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Morbid Minish

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Oct 1, 2016
This year hasn't been ideal with celebrating Halloween. I've been busy all month long with job applications so I haven't had time to decorate, and now that I got the job I'm not any less busy. It keeps raining and preventing me from decorating outside, and now the pumpkin I was gonna carve today rotted before I could get around to it. I may be able to get a new one tomorrow and carve it when I get home at least, but I dunno.... This year hasn't been the best for me with Halloween. Even on the forums, Halloween event participation is really low. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love it dearly, but I'm not satisfied at all with what I've been able to do to celebrate it this year. At least I really like my festive graphics.
I've been thinking this exact thing this year. Started a job a couple months ago and seems like I'm not getting as much Halloween celebration done. :(


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May 6, 2012
Sydney, Australia
I headed out to Akihabara in Tokyo yesterday and was browsing in the Apple Store. The new MacBook Pro laptops look beautiful but the cost is just too damn much to justify the upgrade. The touch bar and fingerprint scanner model is awesome, but around $500 more than the other one which is hardly justifiable. My current model is a mid-2012 13 inch MacBook Pro and there have now been 8 newer models of the 13 inch MacBook Pro but so long as this one keeps going I'll wait I guess. For now I still enjoy having a 750GB hard drive, DVD slot, USB ports, SD card slot, and ethernet port (all of which I'll miss except maybe the DVD slot).


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Jun 7, 2016
My older brother is finally on some anti-psychotic meds that actually work! I haven’t been able to have fun and play with him in about 10 years. We played Smash bros brawl and Mario Kart and he didn’t get angry once.

Also, because I was playing on his console, I brought my controller down and it turns out the problem I had with my Wavebird was actually an issue with my Wii. I spent £60+ on new controllers instead of £10-20 for a new console. Oh well.

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