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Things That Are on Your Mind

Feb 7, 2018
Hyrule Kingdom
Sorry. I didn’t mean to ignore you, had to step out. It’s just that I'm not very comfortable these days in some of these threads. People get their feelings hurt and cry over what I've said, you seem to be antagonistic with this lately, and it’s just not fun any more like it used to be. You’ve got strong feelings over certain things and I do too, and we clash over them. I don’t appreciate it when you tell me that I need to see a mental professional because of a few comments you didn't like, many people here actually do see mental professionals, there's nothing wrong with that, I don't want their aid to be weponised, and you don’t appreciate my say it as it is mentality. I can take it myself, but when others get hurt, I can’t take it. When I disagree with you, you tend to try to antagonize. At first I thought you were just joking with me, but after reflecting on it, it seems like you were genuinely trying to insult me. It’s just uncomfortable these days. Hopefully things will get better in the future.
I’m not saying a single negative thing about seeing a mental health professional- I’ve had anxiety and depression for well over ten years and have gotten help for it. I dealt with being bullied in high school because I saw a “shrink”. Not to mention that I majored in Psychology when I went to college. So I’m the last person who would ever have negative things to say about mental health professionals or people such as myself who seek their help. But I’ve called you out for acting like a bully multiple times now at this point and you just continue to act like that. Which is why I suggested that you get help instead of continuing to hurt those around you. And there’s nothing wrong with doing that. You acknowledged yourself that you upset people with the things you say, so stop trying to act like you give a crap about other people’s feelings. I will never be accepting of someone who chooses to bring others down for no good reason and act like a bully.


Sole Survivor
Apr 10, 2017
Thanks. I'm heading out tomorrow. Truth be told I'm a little nervous! Climbing up is fine but the descent always gets me.
Ah... Going down can get pretty tricky. Luckily I haven't had any problems on the few climbs I have done
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