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What Annoyed You Today?

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Oct 18, 2011
The astral plane
I was writing something and I had the whole structure of the piece perfectly figured out as I was writing, like down to a T -- I knew how everything was going to go and fit together. I still remember the general outline, but there is a particular train of thought I was on for a segment of it and I ended one paragraph and completely forgot what I had envisioned for the next. It sucks that my mind goes faster than I can type, and once the fingers catch up the mind is elsewhere... I've stared at my screen for 15 minutes with no progress.


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Jul 5, 2017
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Humidity is disgusting :sweating:
I thought you said humanity, take my like anyway!

Managing sucks sometimes. We have so many events going on right now and this is my second day in a row working 14 hours. Four more days and I get a day off.

Doesn’t help that the big boss doesn’t want to replace a manager who quit and two chefs. Ugh.


Mar 8, 2019
This stupid post restriction despite having several posts already, but they don't count because I'm only here to play mafia games so I'm making a post I really don't want to, because I shouldn't have to. It's completely ridiculous that you don't allow users to be auto confirmed if they don't do it in certain areas.


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May 20, 2012
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The second BOTW DLC. Just finished dealing with only having a quarter heart for the last three hours? Run around the entire overworld trying to find a dozen distinct locations using only vague landmarks!


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Apr 7, 2019
There's this one person at my job who I'm sure are related, maybe even sibling, to one person I really, really don't want to meet. They look too much alike for it to be a coincidence. Not only do I have to be reminded of her almost every single day, I'm also dead nervous that she might show up for something.

Twilight Shadows

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Oct 30, 2018
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My pharmacy. Seriously they need to be fired, one of my pills was changed from once a day to twice a day two months ago, and they are still filling the script without even noticing the change. If I was there, I would have them fired. Now I have to deal with this bull****, and ****ing pain in the ass toothache.


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Nov 29, 2011
Im still not happy with how Netflix has buggered up Evangelion, also Netflix has removed the Pokemon X&Y and XYZ series.

Also i'm sick of people being mean to each other and making people i know upset.

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