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Hardest Boss in OOT

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Oct 14, 2009
To me the hardest boss was Phantom Ganon because.
1. I died 3 times.
2. He makes duplicates of himself I did not know which one was the real one.
3. This is a 2 phase boss and the first one is hard.
4. His attacks either do 1,2, or 3 hearts of damage.
To me Phantom Ganon was the hardest boss.
Oct 20, 2008
Most of the bosses in Ocarina of Time weren't very difficult. The only ones I found that difficult were Morpha and Bongo Bongo ( on my first play through, at least. )

Morpha I found difficult mainly because it would attack you whilst you were trying to use the longshot to remove its nucleus. When it attacked you, it usually sent you flying into spikes around the sides of the room.

Bongo Bongo was somewhat difficult die to the fact it was hard to stay on the platform for long, and when you were attacking, you couldn't even see it, and a fair amount of damage was dealt when you were hit or fell off.


In my opinion, Morpha may be the easiest. If you stay out of the range of his tentacles you can kill him without ever getting hit since you can pull him out of the tentacle when it reaches at you. Second easiest would probably be Volvagia; the only hard part is dodging falling rocks. Phantom Ganon may be my vote for the most difficult. As with all the bosses, he's easy once you know what to do, but I think he was the most difficult on the first time I played through.

5. Morpha
4. Volvagia
3. Bongo Bongo
2. Twinrova
1. Phantom Ganon

and if you count the young Link bosses, then I think Barinade is probably the most annoying boss in the game lol.
Oct 18, 2007
Bongo Bongo was easy Oo

The hardest would probably be Twinrova, only because aiming the elements back with the Mirror shield was a pain at times.


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Jan 9, 2008
Probably somewhere
I have to agree with Chrono about Twinrova. Aiming your shield just right to reflect the attacks at the other sister was a pain, and if you didn't get your shield up in time, you were in for a world of hurt. Not to mention getting two charges on your shield, then she decides she wants to give you 40 of the other one in a row just to annoy you.


like kadaj said bongo bongo was a real pain in the ****** cuase you need the lens of the truth or the megatron hammer plus if you have the master quest rom it made it more difficult


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Aug 18, 2009
The hardest boss for me during my first playtroughs were: Ganon/dorf, Twinrova, Bongo Bongo and Phantom Ganon.

When I was younger, I always had a hard time fighting Ganondorf or his phantom. I had hard times reflecting his magic beams back at him, especially when the tennis play gets faster. I always found that part really hard. I died tons of times against them.

Especially during the showdown with the King of Evil. Reflecting his beams, then shooting him with a light arrow and finally attack him with the sword was tough. Everytime you were hit by his magic, you lost one heart or more. And after that fight was the battle against Ganon, which was hard too, during my first playtroughs.


Lol dark link was easy if you used din's fire or megaton hammer and bongo bongo was hard but i entered bongo bongo with 2 hearts and i beat him but i used biggoron sword so it went so quick. But my hardest boss would have be ganondorf not ganon ganondorf because im not good at timing those hits!!!


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Oct 4, 2009
Well I haven't played OOT since 2 years ago so my opinion might of changed...

Queen Gohma: Is it just me or is Queen Gohma a tad harder than people say it is? I must admit, it took me 3 minutes to kill this boss! 2/10

King Dodongo: At least this one is a piece of cake! In my opinion, easiest boss in the game! 1/10

Barinade: I had fun fighting this boss! It was a long fight but not the hardest. 3/10

Phantom Ganon: Grr... I really don't like this fight! Only because of the first part! I think the reason why everything is having trouble with this is of the camera angle of the pictures. It isn't that great. But after you get through that part, it's a breeze! 6/10

Volgavia: This wasn't a hard boss but because of the huge hit amount, I found myself dying once (lucky I had a fairy bottle) so without the big hits, this wouldn't score high. 5/10

Morpha: After an easy dungeon (yes, I found this easy), it's time for a hard boss battle! Not! I didn't get hit once and I kill Morpha in a flash! 2/10

Bongo Bongo: I hated this temple! And the boss... EASY! I don't know why everyone is complaining! I guess I am lucky with the using of the Lens of Truth and arrows and all... 3/10

Twinrova: I don't have great memories of this fight but I remembered dying two times. But once I got the hang of it, I got pretty good at reflecting them and all that. 5/10

So the hardest boss for me was... Phantom Ganon! with only a 6/10 difficulty!

I guess the easy ones are hard for me and the hard ones are easy for me! :lol:


Dec 3, 2008
Well. That's really quite hard to say, as none of the bosses in OoT are particularly hard. I suppose Morpha would be one of the hardest. But once I found out I just need to stand in the corner, hookshot him and slash him, it's really not that hard. What's even more annoying is when you die, don't have any fairies or potions left and have to go through the stupid spike trap hill. Now that's the worst by far. But really, Morpha isn't that hard..

I can't really say any of the bosses were hard. So. Morpha wins. But it was a wimpy win. If say, the OoT bosses fought the MM bosses..


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Jun 2, 2009
Hmm...for me it'd have to be between Phantom Ganon and Bongo Bongo.

Phantom Ganon was hard for me because no matter what I did, even when I stood in the appropriate areas in order to shoot him with the Bow and Arrows, he'd always get me. I died a few times before I finally vanquished the demon.

As for Bongo Bongo, what made him hard for me was when he hit the drum you were standing on to make you fly up in the air. It made it harder for me to shoot the guy.

But since this thread calls for the hardest BOSS and not BOSSES in Oot, I'll have to go with Phantom Ganon being the hardest boss for me on this one.


none of the bosses were a pain for me i beat em all first time so yeah bongo bongo is he the one for the shadow temple i havent played it in years and am just going through the game again but that temple was the hardest in my opinion


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Apr 14, 2008
Newfoundland, Canada
The hardest boss for me is by far Phantom Ganon. Where he always moves, it's harder to judge his spells and swing accordingly. Last time I fought him, I went in with 2 fairies and still died. I mean, I'm not good with this 'timing' thing, but with this boss, it's just crazy. :P

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