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How to Pronounce Fi

How do you pronounce Fi?

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Apr 12, 2012
Is it so hard to pronounce 2 letters? I think Fi is the character with the shortest name of all time in zelda series.
Dec 6, 2011
Bradford On Avon, Wiltshire
I started off saying "Fee", like Fifi or Fiona, then I saw a video on Youtube where the guy who uploaded it said it was "Fie", but I prefer "Fee" becuase it's easier to say and I'm lazy:embarrassed::chu: and I think Mistress Fee sounds better to me when Scrapper is activated.
Jan 25, 2010
I say it like "fee", because of my mother language; even though I knew Nintendo would probably adopt what made more sense concerning english pronunciation ("Fie").
Anyway, I think "fee" is easier to be spoken and also more beautiful, so I'm sticking whith it xD
Apr 15, 2012
My friend and I were just talking about this yesterday. She says Fie and I say Fee. I always just go with the first pronunciation that comes to mind.
Dec 18, 2010
Idaho, USA
Oh, Look! Another Pronunciation Thread! (Fi)

So, yeah. Fi. Her name is probably one of the most disputed pronunciations in the Zelda series, so I'd like to see what everyone else thinks. So, do you pronounce it "fye" or "fee". I've heard the argument "How do you pronounce 'pi'? Okay, then, how do you pronounce 'Fi'?" But I just can't attach the pronunciation "fye" to a character's name or convince myself her name was supposed to be like that.
Personally, I'm a "fee" pronouncer.

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