), you seem to be a big fan of Metroid. Is it even your favourite gaming series of all? :?
    I'd say Metroid is Nintendo's fifth largest series after Mario, Zelda, Pokémon and Donkey Kong. I do like Metroid more than Donkey Kong though.
    Could one say that the Metroid games are sort of like Nintendo's science fiction counterpart to the Zelda games? That's a feeling I've gotten from what I've learned about the series.
    Okay, was that for the SNES? Which is your favourite Metroid game? :?
    Well I know what it is and all, and I've got a demo of Metroid Prime Hunters. However, I really haven't played much. I can imagine they are good games, and once I was even very close to buying a game.

    You like the Metroid series I guess?
    Well, I'm not very good with those games either, however I think I'm starting to get the hang of the original LoZ now. Not Zelda II though, that game seems almost impossible to beat, I can't even defeat the first boss...
    :lol: Yeah, the original Legend of Zelda is insanely hard, just the normal quest. But Skyward Sword is a lot easier (but still kinda challenging at times), so the Hero Mode really is a lot of fun and it's got some really challenging battles.
    Well, I've just finished Skyward Sword for a second time (and this time I did a 100% play through). Both times have been on the normal quest though, so I think I'll start the Hero Mode today actually! :) I've heard it's very challenging, especially in the beginning... That sounds weird.
    :huh: What do you mean? There are two doors leading into the Sealed Temple, and as far as I know, both of them should be unlocked by the point in the game that you are now (according to your videos).
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