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BoDoc Horseman
Nov 24, 2012
I feel like I should warn you that there is some sexual behavior in this part. They never actually do it, but the idea is talked about. It isn't much, and nothing I don't think you can't handle. I feel ridiculous even writing this warning.

With that said, enjoy!

Alex walked the somber streets alone. The hidden basement had turned out to be directly under the library, which made sense he guessed. A large portion of their work clearly consisted of reading. It was attempting this when Alex felt intense embarrassment. More than once, he had to ask what a word meant, with Nathan answering instinctively. Maria explained that everyone had issues at first, and Hanna admitted that she just looked at the pages.
Alex was relieved when he was told he didn’t have to change his living accommodations. He called Ebony apologizing for not telling her where he was, saying that he could explain when he got back.

The building came before him and he smiled. Alex missed Ebony even though he had only been gone for a day, he didn’t want to leave her side. He ran through his lie through his head once more, just to make sure he won’t forget anything.

Alex would say that he was out looking for a job when he was attacked on the streets. He was knocked out cold and woke up in the police station. Overnight he was at the clinic getting a check-up and pills for any pain. Luckily, Maria had such medicine on her, although she hadn’t fully explained why.

He walked up the long walkway and opened one of the double doors.

“Ebony! Are you here?!” he called out.

No reply.

“Ebony! Hello?” Alex yelled again, as he went up the staircase. At the top of the stairs, red petals littered the hallway and lead down to Ebony’s bedchambers. Slowly, he took steps towards her room.

Alex opened the door to find her laying in her bed, dressed in lingerie and the room lit by candles.
“I missed you, stranger.” She said to him.

“And I told you I wasn’t looking for this, Ebony.”

“Sometimes you don’t need to find love. Sometimes it finds you.” Ebony replied, getting up and walking towards him. She then leaned in to kiss him.

“I said no.” Alex reared back.

“Come on, stranger,” she grabbed his chin and moved him back towards her. “You know you want to kiss me.”

And Alex did. Looking at her soft lips all he wanted was to put his on hers. “I…I…the police station…uh…looking for a job…”

Ebony pulled Alex in, and their lips met for what felt like a century. “Now, tell me you don’t want that.” Alex then kissed her once more, knowing it was wrong.
She stopped first and went over to the bed. “How about it, stranger?”

“I…I can’t. This is happening too fast….”

“You want to, though? Why don’t you just fall into temptation?”

“I don’t want too, nothing more.”

She got back up and kissed him again and he felt shivers run down his back. He looked in her eyes, for once noticing what a deep blue they were. “Is there someone else? Were you with some other girl while you were gone?” Ebony pouted.

“No, I wasn’t with a girl.” Alex assured her.

“Then who were you with?”

“There were a lot of them.”

“But, you said you were at the police station. Or was it looking for a job? Are you lying to me, Alex?”

Alex held his breath. He realized he just made a huge mistake. “The, uh, bartender introduced me to some people.” He explained, trying to retrace his steps.
“I hadn’t realized you two were so close. Drakion doesn’t have many friends, his cheerfulness scares them away.”

Alex stifled laughter. Drakion? Cheerful? “It was more of a club than friends. A book club.”

“Drakion has his own book club? I would think he would want to join the wonderful woman of Laten’s official book club. Perhaps I could join you all for a meeting one day. I went to a meeting of the official club once, and I had the greatest time. The ladies loved me, and I think I really opened up their minds.”

“Uh, I guess I could talk to Drake.” Alex told her. He felt like he said the right thing, because she began putting real clothing on.

“Well, I am going out. You?”

“I am pretty tired,” he lied. “I might call it an early night.

“You’re no fun.” Ebony kissed him, and left him alone.

Alex watched her through a window until she was out of sight. The moon was already high in the sky, and Alex wandered around.

After about an hour, Alex got a glass of water. He sat down and not long after heard a banging come from beneath Ebony’s home. Alex stood slowly and looked out the window. He saw nothing. The banging stopped and Alex stood in place, frozen.

He nearly jumped when Ebony’s land-line starting ringing. Unsure of what he should do, he answered it.



“Who is this?”

“Thank god. Drake said you were staying there, but I was unsure. It is Maria.”

“What do you need?”

“Get to the library. There is a tunnel that should take you to us.”

“We found something! You have to come see this. It is old, like real old. We are talking books and weapons. The kid is going to have a nice surprise. Tell him to come down too when you leave.”

Alex could hear Adrian speaking in the background. “What are we even under?”

“I don’t think that I am going to have to leave. I think I know where you are.” Alex replied, looking down at the floor.


Fulcrum Agent
Feb 14, 2010
Nice work. I truthfully think Ebony is a demon...don't really know why, but I do. Nice update, not much going on currently but that'll most certainly change.

*M i d n a*

Æsir Scribe
Aug 18, 2009
Haha, what a dummy, letting that go. :lol: Jk, guess Alex made the right choice. :cool: Good update, chap. I wonder what the heck the others found. Get over there ASAP, Alexander. :)


BoDoc Horseman
Nov 24, 2012
Thanks! Since this was a pretty simple update, you can most definitely expect the next one tomorrow.


BoDoc Horseman
Nov 24, 2012
Don't be so sure, Tatl. Alright, and now we have the next part. I spent a lot of time with this, so I hope you enjoy.

Alex found his way down to the cellar. It was filled with racks and racks of fermenting wine. Alex looked around the walls and the rows, but could not find anyone. Perhaps that banging wasn’t Maria and Adrian. Alex was about to go back when he heard silent mutterings.

“…is going to be so mad that we found this place,” he heard a familiar voice whisper.

“Adrian! Where are you?” Alex called out.

“Alex? I am everywhere and nowhere.” He replied.

Alex could hear the sound of a smack and Maria’s voice pipe out. “We are at the end of the tunnel. If you keep going forward you will get here. How did you get over here so quickly?”

“I am not in the tunnel,” Alex looked around for them, and found a hole in the wall. A ray of light was coming down from it, and he figured that was Maria and Adrian’s lamp. “You guys? Are you there?”

Maria heard his voice and stood by the wall. “Alex, where are you?”

“I am in Ebony White’s wine cellar.”

“I knew it! She is one of them. I kept saying she was, but ‘no, there wasn’t enough evidence.’”

“You just hated her ‘cause she was hot, and you’re….” Adrian was saying, before another smack rang about.

“Just break the wall down, Adrian.” After another moment of Alex standing there awkwardly, the bricks in the wall began breaking out of place, until Adrian came through.

“Come on, stranger. You gotta see these books.”

“I don’t like being called stranger,” Alex said fiercely.

“That isn’t what Nathan has been saying.”

Embarrassed, Alex followed Adrian, and was met by Maria and Nathan’s faces. “I thought you told me to get him?”

“I left early, not long after Ebony.”

Alex felt his ears turn red, and just looked around the room. It was amazing; there were several shelves full of old books, cobwebs covering most of them. Along the walls, dusty old weapons were hanging, and a plaque was below each commemorating them. Alex was about to pick one up when he felt a shiver go down his back, and he decided against it.

“So, genius, what is this place?” Alex asked the kid, much more aggressively than he meant it to be.

“It is a…a…I am not sure yet. Unlike you, I use my head and don’t just jump to conclusions.”

Alex noticed how they all had a book in front of them, and Alex decided that he should do the same. He went over to a random book, bound in black leather, and flipped through it to the first page. He originally intended on just looking at the words, but found himself reading them.

The Birth occurred today of my youngest brother. He is weaker than the rest of us, and he refuses to do much. The Children say they used the blood of a goat to make him. It took place in the same cavern we all were Birthed, and this time the pool of blood was glowing a light blue. I was furious that Father had granted him such a color. It was not much different than the blue of my Birth.

Pride was the one to speak to him first. He asked our new arrival what his name he was granted by Father, and he stammered out the words “Sloth.” And he showed it. Sloth was a skinny, useless body. He was not built as a fighter, and appeared absolutely no help. Gluttony was at least large enough to hold a sword, even with his large stomach. Pride, not fazed at all by our brother’s appearance, continued to tell him of our purpose on the land.
It was the same one he said 5 times before, and the same he had been told when he was Birthed. “We aid the Children of Shadow. They have granted us power. We will help them defeat humanity, and once after we can do as we please. No sooner.”

The whole ceremony had made me yawn, which was unusual. Nobody has ever felt exhaustion at a Birth, but this one was different. Once Sloth was given his cloak to cover his naked body, we went back to the surface. I returned to my tent alone and had thrown my cloak onto a chair. I am currently tempted to leave the camp. One of my brothers could deal with anything, but I would be beat. None of them respected women and their needs.
I left the Children’s camp and snuck my way into the Green City through the one of the Sleeves; the rivers that came out the city. They would only recognize me as a human here. The city was much more crowded than the Shadow’s encampment. The humans were so foolish, some chanting about how the “Dark ones were using demons.” I wanted so badly to tell that one the truth.

People began to kneel, and for half a second, I was thinking they were doing it to me. Why shouldn’t they? Any man there would have wanted me. And a man did. King Barris came out of a carriage and asked me why I was not kneeling to him. I was insulted and said I would never kneel to him. Pride had been rubbing off on me.

“A beautiful woman like you should never kneel,” Barris said to me, and he gestured for me to get in his carriage. I did as he bid, and later I was lying in his bed along with him. My namesake got the best of me.

I explained to him everything. That I was Lust. That I am a creation of Father. Even my life source, the same thing that we were Birthed in. I was surprised to see Barris take so calmly to this. I even told him we were making the Children of Shadows demons. Not once did he strike me or attempt to kill me.
Instead he asked that I sire him into one like me. The king asked me to sire him! I know Father is proud of me. I did as he asked obviously, drinking his blood then letting him drink mine. It might not be as fancy as my brothers’ methods, but it worked. I turned those I sired into monsters on a bloodlust. This war was won that moment.

“Uh, guys?” Alex asked.

“What?” Adrian and Maria answered.

“What is this stuff?”

“Books,” Adrian replied.

“Journals and records mostly, I think.” Maria clarified. “If that one is boring or pointless, just go find a new one. There are tons.”

“Well, here is one of Birthings and the Shadow Children, or whatever.”

In moments, Nathan was rushing towards Alex. “I can’t believe this. You found it?” Nathan looked at the bottom of a page. At the bottom of every page were the words ‘Lust’ and then in the later pages ‘Brienne.’ “This is her journal! How did it get down here?”

“It is the She-B****’s.” Adrian spoke up.

Alex was surprised that he would say something in front of the kid, but Nathan seemed fine. “Most likely not. This place hasn’t been touched in ages. Ebony White moved in only two years ago. We need to find the names and locations of anyone who ever lived here.” Nathan explained.

The man under the library took note of the entire room. It was rather large, and there was a tunnel that, if Dagger listened closely, could hear the faint sounds of murmurs. They could have been miles away through it, but Dagger had trained himself to pick up even the slightest of sounds.

Dagger walked over to the white tree that sat in the center of the room. He took out a few small video cameras and put them on a couple branches. Then he continued to the mats and hid one on the ceiling, in a corner. He chuckled a little, and explored around the headquarters for anything more.

In a small library, Dagger went through and looked at them all. They all were old journals or some boring police and medical records. He took several of them, and shoved them in a bag. They could prove useful. Turning around, he noticed another book. The Genesis, the title read. It was clearly kept in high regard, so he threw it in his bag as well.

Walking out, Dagger heard the sound of a door closing above him. From the library, he guessed, but then the unmistakable sound of footsteps rang. Dagger scrambled to hiding, until he heard the sound reside. “Idiots…” he murmured silently.

Laughing, he came out to a blonde man staring at Dagger. The thief and spy cursed under his breath, as the man walked forward.
“Winston…what are you doing down here?” the blonde man asked.

“I was just looking for a book. I had no idea the library was even this big, Leal.” Dagger smirked at this, being over cocky as he usually was.

Leal grabbed a knife and put the tip of it under Dagger’s throat. “How did you get down here? Did someone tell you?”

“It isn’t my fault if—“Dagger was cut off by the door slamming, and he saw the frantically worried face of Hanna.

“Leal! Let me handle this. Let Winston go.” She yelled, going down the steps as quick as she could.

“Hello, beautiful. Always to the rescue you are.”

“Hanna? Why should I let him go?” Leal asked her.

“Just trust me.” Hanna gave him a sweet smile and put her hand on his arm. “Please.”

Leal reluctantly pulled the knife away and went back upstairs. “How could I ever thank you, my sweet?”

Hanna’s sweet smile was gone and she put her usual death glare back on. “I have been giving Ajax his information, why is he sending you?”

“He said something about how you have been holding back information. You have gotten too close to these people and are actually working for them.” Dagger smiled at her, knowing the truth was killing her.

“Why wouldn’t I work with them? They plan things out. They confirm things. Here, we take time to make sure we kill the right people! Unlike you and Ajax, and all the rest of you!” She glared at Dagger, which just made him laugh more.

“And what results have you gotten?”

“….”Hanna flung her hand at Dagger and hit him in the face. “You put cameras around here, haven’t you?”

“I can’t tell you that.”

Hanna went to hit him again, but Dagger caught her arm and hit her instead. She reeled backwards, but then charged yet again. Dagger stepped to the side, and tripped her. Smoothly, he took out a thin sword from the weapons rack and put it to Hanna’s neck. “Sorry, sweetheart.” He laughed.

“Eh!” Dagger looked up to see that Leal returned. Knowing that it would be a hassle to fight two people, Dagger slammed the hilt of his sword into Hanna’s face knocking her unconscious. Leal ran down to Dagger and grabbed a sword of his own.

“Aw, wish I could, Leal. But y’know, my nutritionist has advised me against any fighting.”

“Don’t play stupid with me!” Leal angrily swung the sword, but Dagger ducked, and kicked Leal in the knee. As Leal fell forward, the thief stuck a dart in the back of Leal’s neck. He stopped fighting and laid there motionless.

“You see, now I am going to have to carry you all the way back.” Dagger whistled, and two others came from the hole that Hanna loved to use. “Come on. Let’s take him to boss. Leave Hanna.”


Fulcrum Agent
Feb 14, 2010
....Hmn. Seems my character annoys everyone else. I like. :lol: Anyway, good work, although I'm not entirely sure what was going on with that last part...guess I'll find out later.


Jan 14, 2013
Ente Isla


BoDoc Horseman
Nov 24, 2012
Don't worry, Myriad. Half the reason for the second part was to be confusing and lead you to wonder. I always find it interesting to let the reader be confused and want to figure out what is going on.


BoDoc Horseman
Nov 24, 2012
Alright, here yall go. And Blue, I was unable to get your character in this update but I will try soon.

Once Drakion had come down, they began to pack the books and took them all back to basement. This really meant that Alex, Maria and Adrian would. In the tunnels, he noticed how they weren’t just a simple path. It was a labyrinth of paths and turns, some areas looked older than others.
“What are these?” he asked, to neither in particular.

“We call them the Tunnels.” Adrian responded. When he looked at Alex’s irritated face, he added, “I named them.”

That actually made complete sense to Alex.

“Most of them already existed when we got here. I used to wander them for hours screaming for Dylan,” Maria explained, a slight sadness in her downcast eyes.

“Dylan?” Alex asked. He had no idea who this Dylan person was. “Was he a part of the Fallen Blade?”

“No…he was my brother. He went missing a while ago, and I tracked him to Laten. I have no idea where he is now. He was like me, and the human body fascinated him,” She smiled warmly, thinking of old memories. “He used to tell me that underground caves were like the body. The way they are intricately wound, and how hitting one weak spot could cause the whole thing to collapse. Once I find him, we are going to go back home.” Maria wiped a tear from her eye, and Alex realized he knew very little about any of them.

Alex looked to Adrian, turning left at a fork in the path, and asked, “And how did you come to Laten?”

“I was wandering through the woods, covered in the blood of my father. I killed him, after he killed my brothers and sister. I wouldn’t let him get me. I wandered and wandered, days on end without food or sleep. Eventually I came here.” Adrian explained with an extremely straight face. After a long awkward silence, Adrian spoke up again. “I am kidding!” he laughed, “I was bored and left my small town, to come to this small town.”

Alex stared at him mortified. Adrian was happy as he could be.

“Okaayy then….”Alex said. “What about Hanna? She and Leal knew each other before Laten?”

“Yes. Hanna was one of those who-cares people. She had it all before. Her family brought her up well, but she hated it. Leal told me they met while she was practicing some combat, or whatever. They have been best friends since.

“Leal was Confirmed and then he told Hanna about us. The kid was upset we didn’t kick her out, but Nathan is always too paranoid.”

“Why is he even like that? I mean, shouldn’t kids be playing games or shoplift petty items or something?” Alex asked. Nathan bewildered him, the way he got excited over history, or how he was the most covert person Alex knew.

“Nathan was the first.” Maria said, while Alex nodded. He had already known this, but there was no need to correct. “Nobody really knows where he came from. Except for maybe Drake. Nathan had been in Laten on the street for two years before Drake found them, and ever since they have been the best of friends. The rest of us only know he keeps that book, The Genesis, precious and he won’t let anyone read his notes.”

“Weird kid.”

“Don’t say that.” Adrian snapped calmly. “He may be listening right now. In fact, he could be right…” Adrian spun around and shone a flashlight behind us, “…there!”

There was nothing.

“What about you. Alex? What is your story? Nobody comes to Laten for no reason…unless you are Adrian.” Maria spoke up.

Alex sighed and ran his hands through his long hair. “I caused issues back home. I talked my friend into one too many drinks, and now he is in jail and the love of my life is dead.” This was hard for Alex to say aloud. He had never admitted that it was his fault to anyone.

They walked in silence much longer, and Alex was relieved to find the headquarters. He stopped and let Adrian and Maria walk ahead of him. Alex put the books down when he noticed a knife on the floor. He picked it up and put it on the rack when he heard Maria shriek.

Alex ran over, accidentally kicking over his pile of books in the process. “What is…” Alex paused when he saw Hanna lying on the ground, her nose bleeding. “Hanna!”

Maria got down and put Hanna’s head on her lap. Maria began smacking her lightly in her cheeks and shook her head around. “Hanna, wake up! What happened?”

Hanna’s eyes flittered open and she looked at our worried faces. Her eyes lit up and she shot up. “Dagger!” She yelled out.

“What are you talking about?” Alex asked, looking to Maria and Adrian to see if they understood. Neither one did, and for once Adrian appeared fierce and cold.

“Uh…I was just, uh, remembering the dagger that he was threatening me with.” Hanna lied.

Did she mean the knife?, Alex thought. “Who was threatening you?”

Hanna looked around frantically. “Where is Leal?” she asked, completely ignoring the questions given to her.

“W-we don’t know, Hanna. You need to explain what happened.” Maria said consolably.

Hanna looked at them, and began thinking. Her expression was one Alex had seen many times before. She was thinking of a lie.

“It was Leal.” She said, almost in tears. “He was turned and was stealing from us. I tried to stop him, I really did! But he knocked me out!”

Adrian just looked angrier and Maria’s face drained of color. “Hanna? Are you sure of this?” Maria asked, her voice wavering.

Hanna hesitated again, and nodded again. “What do you mean turned?” Alex asked feeling like an idiot.

“Jesus, Newcomer! You know absolutely nothing! How about you stop being a moron and learn something? Do you even know anything?” Hanna snapped at Alex, making him retreat a little bit. “I can’t handle this right now! Just let me go take this all in! Okay!” Before waiting for an answer, Hanna was already gone, storming off to the old entrance she was fond of.

“The demons can change you. Make you into them. It is why they are so dangerous. One can make thousands more. There are seven types, as far as we know.” Adrian explained, cold and hard. The news of Leal must have really made him mad.

This time Adrian stormed off and Maria said she had to go alert Drake and Nathan, leaving Alex in the room alone. He felt as though he said something wrong to Hanna, so he went to follow her. As he climbed out the trap door, he just barely missed her as she walked out of the field and farther away from town.
Alex tried to catch up, but Hanna moved quickly and purposefully. Her feet danced across the roots and undergrowth moving with ease. Alex was another story. He stumbled against every large root that protruded from the ground. The woods were too thick for him out there and he was forced to plan out each step.

He was about to give up when Hanna was out of sight, but he heard he yelling something. Alex stopped moving to hear it and heard the dim sound of “Ajax!”
Alex followed her voice until he came out of the thick woods. He gasped at what he saw before him.

A crumbling wall stood before him. It may have been much larger long ago, but most of it was no more than 10 feet tall. A rusted and crooked portcullis was to the right, and a hole was kicked out in it, large enough for a person to walk through. Stepping through, he was yet again surprised.
For miles, an abandoned city stretched. The buildings were all burned to the ground or crumbling away like the wall. The sea was at the edge, and five rivers flowed into it. Alex went back to following Hanna’s voice.

Coming around a corner, he saw her heading into a manmade cave in the side of a hill. A massive hole was carved in as the entrance, and windows appeared every now and then.

“Hanna!” he screamed, extremely loud. She turned around surprised and looked at him in fear. She looked around and quickly ran towards him.

“Alex, you gotta go! It isn’t safe for you here!”

“What do you mean? What is this place and what are you doing here?” He yelled at her.

“I am trying to get Leal out of here! Okay?” She was obviously irritated of him.

“I knew it! I knew it! You were lying! What happened? For real?”

“Nothing that concerns you! I am going to get Leal and it will be like it never happened! Now please be quiet and go back to your lovely home with Ms. Horny!” Hanna’s face was beet red by this point, and Alex was genuinely afraid.

But it wasn’t enough to make him back off.

“I think I will, and I might just tell everyone about this place.” Alex snapped.

“Wait…” She stopped yelling and was fearful. “Please don’t. I am going to. Soon. Just please let me tell them.” Hanna pleaded.

Before he could answer he felt a prick in his neck. He felt the area and felt something lodged in. He pulled out a small pointed object and studied it. Before he realized what was happening, the world became fuzzy and the last thing he remembered was hitting the ground.


Jan 14, 2013
Ente Isla
*smirks* So that's what a Dagger attack is like from the recieving end. Keep going, Windmill! This is getting really good!

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