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General Art Second Hunger Games Fanfic


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Feb 14, 2010
You would only NEED to go there if you were poisoned, but if you wanted to take out your enemies that might show up.

Day 7

Stella Grey
District 12

What concerns me is that Sully doesn't seem wrong at all. You'd think that the poison would have some effects, but Sully seems fine, other than wincing when we tend the wound. Of course we're going to the Cornucopia. The poison's effects probably take a long time to take effect. "Are you sure you're alright?" I ask Sully.

"I'm fine," he grunts. "Just hurts, I guess." Alec purses his lips and looks concerned. "It'll be sunrise soon. We best be getting to the Cornucopia." I nod. "Can you stand?" I ask. In response, he stands up. "Yes, mom. I can stand up." He smiles. We begin to walk. When we reach the Cornucopia, there are already three figures standing there.

In the growing light, I recognize Maria, Glisten, and Quiro. Quiro is leaning against the Cornucopia. I notice that instead of his usual knife, he has a sword. Glisten is standing with her arms crossed, meant to look threatening, but it's hard to do so when you're 5'2. Maria looks the most nervous out of the three, stamping her foot on the ground, waiting for sunrise.

Quiro's noticed us. "Well," he says, stretching his arms. "Here comes the Calvary." He walks forward a few paces. "Quiro," I snarl. "Where's Chailyn?" He smiles. "None of your beeswax, you slime." Alec steps forward. "Stand down," he says. "We can just sort things out." Quiro roars with laughter. "Me? Stand down? Are you kidding me?"

A new figure stumbles out of the bog and is running to the Cornucopia. I recognize the figure as Elliot, the boy from 11. Quiro frowns. "I was hoping it'd be Rio," he says. "It would be nice to torment him, seeing as my sister killed his brother...however, this one will do." Elliot looks at him. "You won't take me," he says. "You Careers are really thick. I really wish Thurmal was still alive, it'd be nice to see someone I could insult easily."

He laughs, and draws his sword. As Quiro draws his, the first light breaks through to the Cornucopia. A table rises up on the inner ring of the Cornucopia, and on the table are three small vials of antidote. Maria sprints toward it, at the same time as Sully. Then someone comes darting in front of them and draws their sword.

The person I cannot distinguish in the coming light, but he draws a sword and does an overhand cut at Maria, who blocks with her spear. Sully lowers his guard, thinking the figure was a friend. He's wrong. Now I can distinguish the figure, and I realize it's not a he, but a her. Ashie. I flash back to our meeting a few days ago. She is definitely not a friend.

She swings a sideways cut at Sully, who brings his own sword up to block. I am distracted when Quiro runs at me, sword drawn. I flip my machete into my hands, and block his stroke. Then something pierces me in my stomach, and I see Glisten with her sword in my stomach. She smiles. Brat. I kick her, and she is knocked to the ground.

Quiro changes course and attacks Elliot, who is barely able to block his first stroke. He unleashes a series of focused, powerful attacks, and sends him spinning to the ground. Alec charges at him, and meets his slash evenly, their blades locked. Sully has gained the upper hand, forcing Ashie backwards toward the Cornucopia.

In all the confusion, the antidotes have just sat there. I realize this and run for the antidotes. Maria steps in my way, free from facing Ashie, and swings her spear in a sideways motion, I block with my machete, and deliver a two handed vertical cut. She blocks with her spear shaft, and we continue.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Alec being driven back by Quiro, but I can do nothing to help. I'm gaining the upper hand on Maria, but then she suddenly spin kicks me to the ground, and runs to the Cornucopia. I don't blame her, I'd want to get the antidote as soon as possible. I run after her, not only to stop her, but also to get Sully his antidote.

Ashie has regained the offensive, pressing Sully into my line of vision. He stabs in the general direction of her stomach, but she knocks his blade aside, and lunges. Elliot intervenes, his blade clanging against hers, and does a fake downward blow, and suddenly changing movement and sending his sword in a diagonal slash backhandedly.

Ashie yells as the sword scratches her face, but she continues. Maria and I have reached the Cornucopia. Maria grabs the nearest vial, and pockets it just as I slash at her. She barely ducks. Even though my attention is on Maria, I can also focus on the fight between Sully and Ashie. He needs the antidote. Now.

Sully unleashes in a labyrinth of feints and dodges, staying close enough to hit Ashie, but far away enough that she can't respond. She's getting mire frustrated with every missed swing, going more ferociously. Sully locks his sword against hers, and pushes close, blades still locked. He punches her, and is about deliver the final blow when an arrow appears in his chest.

He falls to the ground, clutching his chest. He then falls silent and the cannon sounds. "NOO!" I yell, and turn to where the arrow had come from. Standing there about 200 feet away was Chailyn. Had I ever stopped to wonder where she had went? Out of rage, I change direction from Maria to Chailyn. She fires several shots at me, but I manage to dodge.

I reach her and swing my knife as ferociously as I can toward her neck. Her knife flicks up, blocking the attack. She lunges, parries my counterattack, hits me in the forehead with the hilt of her knife, and then spin kicks me to the ground. She approaches slowly. Where can I go? She raises the knife, but then Alec comes charging in.

"Going to protect your girlfriend?" she hisses, lunging for his neck. He parries, and swings his knives parallel to each other, which Chailyn blocks and counterattacks. I get to my feet and drag Alec back. "There's no reason to stay here anymore!" I yell. "Let's go then!" he yells back. It's not that simple. Maria rejoins the party, stabbing and slashing wherever she can.

As we retreat, I see Glisten lying on the ground, but bleeding. I vaguely remember her taking on Ashie. "Please..." she says. "I have no time for weaklings," says Chailyn. She notches an arrow, and fires. The cannon sounds. Quiro does not join the group, rather charges at Elliot and Ashie, who were still dueling.

He joins the sword fight with a lunge for Ashie's head, who parries, and Elliot strikes at Quiro. He blocks, hits Elliot in the stomach with the hilt of his sword, and stabs him in the chest. He falls over, dead. I feel a pang of sadness, even though I didn't know him that well. He then continues to face Ashie. They spar for maybe thirty seconds, and then Quiro feints, and then switches to a windmill blow, and cuts her hand off.

She screams loudly, and stumbles into the woods. Quiro does not follow, rather, he joins the group holding us at point. There's no cannon. She's still alive. Chailyn looks at us with contempt. "So," she says, putting as much sarcasm as possible into one word. "Kill them," says Quiro. Chailyn nods. She notches an arrow and points it at me.

"Any last words?" she says. I smile. "Yes," I say. "You forgot to disarm us." I jump up and slash at Chailyn, and then I grab Alec and run. I don't stop running until I've reached the swamp, safety from the Careers. The feast was a victory for the Careers. And a loss for us. I fall asleep directly after thinking this thought.
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Feb 14, 2010
Yeah, it was Ashie's. She's not dead, though. Fortunately.
Oh, and Caeda, three are dead, if you look closely, you'll see that Sully, Elliot, and Glisten died.


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Feb 14, 2010
Well, at the moment, there are three Careers, Ashie, Stella, Alec, and I think that's it. Correct me if I'm wrong.

District 11

I try not to look at the stump that used to be my hand. It's hard to believe, but every time I try flexing my fingers....nothing....I have wrapped it up, but it's still depressing. I watch from the edge of the swamp as everyone leaves, and the hovercraft hovers down to collect the dead. Something snaps. Hovercrafts. Something from my memory....

I remember it all now. I kneel over, processing the information coursing through me. It all makes sense now. It had started three years ago, when I'd been fifteen years of age. I'd been walking in District 11 when I'd seen a hovercraft flying overhead. I only knew what it was from watching previous Games, otherwise, I wouldn't have known what it was.

Then, a cannon had shot it down. It had gone spiraling down into the cornfield. The Peacekeepers had forced everyone back into their homes, but I'd avoided them, and had gone to the hovercraft. Who had been flying it, I wondered. Why would the Capitol shoot down one of their own? Unless....

At that point, I'd seen a small girl of about 12 years old peek around the hovercraft. She had had long black hair and blue eyes, and although she was only twelve, looked determined on something. She exited the hovercraft, and as I watched, she exit the hovercraft and ran off, climbed up a tree, and jumped over the electric fence.

The Peacekeepers, not having seen her do this, went into the hovercraft. After a few minutes, they came running out, and the thing exploded. From that point on, I'd always wondered who she was, and where she came from. I'd noticed that Ilio Vazon seemed to resemble her, though, except he was older......Then the next memory came, the one which explained how I'd come to lose my memory.

It was at the reaping. Instead of staying after entering my name, I'd gone on top of a building. I was filled with dread as my name was called. But I stuck to the plan. I jumped down and began attacking Peacekeepers. Eventually, I was beaten, and dragged unconscious. They couldn't kill me because they'd already called my name, and people would wonder if I didn't show up.

I'd already had amnesia problems before they'd captured me, they'd only amplified my amnesia. Ilio Vazon had explained to me the Hunger Games as they were, but not where I came from. Only that I was from District 11. I'm breathing heavily. Does the Capitol know that I remember what happened?

I hear footsteps. I grab my sword with my remaining hand. Everyone's an enemy. Chailyn steps near me. Upon seeing me, she smiles. "I suppose you shouldn't get used to having a hand. I might just cut your other one off." She chuckles. I growl. "Can the jokes," I say. She looks at me in fake surprise. "Really? Ok then, if you insist..."

She pulls out a knife and lunges. I block with my sword, and jab back. She sidesteps, an with a flick of her blade, sends my blade flying to the ground. She grabs me by the scruff of the neck. "I want you to die," she says. "But I want you to suffer. I want you to die slowly and painfully." She puts her arm toward the bandage.

She's going to take my bandage off. Before she can, I kick her, grab my sword, and start running. I keep running until I reach the force field surrounding the Arena. I look at my sword. I have to do it. I plunge my sword into the force field. Then two things happen at once. Electricity travels up my body, shocking me, making me fall to the ground.

I watch as parts of the force field shatter. But then something happens. It appears as though the Gamemakers are amping the electricity in the force field. My sword and my hand remains stuck in the field. The hole in the force field is quickly filled and I jerk free of the force field. I howl and plunge the sword into the ground.

The spare electricity makes the ground shake and crack. My last wish before I die is to go down with a bang. The ground is cracking, and then I plunge the sword deeper into the earth. Finally, the ground gives way, and I fall into the darkness. Take that, you stupid Gamemakers. As soon as I hit ground, I smile as I lose consciousness.

Psst! HINT: Look at the prolouge!


May 21, 2011
Myriadviper, I have caught up, and I must say.

Chailyn is one badass *insert mutliple colorfol words here). good job. I have a feeling she'll make it to the final three, if not win.


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Feb 14, 2010
I know what's going on. By the way, I noticed that you didn't put Rio in your list of remaining tributes. He's smart, not going into the feast.
So you think you know what's going on then? Well, PM or VM me your theory, but most of the people have probably put two and two together, but the answer is six, two more than you have. Does that make sense at all?

Day 8

Quiro Irascan
District 2

Chailyn is dabbing the antidote on Maria's wound. Just a few minutes before, when we had forgotten about the antidote, Maria had fallen over clutching her chest. At that point, we'd remembered the antidotes, and had gotten them from her pocket. What amuses me is that everyone who needed the antidote died, except Maria.

She's coming more around to it, but is still weak. Chailyn is bending over her, and speaks, though at first I don't register she's speaking to me. "Quiro, go on a recon mission. We need to knowwhat our enemy is up to. It's only us and them. No interruptions." I nod. I exaggerate a bow. "Your will be done, my queen." She turns to look at me. "Can the sarcasm, or you might be joining Glisten."

I shrug, and comply. "Ok then, your majesty..." "Quiro?" "Sorry." I turn around and run. I don't wish to join the dead. I run around, seeing nothing. Until I find the hole. A big, gaping hole is there, covering about a twenty foot radius. In the hole, there are two figures. One of them is a tribute. One is not.

The man lifts the lifeless figure out of the hole, and places her on the ground. In the man's hand is a glowing sword that I recognize from the battle. It had belonged to Ashie. So does that mean the figure was.....He notices me. "Well," he says simply. I step toward him. "What would the Head Gamemaker be doing in these Games?" I ask.

He places the body down. "The Gamemakers feel this is the only way. I had to retrieve the girl personally, the hovercraft would not have worked." A gale blows across the Arena, making Ilio Vazon's long silver hair blow in the wind. He turns to face the force field, and something about the movement that jogs something in my memory.

"I....know you...." I say. He sharply jerks his head toward me. "Do you?" he says. The way he says the words confirms it. "I....know you! You were that guy whose family got killed! You were missing. I....I thought you were dead..." He looks at me. "The Gamemakers turned the cameras off here," he says, "because they didn't want the viewers to see what happened."

"You mean this," I say, gesturing at the hole. He nods. The gale has really picked up now. "And your daughter died in the Games..." I say, but stop, my face turning a bit red at what I'd felt about his youngest daughter. He says nothing. He looks up at the sky. "The Gamemakers have turned the storms from dangerous to lethal. I suggest you find shelter."

I look at him. "You talk about the Gamemakers like you aren't one of them," I say. He raises an eyebrow. "No matter what I say, matter what I am. I look at him. That makes no sense. "As I said before, you'd best find shelter." I nod. I run until I reach Chailyn and Maria. I sit down, and think about what he said.

No matter what I say, matter what I am. That seems like some good advice to follow.

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