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Rate the Last Movie That You Watched


Sep 20, 2008
Joliet, IL

It was a surprisingly good movie. It is the only movie in my mind that has a good love story in an apocalyptic world. And of coarse the best part was that Bill Murray was in it. He is the greatest actor ever in my mind. So now for my rating. I'm not sure if I am to do stars or out of ten.

4 stars. 9/10


Zoldyck family assassin
Aug 22, 2011
Your Imagination... Is life real?! Am I real?!
Hunger Games. (including extra bits)

I have always loved the books, and once I used to have a fandom on Katniss. Don't ask.
But anyway, brilliant film. Can be a little rushed though, as one second somebody is tearing another person's heart out and then they are loving each other.
The extra bits are gross. I am no critic, but I recommend you to be 15 to watch them. Yes I know I am under 15.
That is just me being wierd again.
On the technical side of things, it looks like a member of the Lionsgate staff has been to the James Bond studio as they are always playing with fancy camera tricks, some I have not seen done that way before.

All in all, I give it 7 killed tributes.... Out of 10.


Sep 5, 2010
The Grey

Ranking: 10/10

From beginning to end, this movie will capture you heart. From the storyline, filming, dialogue, and character development, this film is well constructed.

If you enjoyed movie such as Cast Away, Apocalypto, you will love this film.


Eye See You
Site Staff
Nov 28, 2008
The last new movie I watched was Prometheus. Let's just say... I want my $15 and two hours of my life back. 2/10

Worst sci-fi movie I've had the displeasure of watching. I cannot understand why it was so liked.
The characters were pathetically incompetent, and they're supposed be some of the best scientists of their day. They were constantly making their situation worse by making terrible choices, the stupidity of those choices being painfully obvious even the most dull-witted person. And the plot made no sense. Trying to find mysterious aliens to cure old age for some vain rich guy? Nothing about it made any sense.
I give it two bonus points for good visuals. But that's it. Terrible movie. Avoid it. Battlefield Earth was a better movie than this (and that one really sucked).
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Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
Disneys pocahontas

Well it was nice to finally watch the prequel to James Camerons highly successful avatar.
I really liked the cute little doggie and raccoon hehe, they made me laugh with all there little antics, oh and there was this ol granma tree thing, she was pretty hot. I found myself singing to all the musical parts and the villian was definitely not cliche at all, and a cute British man like me. :D

I give this movie 10/10, definitely one to watch with your girlfriend.


Twilight Princess
May 9, 2011
Puerto Rico
Watched Smiley- being that im a fan of pretty much all of the cast members, Ive seen how far they have come, and I reeeally enjoyed the movie! Despite what critics say, I thought it was a good start to a film makers career :)

link's Sister

I am not Aryll!
Sep 26, 2012
The last movie that I watched Super 8! It was awesome! The reason I really watch was that the guy( the main character) from music video for titanium was in it!!!!:):):):):):):):)<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
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Aug 7, 2011
Watched ''Survive Style 5+''

Definitely a strange film that I didn't fully understand, but despite that I really enjoyed it. It has a great, goofy sense of humor and style to it that makes it very unique. A text description doesn't really do this film justice in my opinion (especially not when said description is written by me haha) so I definitely recommend checking it out if you're in the mood for something different!



Staff member
Nov 17, 2011
The Makai
The JHorror, Suicide Club (unrated) (自殺サークル [Jisatsu Sa-kuru]). I would give this movie a 9/10. It definitely had a "creep factor" as
54 students join hands and jump in front of a train during the movie's opening sequence, poses philosophical questions about life itself and the suicide montage in the middle of the film is horrifying, grotesque but at the same time is fascinating to watch.

The only downside is the ending is slightly confusing. I highly recommend this movie for any JHorror fan with a strong stomach.
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Apr 22, 2011
Taken 2

Way over hyped and half the plot feels rushed and not very well thought out. :/


GoodNight SunShine!
Mar 7, 2009
Gran Pulse
Resident Evil Damnation - Great movie! Out of both CGI films; I found Damnation to have that "re-watchable" value. Maybe its because of the characters. If you're an RE fan and would like to know what happens before the events of Resident Evil 6; get this dvd.

9/10 though. And the reason for the 1 point deduction is because of Leon and Ada >>; .


Keep it strong
Staff member
Mar 17, 2012
Liverpool, England
9/10 though. And the reason for the 1 point deduction is because of Leon and Ada >>; .
:eek: But... But Leon and Ada are great... :(

Anyway, last films I watched were Taken 2 and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Taken 2

Not as good as the first film but still a solid action movie and Liam Neeson is once again a stone cold badass which is all I ask from it. 8/10

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this movie. It's got a lot of heart, very fun, very funny at certain points, has great characters. Generally it's just a great movie. 9/10

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