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After five years of my screensaver timer not working on this computer, I think I finally figured out the cause. I never really actively troubleshooted for it since it's not that big of a deal to just manually pull up the screensaver when I'm not using my computer, but that also prevented me from knowing the conditions on which restarts where the screensaver does work, because *sometimes* it does. I think... all this time... it's been my tablet driver. Sometimes it doesn't run because Wacom drivers are ****, and sometimes, my screensaver works. :suspicious: It's not really a tradeoff I'm willing to make though. Nice to have an answer, but I would rather have my tablet's driver running and keep having to manually pull up the screensaver as a small price to pay.

Gotta take my rat to the vet AGAIN!
Aw, I hope she's ok. :(

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