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[MEGATHREAD]Beginners Guide to Playing, and Moderating Mafia (+Index, Glossary, FAQs & Discussion)

Viral Maze

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Feb 5, 2010
Welcome to the Beginners Guide to Playing, and Moderating Mafia (+Index, Glossary, FAQs & Discussion)
This megathread will be dedicated to organizing all the information first time, or returning players and moderators will need to start playing or modding their first games. It also includes an index of all our games, a comprehensive glossary, FAQs and the new thread for discussion. Feel free to ask any questions about starting up for your first time here. You may also refer to the Mafia Scum Wiki and/or Mafia Universe Wiki, but they are not always relevant to Mafia here at ZD. This mafia section is currently moderated by Jamie and Johnny Sooshi, so those two are certainly great resources as well!
Use the ToC below to find what you are looking for.

Table of Contents (clickable)
Beginners Guide to Mafia
How to Moderate a Game of Mafia
Frequently Asked Questions
Index of Games
ZD Mafia Awards Winners
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Viral Maze

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Feb 5, 2010
Beginners Guide to Mafia

Below is ZD's beginner's guide to playing Mafia, crafted by Axle the Beast. A few sections have been edited by Viral Maze to make it more current.
Link to the original here

Basic Description of Mafia
Some of you may know this already, as it's basically described in every Mafia sign-up thread, but I want to re-explain it for this guide.

In Mafia you generally have two groups for the most part. The Townies, and the Mafia (also known as Scum). The game goes in Day and Night periods, usually the Day lasts about a week and the Night lasts only a day or two. During the Day, the Townies discuss and vote for who will be lynched, or killed, in attempt to weed out the Mafia, who are hidden amongst the Townies. As for the Mafia, usually a quarter or a third of the total players are Mafia, and they are the only ones who know who the others are. The Mafia have the ability to vote on a person to kill during the Night, and their goal is to kill all the Townies. The Townies want to survive, discover the Mafia, and lynch them.

It's a game of lies and deduction. It's brutal and can involve intense scrutiny of your posts, attitude, and general behavior. Keep this in mind if you decide to play that at any time you could have all the other players accusing you of something and you will be expected to defend yourself effectively.

Now there are other special roles aside from Townie and Mafia, each with their own special rules and traits, but I'm not going into that for the basic description. I intend to give more details and advice for these roles in a later update for this guide.

This is not a cheat sheet. These tips will help you play but realize this guide is intended for both the Townies and the Mafia. Both should keep in mind all tips, including those of the other side, because then you'll understand what the other side will be doing, how they think, and what they need to be watchful of. Any suspicious in Mafia can easily become circular; something may seem suspicious, but it is in reality is engineered as a distraction or method of framing by the Mafia. You might think you know how Mafia act, but a good Mafia knows how to seem like a Townie. This can become a circular debate, so the notes and tips listed in this thread do not replace intelligent thought. You're going to need to think carefully while playing Mafia.

General Tips For All Players

Newbies: Don't Get Discouraged
Chances are you're going to make some mistakes when you play Mafia for the first time, regardless of which side you play. No matter what happens or how quickly you are killed, don't get discouraged. Try again and learn from your mistakes and how things went. It only gets funner and funner. ;)

There Are No Golden Rules
This thread is composed of advice, notes, tips, and information about Mafia. But do not assume that any of these are right under every single circumstances, or that there aren't many other possibilities. This should get you started, but always think carefully, especially about what the other side would or should be doing and learn from your mistakes as well as new experiences. If you think of a trick that you or the enemy could pull, don't ignore it.

Inexperience, Absence, Play-style, and Claiming Innocence Are Not Defenses
Mafia involves a lot of lies and deception. Any player has the same chance of being Mafia as any other. You can claim that a reason you seem suspicious is because you just are new and don't know any better, or because that's just how you play, but while both CAN be factors, scum behavior is scum behavior, and you shouldn't expect anyone to grant you leniency for either, although you may receive it just the same. Playstyle can explain away some suspicions, but you'd be better off challenging the logic of how it's a scummy playstyle than saying "it's just my playstyle". Additionally, absence is something that can get you in trouble as not being present much is a Mafia tactic used to avoid standing out and thus preventing any suspicions about their posts being cast on them. There are many legitimate reasons for being absent from the game, but if you aren't going to be available or posting much, doubt will likely be cast on you and you should expect this regardless of whether you are Mafia or not. Finally, and the most obvious of the four, just because you claim what role you are or that you are telling the truth doesn't mean anyone should believe you.

Recognize The Benefits of Sacrifice
Regardless of which side you play on, just because you've died doesn't mean you can't use it to your advantage. Remember than even if you die, you still win if your team pulls through after your death. Obviously you don't want to die, but don't give up even when you die and continue to root for your team. You can even use your death to benefit yourself and your allies. There are many ways you can do this. If you're Townie, you have to realize that upon your death your innocence is confirmed, so you can use it as a way to push your own theories (although people would have to have trust of your intelligence and/or reasoning, so you should post an explanation if you can, in as much detail as possible). Mafia can use their deaths in more ways, too many to list, but a good way is to use it for confusion and also make sure your fellow Mafia's behavior surrounding your death puts them in a safe position. Use creativity to take the most advantage of it.

Pressure and Suspicion is Part of the Game

Through the course of a game, you will be voted for, and will be asked questions the answers to which may be seen as scummy (even if you are a townie). This is normal, and not a reason panic or give up. Voting is not only a tool to lynch, but also a tool to add pressure. You are not lynched until you are lynched. Don't feel overwhelmed because one or two players voted for you or are questioning you. If you are a townie, you must realize they are townies too trying to determine your alignment to see if they can trust you, or they are scum trying to see if they can cast suspicion on you. Either way, its a part of the game, so don't take it to heart. You will rarely get through a game without being voted for, or asked questions.

Use Your Votes to do More than Just Lynch
Your vote is a powerful tool. It can help lynch scummy players, but it also can help pressure players into talking, or scum into making mistakes. If you think about it, which scenario may elicit a response to you? Asking a question, or asking a question coupled with a vote on that player? Applying pressure by voting AND asking the right questions can really get your target talking, and can help you determine their alignment. The key here is not to just vote, but to vote and ask questions.

Some Tips for Townies

Trust No One, Think For Yourself
This is Rule #1 for the Town. Every player has the same chance of being Mafia, including someone who may be your best buddy. Obviously this is a game and not a cause to abandon friendships, but WITHIN the game you shouldn't trust anyone but yourself. You need to consider what others say and work together to find the Mafia, but at the same time any theories, votes, or other actions need to ultimately be based on YOUR conclusions and decisions, not those of another player. That is how Mafia manipulate the Town into killing innocents. At the same time, people will try to rally others to vote for their suspects, so it's not an absolute scum-tell. Ironically, the Mafia are generally the only players that can actually trust each other as they know the identity of their allies with certainty.

You Can't Ever Be Sure, Be Decisive
No matter how much evidence you gather and no matter how obvious it is that someone is guilty, they can still turn out innocent for one reason or another; no matter how clean someone appears, they could just be a diabolically clever Mafioso. Never make the mistake of thinking you know with certainty, because you never will. You can be reasonably certain, but not absolutely, so you have to be decisive and realize mistakes will be made. Waiting around to find damning evidence is usually a bad idea, and something the Mafia will try to make happen to keep the Town stagnant and confused.

Weigh Evidence, Watch For Inconsistencies, and Trust Your Gut
One little suspicious thing is generally not enough to be realistically suspicious of someone. Unless the single thing is big, you should generally try to figure out several things that look bad when put together. Since anyone could be either Townie or Mafia, and the clues and debates in finding Mafia can become so circular, your best friend can be inconsistencies and finding something wrong with the picture. A player's current behavior changing from their previous behavior, the effects that all their posts and suspicions have had, and even the Nightkills that happen around them, can all lead to a strange picture that will lead you to real Mafia better than little suspicious things on their own can ever. Finally, I highly recommend at least partially following your instincts. Do not act purely on them, because then your suspicions lack any basis and you will likely be lynched yourself. But when you get a bad feeling, you shouldn't ignore it and should keep an eye on things that don't feel right until you either have your concerns alleviated or you find enough evidence.

Never Forget or Get Distracted
No matter what happens, don't get distracted and forget something suspicious or odd. Even the small little things, while not suspicious enough to clearly show who is scum, can add up later in the game. And distraction is a key Mafia tactic, used to either make the Town directionless and stagnant, or to aim their attention and suspicions at an intentionally orchestrated person or group.

Mafia Voting
Mafia can do a number of things during the actual Day period when it comes to voting. They may try to start the vote against an innocent, or they may jump on at the end in agreement so it doesn't look like they are pushing the issue. They will not be limited to just one or the other, though, and may be smart enough to not make it obvious. Additionally, Mafia WILL VOTE FOR OTHER MAFIA. Smart Mafia won't be afraid to vote for their fellows in an effort to make themselves look clean, and this can allow even a doomed Mafioso to clear his allies of any suspicion. Be aware of how Mafia vote, and don't think that certain ways of voting clear a person of suspicion.

Aggressive and Passive Defenses
Usually if someone is voted for, they will defend themselves. There are many ways that this may go down, but to start you should at least listen to what they say. Don't trust the suspect's defense outright, but you should at least weigh the logic of what they're saying and make comparisons of your own about it. Two kinds of extreme defenses sometimes occur. Aggressive defenses generally involve harsh and fierce defenses, clearly from someone who doesn't want to die. You may claim those who defend themselves aggressively must be Mafia, but any player will generally want to live, so that's not true. Additionally, some players will barely defend themselves or won't defend themselves at all. This is pretty much the same thing. Both can be scum behavior, and both can be Townie behavior. Weigh the facts to their general attitude and the big picture and decide.

Playstyle Changes
While saying "this is just how I play" is not a valid defense if you are acting scummy, there are plenty of ways to play that may seem harsh or mellow but are not scummy. Think carefully about the Mafia benefits of any playstyle. Another interesting note is playstyle changes. This is yet another thing where there is no black and white distinction, and you're going to have to judge it case by case. Sometimes players change their playstyle as they learn how scummy it is (which can indicate either a Mafia trying to seem innocent or a Townie trying not to appear guilty), and possibly even in the middle of a game. Playstyle shifting between games can differ a lot in reasons. For example, it could be a player simply learning and changing their game appropriately. It could be the player acting differently with different roles. Bad Mafia often act uniquely when they are Mafia than when they are Townie, but good Mafia play exactly as a Townie would. This can go both ways, so be careful, but be aware of all this.

Be Stubborn But Not Stupid
Flip-flopping is a common term for those who can not follow through with their votes or suspicions. They could be unable to back it up, confront the other players, or never were very sure to begin with. Play smart, and try to make accusations when you have a basis, and when you do, don't back down and defend your theories. You must also recognize when those who debate your theories are right, and when you DO need to back off.

Don't Revenge-Vote
Someone casting suspicion on you is not a reason to suspect them. Yes, you might be innocent, but remember that they don't know that, and they can't trust you. If you think there is something legitimately suspicious about their attitude and behavior, then by all means explain so and vote for them, but realize that their suspicions against you may be legitimate and don't consider that alone a reason to vote for them.

Pay Attention to Player Experience and Intelligence
Try to figure out either in the middle of the game or beforehand which players are generally the most experienced and/or intelligent players (the two may not always come together). Certain actions can appear very different when a newbie does them than when an intelligent player does. For example, rookie Mafia mistakes (obvious scumtells) might be something you can forgive on a player who is obviously too smart to make such a mistake if they were guilty. There are other things to consider about this, just remember there are no absolutes and never forget anything you find strange.

Sometimes players come along who are problematic. They might be incredibly distracting, devoid of any contributions to the game, or just generally cause trouble. These players are almost always newbies. One important thing to realize about members who can't play normally is that they can turn out to be anything. They tend to be Townies, as newbie Mafia usually end up being incredibly cautious due to the role's secretive nature, but with these kinds of players it's incredibly difficult or even impossible to discern their role as bad Townies and bad Mafia can act just about the same. It's debatable if the solution is to lynch them regardless, but at the very least their nature cannot be ignored.

Be Aware of Townie Special Roles
Among the Special Roles assigned to players aside from just being Mafia or Townie are special Townie Roles. These differ from game to game in many cases, but you have to be aware there are roles beneficial to the Town that play similarly to the Mafia, such as the Vigilante, which is essentially a Townie with a Mafia-like ability to Nightkill. Another is the Cop, who has the ability to discover a player's role during the Night, and may intend to pass this information on to the rest of the Town discreetly. These Townie Roles are valuable, so you want to avoid killing them. Be careful in trying to discern what may be Mafia behavior and what may be a Townie Role. At the same time, if you announce with certainty who has which role, they are likely to be the Mafia's next targets in the Night.

Read the Tips for Mafia
Below I've written tips for Mafia, and you need to read them. Yes, I've listed things here that Mafia may do and how to make deductions and avoid confusion, but the Mafia will know all these tips as well and what to do to appear clean. You also need to be aware of advice given to Mafia players that they will be using to play better as well, and know the way a Mafioso operates. Furthermore, you need to realize that the Mafia have been told to read the advice given to YOU as well; good Mafia will take all factors of the game into consideration when they decide how to act, and you need to do the same when trying to figure out who is Mafia.

Some Tips for Mafia

Act Like A Townie, Play Like You Usually Do
This is the #1 Rule for the Mafia. No matter what, regardless of your true allegiance, to the rest of the players you need to appear like a Townie. Make this your top priority; it's the single most crucial thing. You also need to make sure you play as you always do. Don't adjust your playstyle any more than is normal for you. The best Mafia can not be differentiated from Townie, and they play exactly the same on the outside in every game.

Be Consistent
This is Mafia Rule #2. Make sure that everything you do is consistent. You should go through the game without changing your attitude more than necessary (to avoid suspicion on you or if you're a newbie and learn from early mistakes), and try to stay consistent with your attitude in previous games (again, with the exception of being a new player learning from his/her mistakes or if changing your game slightly is normal for you). Remember that little suspicious actions are not nearly as telling of the fact that you are Mafia as inconsistencies and the big picture.

The rule about only discussing WITHIN the game thread does not apply to the Mafia, who are allowed to convene in PM, instant messenger, email, or any necessary means. The Mafia should constantly do so. The more the Mafia coordinate their plans the more powerful they are. This allows quicker decisions when voting for Nightkills, makes it easier to take advantage of Mafia deaths when they do occur, among other things.

Don't Know Each Other
While the Mafia should coordinate, they should do so only in secret. The Mafia should rarely (although it would be necessary at times for sure and shouldn't be avoided when it would be forced) associate with each other openly in the game. Don't vote for the same things, don't agree on the same things. Keep this in mind, but don't be unreasonable when keeping separate.

Eliminate Special Roles
The Townie Roles are built to help the town, and you definitely want to eliminate them. As noted in the Townie Tips, some of these special roles can actually make the person look suspicious. If someone seems like they might be Mafia but you know they are not part of your Mafia, they should be considered a target in most cases, but it's always better if you can get the Town to take them out, since they may seem like Mafia anyway.

There are many strategies on who to kill during the Night period. You can simply pick people at random, and while this can be a good idea sometimes, there are better ways. In fact, who you Nightkill, if chosen carefully, can greatly benefit the Mafia and be your greatest asset. This is one thing the Mafia can do that is entirely behind the scenes. The Town can not see it at all. One method is to kill the smart players, but there are many drawbacks to this. One, it derails the game in general as they often lead the newbie players. This can make the game less fun, although it can still make for an easy Mafia victory at times. It does however pose a serious problem if the Mafia team is composed of even one smart player, because if smart players are being targeted, then why were they left alive? This tactic is best pursued by a Mafia composed mostly of or entirely of newer players, although it can easily make this fact very apparent so either way it can spell out the archetype of player that composes the Mafia. There's also the fact that intelligent players are often more dynamic and directly involved in the game, meaning they're more like to have suspicion cast on them (or easier for the MAFIA to cast suspicion on them) and them getting lynched by the Town. One excellent method of Nightkilling is to kill people the Town won't kill, ensuring a speedy decline of the Town's numbers. You can use Nightkills to frame people, by killing people they suspected, making them look like Mafia themselves. This is a pretty newbie mistake, however, so it's not a good idea to frame smart players in this way. There are countless ways to use Nightkilling; be creative. Just never Nightkill people that you, the Mafia, have cast heavy suspicion on.

Distraction and Confusion
Something to keep in mind while posting, voting, and Nightkilling is that the more confused and distracted the Town is, the better for you. Keep in mind Mafia Rule #1, though, and make sure it's not apparent to anyone observing you that you are doing so. There are subtle ways you can spread confusion, such as by inserting very subtle lines into your posts that almost subliminally incite paranoia or by carefully and in a manner like a suspicious Townie, provoke someone into getting upset, playing aggressively, or just generally making them crack. There are other ways too, again, use your imagination. Nightkilling is great for this, especially when you Nightkill a significant suspect and reveal them to be a Townie. You can even take advantage of newbie players or problematic ones and use them to distract the Town and easily get them to lynch Townies. The less the Town has to go on, the more confused, distracted, and stagnant they are, the better for the Mafia.

Don't Be Stepford, Avoid Peacekeeping
The Stepford Wives is a story with a lot of other elements, but what the term references here is something that is TOO NICE, with something sinister underneath. Don't act perfect and angelic, unless that would be in-character for you (stay consistent). Act real, act like a normal Townie, and don't let on that you know who is innocent and who isn't by always avoiding voting for an actual Townie. Additionally, avoid peacekeeping, because in general it can be pegged as an easy method of keeping Townie discussion stagnant. Try to do so in a subtle way if you need to do it, not openly.

Don't Be Afraid To Lie
Mafia is a game of deception, and that mostly comes from the Mafia. Don't be afraid to lie, but only do so when you need to, and do so convincingly. Half-truths are excellent ways at telling convincing lies.

Don't Let Anything Slip
Oddly enough, a common mistake by newbie Mafia is to let things slip. Don't indicate that you know with too much certainty who is innocent, and never accidentally let on too much, like the Mafia-based reasoning behind your suspicions, accusations and votes. Be careful.

Read Tips for Townies
These are tips for what you should do to keep your role secret and to sow disorder amongst the Town, but you should read the tips given to Townies, too. This will better help you understand how the Townies will be trying to track you down, as well as how to actually act like one (which, once again, is crucial). Also do not forget that Townies will be reading these tips for Mafia and will bear them in mind as well.
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Viral Maze

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Feb 5, 2010
How to Moderate a Game of Mafia

Below is David's guide to moderating your very first Mafia game. Some sections are edited by Viral Maze to make them more relevant.
Link to the original thread here.

If you are interested in moderating a game of mafia, it is highly recommended that you read though this guide.

I imagine that you have come to this thread because first, you're interested in moderating your very own game of Mafia. Well, I'm going to teach you how to be one, and how to be an effective one.

When preparing to moderate a game of mafia, please follow forum and section rules. Look over both queue threads, and decide what size game you want to run, and which queue it will belong to. Queues are linked to below:
Micro and Mini Game Queue
Normal and Large Game Queue

I am writing this post in several sections. This is to help you understand how big a process moderating a game of Mafia can be and how you can do it.

Some external sites that you may wish to consult are Mafia Scum Wiki and Mafia Universe Wiki, among others.

Step 1: The Set-up

Decide how large (or small) you want your game to be. Technically, the smallest a game can be is 3 players, but a game that size is not recommended as it will only last a single Day/Night cycle.

Micro and Mini games tend to be 13 players or less. Micro games are 3-9 players large, and Mini games are 10-13 players large.
Normal and Large games are 14 above players. Normal games have a minimum of 14 players and are capped at 18, while Large games are 19+.

It is completely up to you how large your game will be, but each has its pros and cons.

Step 2 - The Gear and Final Set-up Tips

To be a good mod, you must keep a record of all night/day actions, all players and their roles, all role PMs, the current dead, the current alive, and anything else that your game requires. You can use text files, word files, spreadsheets, a notepad and paper, or any other means of record keeping.

Also, you must have a set of answers and consequences for any type of awkward match-ups or situations to your game so that you aren’t just throwing out random answers for anyone. Do your best to anticipate problems that may arise. This is crucial for more advanced set-ups.

Role resolution rules are also very important to figure out before the game starts. These rules, written during the later stages of game development, once roles are chosen, will help you figure out which role actions have priority over the others when multiple roles and abilities start to clash. This can save you from a headache later, and keep the game consistent as you won't have to make any on the fly changes in game.

Step 3 - Getting the Game Ready To Go

Once you have your set-up complete and your turn to moderate a game is up, you may post your sign-up thread in the Mafia section of the forums (where we are now). As you wait for the sign-ups to fill, you should get the Role PMs written and ready to insert player names when ready. A role PM should contain the information within this following example:

Welcome to my game of Mafia, David[1]!

This time, you are Link, the Town Hero.[2][3]

Along with the ability to vote during the day, when you are up to be lynched, instead of being lynched, the "Hammer" (the last person to vote for you) will be killed instead. This works every time you are up for a lynch. But, you'd think the town would learn to not try to lynch you again. This role is mostly in the hopes that you hit scum, as often scum hammer people. You will most likely be night-killed the next night, so be prepared for that.[4]

You win when all forces opposing the town are eliminated[5]

If you are unfamiliar with your character, feel free to look it up on the Zelda Dungeon Wiki. If you have any questions about your role PM, feel free to respond to this message with your question. I will answer with the information that I can give you.[6]

Please confirm that you received this message in the Sign-up thread. When everyone confirms, we will begin.[7]

Good Luck!

Hero of Music, your game moderator[8]

What each part means:

[1]: Their Name: You might as well say their name so that you know who your sending it to, and so that they know it was meant for them.

[2]: The Character: If you are playing a themed game, it is best to give them a character, as this allows for fun name claims and other types of things that can happen in the game.

[3]: The Role: Give them the name of their role.

[4]: The Role Explanation: It is a good idea to explain what their role does, as they may not know what they can and cannot do just by the name of the role. Moderators can also give a little twist to each role, so you'll want to tell them about it, unless they shouldn't know.

[5]: The Win Condition (wincon): This is VITAL. Players need to know how they win. Win conditions could change depending on the game's mechanics, so its best to just clarify how they win.

[6]: Where to go for information: tell them how they can find out more about their character or role. Quite often, PMs are to give them the run down, and then they need to research everything else they need to know.

[7]: The Confirmation: Tell them to confirm in the Sign-up thread so that they don't forget. Its important to do that.

[8]: Closing: It is just courteous to close the PM with a good luck statement and your name.

You, as a moderator, can choose to include more or less information based on how your have set up your game. If you’ve chosen a theme for the game, you might want to use a different way of writing role PMs to match said theme. However, all Role PMs should all have the same basic structure.

When your game is full, start assigning roles to the players.

The most common way of assigning roles is using a Random Number Generator. The most popular one is located at http://www.Random.org . Assign each member a number, and then go through the list of roles/characters and use the random numbers to assign the rules. You could either use a Random selection, or use what we call "God Modding," which is assigning the roles by hand. This should be avoided, as favoritism might make it easier for one side to win. Remember, we want the games to be fun. So Randomizing the roles is the best way to do this. No one will know if you God Modded, but it will be on you!

When the roles are ready to go, edit the PMs accordingly (or write them if you didn’t follow my advice and write them sooner) and then send them out to each player (make sure it is the right player).

Step 4 - The Game Thread

When all players have confirmed in the sign up thread, you are ready to begin the game.

The first post always begins with a story of how the players got where they are, introducing the narrator (often the Game Moderator himself, or another character that can be used as if he were the Game Moderator). For examples on how this is done, refer to any of the old games that can be found in the Mafia section. The rest of the first post gives a list of all players (in a random order) that are playing the game. It also contains a posting requirement (if you choose to include one), the number living, the number required for a lynch, and the date and time the deadline occurs. You must also post your game rules in this same post, and try to be specific as to not need to edit or clarify later.

During the day, the Game Moderator must make tally posts at least once per page (unless the game thread suddenly gets active, then as often as possible). The Tally often looks like this:

~Current Vote Tally~

Axle the Beast (5) - Hero of Music, Baysiderulez, Kybyrian, TheGreen, Durion
Zenox (1) - Jedizora

With 12 alive, it takes 7 for a majority lynch. Day ends on Saturday at 11:59 PM EST.

Obviously, you can do it however you want, but this is a basic and functional template that you can use. Just remind them of how many are alive, the deadline, and how many votes are needed for a lynch.

At the end of the day, when either a majority is reached, or when the deadline occurs, the game moderator makes a post with the final tally and tells them that it is twilight. Twilight is the period of the game when all votes are final, but the players can continue the discussion. It is often during this time the game moderator is writing up the lynch scene. Twilight should last no more than 24 hours.

The lynch scene is fairly easy to write. Just give a quick recap on what the day was kinda like from the eyes of the moderator’s/narrator’s character. Then, tell the town how the target was lynched, what their role was (if you choose to reveal that information), and who their character was (unless a game mechanic keeps you from doing so). Give a little statement afterword on when you need power role PMs by, and any other remarks. Typically, a 2 day night phase is sufficient. If you are strict about no night posting, you can ask a moderator to lock a thread. Typically, though most people are honest and will not post during the night.

When the night is over, have a moderator unlock the thread (if you had them lock it). Then, you can write the Night/Morning scene. There are several different ways to do this. You can either tell if from the perspective of the Mod's character, a player's view as the action happened, or any other perspective as the theme allows. Just be sure to say who they were, how they died (generally a short clue to who it was, but do not state which party killed them!), and any other information about them. After the scene, post the living list, the dead list, the number living, the new lynch requirement, and the new deadline.

Remember, that when you Moderate a game, it is your job to remember the rules, set your rules, and enforce your rules. If a player breaks a rule or requirement, a modkill is necessary, unless you feel that it is not required. A warning system could be used in your game, much like it is on the forums. Moderating your game is mostly up to you. If there is a serious problem, come to a moderator, and they will help you sort out the problem and keep the game from being ruined.


That's pretty much all there is to know about moderating a Mafia game. If you have any questions, feel free to contact anybody that has moderated a past game, as we have the experience to help you out. Remember, if you need help with a role set up, contact one of us experienced members, and we'll help you out. Don’t forget to place your game and name in the queue!

Now, have fun, and keep Mafia-ing!
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Viral Maze

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Feb 5, 2010
The glossary of Mafia terms used here at ZD. This section will continuously be updated to remain relative to the game, and the meta. This glossary does not include basic terms like Town or Mafia or Moderator which are easily answered by viewing the Beginner's Guides.

3rd Party - A role that is not aligned with the Town or the Mafia

Alt - See Alternate Account
Alternate - See Alternate Account
Alternate Account - During some games, you may be given an alternate account, different than your own, to play the game. This prevents players from judging you based on previous playstyles, or metas as no one is told which alternate account belongs to which player.
Anti-Town - When a player, or behaviour is deemed to be not in the interest in the town as a whole (or the town's win condition). It could mean Mafia, or 3rd Party.

Bandwagon - Also referred to as a Wagon. It is a group of votes on a player. Bandwagons can technically be any group of votes greater than one vote, but are generally considered to be around 3 to 4 or more votes.
Bastard - Any element in a game that goes against the general rules of mafia and severely change the course of a game is typically considered bastard. Examples include; hidden role modifiers, favouring one side over another, original roles that give unfair advantages, etc. The line between what classifies as bastard and what doesn't is rather blurry, but it's a general policy here at ZD-i for game hosts to announce when a game features bastard elements.
Block - See Roleblock
Breadcrumb - Also referred to as a Crumb. Its a veiled piece of information, generally a roleclaim, night action information, or night action target embedded into a post subtly.
Buddying - When a player attempts to seem nonthreatening to another player. It can be townie seemingly being friendly to another townie, but can also be scum trying to be friendly with a townie to cast suspicion on the townie if the scum member is ever killed.
Bussing - When a member of the Mafia attempts to lynch their own teammate. It can be done for a plethora of reasons, but what all those reasons have in common is that is it beneficial to the player doing the bussing. It comes from the term 'to throw under the bus.'

Claim - See Roleclaim
Closed Setup - A game who's setup (roles, and their abilities) is unknown to the players. It is revealed as the players begin to die.
Contributing Without Actually Contributing - CWAC. When a player is largely following the crowd and isn't presenting unique ideas, and is generally unhelpful, they're usually considered to be CWAC. For some players, it could be a scumtell.
Counterclaim - A roleclaim that is made to counter the roleclaim of another player. By definition, it is two players claiming the same role (except for Vanilla Townie), with the second player's claim being considered the counter claim.
Cult - A type of 3rd party. The cult leader recruits players from other alignments into the cult.

Deadline - When the current Day or Night ends. It can end earlier if a majority lynch is reached, or when all night actions are given to the Moderator, respectively.

Endgame - Events occurring at the end, or near the end of a game of Mafia, generally the last two days.

Faction - Your team in Mafia. Town, Mafia or 3rd Party
Fake Claim - A roleclaim that is fake or false.
Finger of Suspicion - Also known as an FoS. It's a way to show you are suspicious of a player. It has no effect on the vote tally, and is just for conversational purposes.
Flavour - Text as it pertains to the theme of the game.
Flip - It is when a player dies and their role is revealed.


Hammer - The last vote on a player that takes them to their majority lynch. Also referred to as the hammer vote.

I Got My Eye On You - Also referred to as IGMEOY. A lesser form of a Finger of Suspicion (FoS). Like a FoS, it has no value on a vote tally, and is just for conversation.
Indep/Independent - A player who doesn't belong to the town or mafia and usually has his/her own unique wincon. Ex. Serial Killer, Survivor, Jester. See also: Third party
ISO - Isolated read. It refers to isolating a specific players posts and reading only those. Its usually used to find inconsistencies or formulate hypothesis, and scum/town reads.



L-1 - Vote required for the majority lynch minus one vote. If the majority lynch occurs at 5, L-1 is 4 votes.
L-2 - See "L-1"; Lynch majority minus two votes.
Lean - A lean is when a player is not neutral, but instead is one side of the spectrum or another in terms of Town - Neutral - Scum. It can be slightly leaning town, or all the way town, or slight lean towards Mafia, or a full scum lean.
Lurking - When a player is active, or online on the forums and is not posting in the game thread.
Lynch all Liars - A policy whereby any player who lies, for whatever reason, is punished by a lynch. It is not a guarantee that in every game liars will be lynched, but is a general policy at ZD.
LyLo - Lynch or Lose. It is the time during a game of mafia where the players must lynch a player, or lose the game during the next game day. It is part of the End Game.

Meta - Meta (Meta-game) is a term for anything that pertains to aspects of the current game, or its players that does not include the current game. It is the past actions of players; how they act, or react when town or mafia, etc.
Mislynch - Lynching a Town player.
Mislynch and Lose - Mylo. It a time during a game where a mislynch will lose the game for the Town. It is part of the End Game.
Modkill - When a player is killed off by the Moderator, usually for breaking a rule, or being inactive.

Name Claim - Claiming your character, as it pertains to the theme/flavour of the game, rather than your role (which pertains to the game of Mafia). In a Zelda themed game, your name claim is Link, and your role claim is Town Vig, or something to that effect.
No Lynch - When no lynch occurs during the Day and the Day phase ends. This can be achieved if no majority is met, depending on the rules, or if a majority of the players vote for No Lynch.
Not Alignment Indicative - NAI. A term used to state when one's actions are not clear enough to determine whether they are town actions or scum actions.

Oh My God You Suck - OMGUS. A type of reaction a player has to his attacker. It can be suspicion or a vote pointed back at the direction of the accuser by the accusee.

Policy - A general rule held by a player, or players, such as Lynch All Liars.
Policy Lynch - A lynch solely based on policy.

Quicklynch - A lynch that reaches majority very quickly.
Quick Topic - Also referred to as a QT. A message board (on the QT website) provided by the Moderator to players that require an area to chat.

Random Number Generator - RNG. It is a website (Random.org) that generates a random number.
Random Vote Stage - RVS. Generally Day 1 in most games consists of a RVS where players randomly vote and unvote as their is almost no information to go off of.
Replacement/Sub - A replacement player used to replace a player who is inactive.
Role Claim - Claiming your role as it pertains to the game of Mafia (as opposed to a name claim).
Role Madness - A type of game setup in which no Vanilla Townies exist.

Scum - Another term for Mafia
Scumbuddy - Mafia partners
Scum Hunting - Hunting for Mafia members
Scumtell - An action that generally points to a player being scum/Mafia.

Twilight - The stage of the game after Day and before the Night. It generally occurs after a majority lynch is reached, but the thread is still open for posts. Voting does not count here. It is a time for players to continue discussion until the Moderator is ready with the scene.
Tunnelling - The act of focusing on one player and ignoring everything else in the game.


Vanilla Townie - VT. A town aligned player who has no special powers or abilities aside from the typical ability to place votes during the day. The most common type of town role, with most games featuring several of these.
Villager - Sometimes used as another name for townie.
Vote Count - VC. The current tally of all votes that have been placed as of the moment. Most hosts should strive to post one at least every 24 hours.

Wincon - The conditions upon which a player will emerge victorious. Ex, the typical town wincon is to kill all the mafia, while the typical mafia wincon is to achieve parity with the town.
Wine in Front of Me - WIFOM. A term used to define the circular reasoning that results from trying to decipher the acts of a player who knew their actions would be under scrutiny.
Wolf - Sometimes used as another name for mafia.

X-Shot - A power that has limited uses.


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Viral Maze

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Feb 5, 2010
ZD Mafia Game Index
This is a full index of all games that have been played here at ZD-i. In total, 92 games have been played here (this number includes one game that was played at an affiliated site as part of a special crossover event). The games are listed in chronological order by year for organization. You can use ctrl+F or command+F to help find a specific game.

Total games: 4

[TR2][TH] Game [/TH][TH] Start/End Date (M/D/Y)[/TH][TH] Host [/TH]
[TR1][TD] Mafia 1 [/td][td1]05/31/2010 - 07/15/2010[/td1][td2] Axle the Beast [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Mafia 2 [/td][td1]07/27/2010 - 09/27/2010[/td1][td2] Ver-go-a-go-go [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Mafia 3 [/td][td1]10/04/2010 - ??? (never officially ended)[/td1][td2] Austin [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Mafia 4: Majora's Mask [/td][td1]11/28/2010 - 02/14/2011[/td1][td2] Viral Maze [/td2][/tr1][/TR2]

Total games: 13

[tr2][th] Game [/th][th] Start/End Date (M/D/Y)[/th][th] Host [/th][/tr2]
[tr1][td] Beginner's Mafia 1 [/td][td1]02/09/2011 - 03/28/2011[/td1][td2] Axle the Beast [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Mafia 5: Arkham City [/td][td1]02/23/2011 - 04/04/2011[/td1][td2] dur.i.am [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Beginner's Mafia 2: Windfall Island [/td][td1]03/30/2011 - 05/04/2011[/td1][td2] Baysiderulez [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Mafia 6: Castlevania [/td][td1]04/09/2011 - 07/02/2011[/td1][td2] Axle the Beast [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Beginner's Mafia 3: Link's Awakening [/td][td1]05/09/2011 - 06/04/2011[/td1][td2] David [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Beginner's Mafia 4: Spirit Tracks [/td][td1]06/16/2011 - 07/22/2011[/td1][td2] Meego [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Mafia A: Pokémafia [/td][td1]06/25/2011 - 08/16/2011[/td1][td2] Kenpari [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Beginner's Mafia 5: Ocarina of Time [/td][td1]08/13/2011 - ??? (never officially ended)[/td1][td2] Jedizora [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Mafia B [/td][td1]08/24/2011 - ??? (never officially ended)[/td1][td2] Zenox [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td]Mafia 7: Star Trek (thread lost)[/td][td1]Dates unknown[/td1][td2] David [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Mafia 8: Twilight Princess [/td][td1]08/25/2011 - 09/20/2011[/td1][td2] Nicole [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Mafia 9: Oracle of Mafia [/td][td1]10/02/2011 - ??? (never officially ended)[/td1][td2] Justeazy [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Mafia 10: A Certain Magical Round of Mafia [/td][td1]12/27/2011 - 01/26/2012[/td1][td2] Austin [/td2][/tr1]

Total games: 5

[tr2][th] Game [/th][th] Start/End Date (M/D/Y)[/th][th] Host [/th][/tr2]
[tr1][td] Beginner's Mafia 6 [/td][td1]02/01/2012 - 02/27/2012[/td1][td2] Axle the Beast [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Mafia 11: Xcution Mafia [/td][td1]02/27/2012 - 03/16/2012[/td1][td2] dur.i.am [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Doctor Who Mafia [/td][td1]05/07/2012 - 09/15/2012[/td1][td2] David [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Mafia [/td][td1]11/08/2012 - 01/10/2013[/td1][td2] Raindrop14 [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Beginner's Mafia 7 [/td][td1]12/01/2012 - 03/27/2013[/td1][td2] Axle the Beast [/td2][/tr1]

Total games: 18

[tr2][th] Game [/th][th] Start/End Date (M/D/Y)[/th][th] Host [/th][/tr2]
[tr1][td] Mafia D: The Sith Lords [/td][td1]01/18/2013 - 02/03/2013[/td1][td2] Austin [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Mafia :pikalove: - The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind [/td][td1]01/24/2013 - 02/03/2013[/td1][td2] Zenox [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Mafia E: GAHH! WEREWOLVES! [/td][td1]02/04/2013 - 02/21/2013[/td1][td2] Viral Maze [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Mafia XIV - Resident Evil 4 [/td][td1]02/07/2013 - 03/03/2013[/td1][td2] Ninten* [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Mafia F: iDOLM@FIA [/td][td1]03/02/2013 - 04/13/2013[/td1][td2] Kogasa [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Viral's Experimental Mafia 1: Police Mafia [/td][td1]03/10/2013 - 03/17/2013[/td1][td2] Viral Maze [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Pirates Mafia: Curse of the Black Pearl [/td][td1]05/11/2013 - 06/18/2013[/td1][td2] Pendio [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] A Solo He Can't Refuse: Marching Band Mafia [/td][td1]05/27/2013 - 07/14/2013[/td1][td2] LittleGumball [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Scrubs Mafia: My First Scum Hunt [/td][td1]06/03/2013 - 07/23/2013[/td1][td2] Johnny Sooshi [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] My Little Mafia: Friendship is Treacherous [/td][td1]06/20/2013 - 07/22/2013[/td1][td2] Sydney [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Mafia: The Legend of Korra, Book 1 [/td][td1]07/23/2017 - 08/17/2013[/td1][td2] A Link In Time [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Mafia: Legacy 1 [/td][td1]07/24/2013 - 09/21/2013[/td1][td2] Viral Maze [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] DBZ Mafia - The Battle for Earth, Z Fighters Vs The Androids [/td][td1]08/27/2013 - ??? (never officially ended)[/td1][td2] GirlWithAFairy [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Lord of the Rings Mafia - The Treason of Isengard [/td][td1]09/18/2013 - 11/18/2013[/td1][td2] Keeseman [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Harry Potter and the Prizoners of Mafia [/td][td1]10/10/2013 - 11/23/2013[/td1][td2] Raindrop14 [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] The Legend of Mafia: Majora's Madness [/td][td1]10/10/2013 - 11/27/2013[/td1][td2] Ayano Keiko [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Earnest Desier for Grey [/td][td1]11/26/2013 - 12/30/2013[/td1][td2] musicfan [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Metroid Mafia: Attack on Space Pirates [/td][td1]12/14/2013 - 01/16/2014[/td1][td2] JuicieJ [/td2][/tr1]

Total games: 12

[tr2][th] Game [/th][th] Start/End Date (M/D/Y)[/th][th] Host [/th][/tr2]
[tr1][td] Green Lantern Mafia [/td][td1]01/03/2014 - 02/02/2014[/td1][td2] Libk [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Pirates Mafia 2: Dead Man's Chest/At World's End [/td][td1]01/19/2014 - 03/09/2014[/td1][td2] Pendio [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Kid Icarus: Uprising Mafia [/td][td1]02/10/2014 - 04/19/2014[/td1][td2] Heroine of Time [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Fate/Zero Mafia: War for the Holy Grail [/td][td1]03/18/2014 - 04/29/2014[/td1][td2] All Might [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] ZD Members Vs. Mods [/td][td1]05/04/2014 - 07/05/2014[/td1][td2] Kirino [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Animal Crossing Mafia: Every Day's a New Day [/td][td1]05/24/2014 - 07/25/2014[/td1][td2] Rachel [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Luigi's Mansion Mafia [/td][td1]07/12/2014 - 07/29/2014 (Game ended prematurely)[/td1][td2] fused_shadows [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Super Smash Mafia [/td][td1]07/28/2014 - 09/12/2014[/td1][td2] Jamie [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Pokéscum Mafia: The First Generation [/td][td1]08/18/2014 - 10/02/2014[/td1][td2] Tristan [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Mafia: The Legend of Korra Book Two [/td][td1]10/03/2014 - 11/25/2014[/td1][td2] A Link In Time [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] School's Out: Recess Mafia [/td][td1]10/24/2014 - 01/13/2015[/td1][td2] Justac00lguy [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Nightmare Mafia [/td][td1]12/06/2014 - 01/16/2015[/td1][td2] Viral Maze [/td2][/tr1]

Total games: 9

[tr2][th] Game [/th][th] Start/End Date (M/D/Y)[/th][th] Host [/th][/tr2]
[tr1][td] Downton Abbey Mafia [/td][td1]01/20/2015 - 02/15/2015[/td1][td2] LittleGumball [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Miles Edworth Ace Attorney: Investigations [/td][td1]01/23/2015 - 04/04/2015[/td1][td2] musicfan [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Mafia the Gathering: Planechase [/td][td1]02/20/2015 - 04/13/2015[/td1][td2] Libk [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Skyward Sword Mafia [/td][td1]04/07/2015 - 06/16/2015[/td1][td2] Pendio [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Sword Art Online Mafia [/td][td1]04/20/2015 - 05/30/2015[/td1][td2] Ayano Keiko [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] THEBESTZDMAFIA: hi friend [/td][td1]04/30/2015 - 07/23/2015[/td1][td2] Johnny Sooshi [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Xenoblade Chronicles Mafia: Destructive Reawakening [/td][td1]07/20/2015 - 08/16/2015[/td1][td2] All Might [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Beginner's Mafia 8 [/td][td1]08/08/2015 - 09/23/2015[/td1][td2] Mido [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Down the rabbit hole: Lucid dream mafia [/td][td1]08/25/2015 - 10/08/2015[/td1][td2] kokirion [/td2][/tr1]

Total games: 13

[tr2][th] Game [/th][th] Start/End Date (M/D/Y)[/th][th] Host [/th][/tr2]
[tr1][td] Mafia Revival [/td][td1]03/07/2016 - 04/10/2016[/td1][td2] Johnny Sooshi [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Team Fortress 2: Mann vs. Machine [/td][td1]04/14/2016 - 05/28/2016[/td1][td2] DekuNut [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Dollhouse mafia: Did that thing just stare back?! [/td][td1]05/28/2016 - 06/15/2016[/td1][td2] kokirion [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Avengers Mafia: Attack of the Cosmic Invaders [/td][td1]05/30/3016 - 06/17/2016[/td1][td2] Tristan [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Love Letter Mafia [/td][td1]06/16/2016 - 07/07/2016[/td1][td2] DekuNut [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Super Smash Mafia 2: Originals vs Clones [/td][td1]06/24/2016 - 07/26/2016[/td1][td2] Jamie [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] THESMALLESTZDMAFIA™ [/td][td1]07/10/2016 - 07/18/2016[/td1][td2] LittleGumball [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Super Secret Anonymous Mafia [/td][td1]07/20/2016 - 08/01/2016[/td1][td2] Tristan [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Wizard101 Mafia [/td][td1]08/02/2016 - ??? (never officially ended)[/td1][td2] Heroine of Time [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Overwatch Mafia [/td][td1]08/08/2016 - 09/08/2016[/td1][td2] Libk [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Storm's Chaos Mafia [/td][td1]09/21/2016 - 10/10/2016[/td1][td2] Storm [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Ouran High School Host Club: The Return of Lobelia [/td][td1]11/03/2016 - 11/10/2016[/td1][td2] Mido [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Sherlock Mafia: The Game Is On! [/td][td1]11/20/2016 - 12/15/2016[/td1][td2] Pendio [/td2][/tr1]

Total games - 18

Vanilla Mafia11/30/2017 - 12/13/2017Tristan
Sniper Mafia: A Sharpshooter's Delight12/26/2017 - 12/31/2017A Link In Time
[tr2][th] Game [/th][th] Start/End Date (M/D/Y)[/th][th] Host [/th][/tr2]
[tr1][td] Anime Girls Mafia - The Kawaii Yakuza [/td][td1]01/04/2017 - 01/22/2017[/td1][td2] Jamie [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Night Hut Mafia - The Treacherous Neighbourhoods [/td][td1]01/25/2017 - 02/02/2017[/td1][td2] A Link In time [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Bloodborne Mafia: A Paleblood Hunt [/td][td1]02/09/2017 - 02/19/2017[/td1][td2] Johnny Sooshi [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Great Expectations Mafia [/td][td1]02/21/2017 - 03/05/2017[/td1][td2] DekuNut [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Spaceballs: The Mafia Game [/td][td1]04/20/2017 - 05/24/2017[/td1][td2] Libk [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] The Greatest Mafia Game Ever (AKA Sloth Mafia™) [/td][td1]05/27/2017 - 06/09/2017[/td1][td2] Tristan [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale Mafia [/td][td1]06/18/2017 - 07/05/2017[/td1][td2] Mido [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] C H A O S M A F I A I I [/td][td1]07/08/2017 - 07/16/2017[/td1][td2] Storm [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Avatar: The Last Airbender Mafia [/td][td1]07/20/2017 - 08/10/2017[/td1][td2] Pendio [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Mafia: The Legend of Korra Book 3 [/td][td1]08/15/2017 - 08/26/2017[/td1][td2] A Link In Time [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Bok-Chan-Sama's School for Anime Boys Mafia [/td][td1]08/27/2017 - 09/11/2017[/td1][td2] Spider-Bok [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Pokemon Delta Emerald Mafia - Special Crossover Event with BMGf [/td][td1]09/09/2017 - 10/05/2017[/td1][td2] SoaringDylan [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Amalgamation of Anime Atrocities - Traps vs Girls Mafia [/td][td1]09/21/2017 - 10/10/2017[/td1][td2] Jamie [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Ocarina of Time Mafia - Hosted at the Bulbagarden Forums as part of the Special Crossover Event [/td][td1]10/16/2017 - 10/31/2017[/td1][td2] Pendio and Tristan [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Death Note Mafia [/td][td1]10/17/2017 - 11/04/2017[/td1][td2] DekuNut [/td2][/tr1]
[tr1][td] Anime Mafia [/td][td1]11/06/2017 - 11/27/2017[/td1][td2] Pendio [/td2][/tr1]
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Viral Maze

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Feb 5, 2010
ZD Mafia Awards Winners

2017 Results:

First Place (Runner(s) Up)

Individual Awards

Best Overall Mafia Player (The best overall mafia player.)
- Jamie (Pendio)
Best Mafioso (The player who performs the best as mafia.)
- Johnny Sooshi (DekuNut, Mellow Ezlo, Pendio)​

Best Townie (The player who performs the best as town.)
- Pendio (Libk, Mido, Minish_Link, spruce)
Best Third Party (The player who performs the best as third party.)
- Mellow Ezlo (Bok of the Wild)
Best Newbie (The best player who started playing in 2016 or 2017.)
- Minish_Link (Bok of the Wild)
Most Improved Player (The player who improved the most since the start of 2016.)
- Storm (Bok of the Wild)
Best Scumhunter (The player who scumhunts the best and/or finds scum the most often.)
- Jamie (Kokirion, Minish_Link, Viral Maze)
Most Trustworthy (The most trustworthy player.)
- Mellow Ezlo (Mido)
Most Manipulative (The player who manipulates or persuades others the best.)
- Kokirion (Jamie, Libk, Mellow Ezlo)
Bad Luck (The player with the worst luck, such as dying night 1 or being mislynched often.)
- Storm (LittleGumball, Mido)
Most Active (The player who posts most often and continues to be active in each game.)
- Jamie (Mellow Ezlo, Storm)
The X Factor (For a player who pulled a particularly interesting or risky move, and it paid off.)
- Pendio (ectoBiologist, Jamie, Libk)
Best Scum Leader (For the best leader of a non-town group.)
- Mellow Ezlo (Mido)
Best Town PR (The best cop, doctor, etc.)
- DekuNut

Awards by Game

Best Theme
(The best mafia game theme.)
- Sloth Mafia [Mellow Ezlo] (Anime Girls)
Best Game (The best mafia game.)
- Smash Bros. Mafia 2 [Jamie]
Best Mod (The best mafia game mod.)
- Pendio (Jamie)
Best Whitewash (The best victory for one team that was won by a large margin.)
- Sherlock Mafia [Johnny Sooshi, Libk, Mellow Ezlo] (Bloodborne Mafia)
Best Town Group (The best Town from any given game.)
- 3 Way Tie (Chaos Mafia I, Ouran High School Host Club Mafia, SAO Ordinal Scale Mafia)
Best Mafia Group (The best scum group from any given game.)
- Sherlock Mafia [Johnny Sooshi, Libk, Mellow Ezlo] (Anime Girls Mafia, Avengers Mafia, Bloodborne Mafia, Team Fortress 2 Machines)​
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Feb 5, 2010

Feel free to discuss anything related to Mafia, whether it be strategies, meta, questions or anything really. Sound off below:
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Jul 12, 2011
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So claiming to victory came up in Avengers and the way I see things, claiming is part of the game. The thing is though it seems like everyone trusts claims for the most part and no one really tries to lie about their claim. In fact I experienced trust of my fake claim in THEBESTZDMAFIA pretty quickly and it helped lead me to what I thought was a victory for lynching Dek:unu:t. Everyone trusts claims here and I think that's why it works. So how do we combat this as mods and players?

Mods: Use more roles that you wouldn't typically see, or use modified versions of roles like insane or paranoid or things like that. Or make entirely new roles so that fake claiming has a place again. Or, just make rules to discourage claiming, maybe even a setup to discourage claiming. He'll maybe experiment with giving typically town roles to mafia or mafia roles to town. One of the things we did on Wizards of the Coast was give the Mafia team "safe claims" to use. The reason this discouraged claiming, a safe claim was simply another character and role not on the town side athat could be claimed if they needed to and they would seem to blend in as town. Claims become less of a strategy to win and it brings back scum hunting at that point because you have to be able to tell who's lying. Not work out te math with night actions. I know that when mtg 2 comes around I'll have rules against claims. I'll be ok with soft claims but my game is going to feature some very confusing and unique things. Claiming and explaining them outright would not be good. For the mystery of my game. But at the sane time, I'm also not revealing alignment upon death again so :P

Players: If you're mafia and your mod has not provided you with a safe claim, get creative. Take advantage of the fact people trust claiming so much here. The best thing I can advise for making your own safe claim, look at your role, think of a town varient and determine if it's probable it's in the game or not. If it's not likely, make a fake claim. You can still talk about your night actions but you can twist them to fit your claim.

This is just things I feel could work. Safe claims seem an easy way to combat claiming, as I've seen it work first hand. Also in case you're wanting an example, 9 player harry potter themed game, town is

Mafia is

The three mafia members are each told they have a safe claim
Voldemort can claim Kingsley
Malfoy can claim Neville
Belatrix can claim Tonks. How does the town know that mafia is lying? If everyone claims a character, who is wrong? Abd going back to things mods can do, use lesser known characters in your theme. That way harry doesn't get instant town for being harry. Just design games with claim meta in mind


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Feb 23, 2014
@Linkdude74 I think roleclaiming should be fully allowed in any capacity, but our community has completely diminished the purpose of roleclaiming because
a. We have predictable setups and
b. No one fake claims (largely because of a)

So I do like your idea. I believe raj gave us this courtesy in one of his games. Legacy, maybe?


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You make very good points Linkdude!

I really dislike anti-claiming rules because claiming is and is supposed to be an integral part of mafia. However, you do can change set-ups in such a way that it's just not a possible/viable strategy.
The points you made pretty much sum up my thoughts on the matter. Additionally, you can even remove roles such as cop (or roleblocker, because that can allow you to check whether that person is likely to be related to a kill) to prevent any claims from becoming "confirmed". And if none of these things are good enough (I feel like in general, at ZD most people are far better at playing town than at playing scum), as a moderator you could always even simply give the mafia a 5th member instead of the usual 4 (not only will it make it more easy for the mafia, no one suspects such set-ups, so it's a good way to trick people).
Yeah, I think clever set-up making is the key to solve the issue.

Or a crash course "how to be crafty as mafia" for the ZD community : d but let's stick with the first

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Feb 5, 2010
Good post @Libk
I don't mind neccessarily if we have claims or fake claims or whatnot, but I do ask mods to change it up every once in a while the roles that are in game.
BUT I do have a problem with mods revealing too much information in day scenes. If there is mention of a specific role in the day scene, that player can easily softclaim and be 100% be mod-confirmed (via day scene). These things usually only help the townies. For example, in two games now I was revealed as Mafia due to the day scene.

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