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  • I love anime! I actually just got into a new anime called Hyouka. There's only one episode out so far, but it looks pretty good.
    Well, lately I've been keeping up with the Spring Season, which just started a couple of weeks ago. So I've been watching Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, Accel World, Upotte!, Sankarea, Natsuiro Kiseki, and Medaka Box. I'm also going to start watching Hyouka once it begins on the 22nd.
    YuruYuri is a favourite of mine. I'm looking forward to the next season of it coming out this summer. Yeah, I watch quite a bit of anime.
    Yes. Yes it was.

    You know what I like most about the show now? I can relate to one of the characters somewhat relate to; you'll never guess which.
    Aultimaespada~ I'm sooooo sorry that I haven't replied for so long! :kawaii:
    So how have you been? Lets see here... *Looks at older messages* And as for the anime's I watched with my friend... I watched Death Note.
    I don't think I ever used Hope as an attacker lol. Sometimes I only use him for his synergist and medic abilities :eek:. But, I agree though. Lightning is suppose to be the "main character" yet it seems like she's the second to last person who does the least amount of damage. *sigh*

    Auto-battle? Sometimes, it depends on the enemy(s). If the battle was against an adamantortose and 3 small enemies then yeah I'll use it.

    Lol yep. I like Fang's saboteur abilities when she's fully evolved. It just makes the game so much easier to get through.
    :) You will. I have Sazh, Lightning, Vanille, and I think Hope? I probably would have to check. But, yeah Serah's is ridiculous. I think to get her theme you need to have all of the character themes first. If you want Snow's theme; you need to 5 star every mission. Oh, and don't forget to "hit" every attack, magic, ability, and HP crystal in your crystallium, so you can get that one achievement.

    Sounds like your good to go then :). Make sure you don't sell any of your items either.

    I don't think so. Bayonetta looked the same to me and it played just fine. The quality was crystal clear and the gameplay seemed to run very smoothly. I don't understand why people are saying it was horrible on the PS3.
    It happens to me all the time. I almost always have a song stuck in my head when I'm not listening to music.
    (You might have to refer back to my page again lol.)

    I would like to put Lightning as my leader, but when comes to fighting those adamantortoises, neither her or Odin are able do that much damage. Ravager is fun to use though. At least your not limited when it comes to attacks like the Commando role.

    I'm assuming your further in the game right? If you aren't..don't worry Fang learns more saboteur abilities like deprotect, deshell, etc.... You just got to progress more into the game. Its much easier when you fully evolve all of your character's roles.

    pft I know right? Have you gotten any of the PS3 themes yet?? Lightning's is pretty tough too , but I'm sure you can get it. =)

    Really? Hm, I guess I'll have to look at my PSN then when I get the chance. Hopefully it'll be there, so that I don't have to order the game. Aww, but it looked pretty good. I did watch advent children though...does that count lol? and I did research more info on FF7. :p

    Anyway, some of the games that I like to play are Bayonetta, Tomb Raider, Zelda (of course), SSBB, Bleach, and RE5. <--- I'm addicted to this game for some reason lol.
    I sing a lot when I'm at home. And I mostly sing along to popular songs or sing karaoke.
    I know a good deal of theory, not perfect and not super sophisticated, but a pretty good knowledge. And I can also sing. Again, not professionally, but I can sing pretty well.
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