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  • First off:

    Hello! Welcome to ZeldaDungeon! I'm zeldahuman, pleased to meet you! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask me, another member, or read the FAQ. If you have any personal problems at hand or just have alot of bad things on your mind, visit my Advice Column and tell me all about it! Read Da Rules and have a great time here!

    Second of all:
    Your signature is a little too big. Make sure it fits between the two red lines in this photo:

    See you around!
    ~Zeldahuman (ZH for short)
    I'm doin' great! It's raining outside right now, so I'll just stay inside and play Zelda all day... But that's what I would have done anyway! :xd:

    Summer's nice! :)
    'Hoy there small fry! :wave: Welcome to Zelda Dungeon! :D And thank you for joining my Koji Kondo group, it's appreciated! :)
    So, how do you do? :?
    Yeah. She's not playable like in the past. Oh the 30 character is like to fill the message your to prevent spamming or something like that.
    Yup! Your welcome;) To answer your last question your last VM, I made those pictures with Gimp2.6;)
    Your welcome. Thanks! They are my favorite characters. You can customize your profile at the button on the top right corner. Last question I don't get it.
    Welcome to Zelda Dungeon, ShaddizCroft! I'm Linknerd09! Enjoy posting around the forums with us! Ask me or anyone if need help or have ?s! Read the rules;)
    welcome to ZD forums! i hope you'll enjoy here, if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask me or anyone else. :)
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