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Hardest Boss in OOT


Feb 24, 2010
Ganondorf. I suck at ping-pong, and I could never get back on the platform if I fell to the bottom floor. Once I figured out how to beat Bongo-Bongo I never had any trouble carrying it out. I still don't get why people find him so difficult.


Braava Braava
Feb 18, 2010
Soul Sanctum
right then seems i gotta explain somin POEPLE GET THE BIGORON SWORD IT EASIER TO KILL BOSSES WITH IT.
MORPHA if you want quick kill then stay in carner when it luges for you longshot the nuclkeus and trap it in a corner eassssy kill. dark link all you havta do is hit it with dins fire or megaton hammer or bg sword.
PHANTOM GANON stay on one of the triforces in the corner for the painting part and when the vollein starts move in close and you get a short stun and vice versa if you keep far away.
VOLVAGIA if you have difficulty killing this then you aint a zelda fan HIT IT WIth THE HAMMER.
BONGO BONGO major easy people get bg sword when you stun its hands dont put lens on do spin attack as soon as the hands pass you chances are your gonna hit it in the face, ther is a trick to taking out the hands without using arrows JUST SLASH THE HANDS AS THEY ATTACK if it goes to pound the ground ur on the move and slash as it lands if it claps hands to gether see if you can hit them both at the same time.
TWINROVA i have no advice for it it's too easy.
i hope this helps


King of Twilight
Feb 7, 2010
Palace of Twilight
I think Phantom Ganon was the hardest boss for me. Not because of difficulty but because of the way you had to fight him. First off when I fought him the first time I ran out of arrows and had to die on perpose, then I couldn't even find any arrows inside the dungeon, so I had to go outside to get some from wolfos I think. And the other reason is because when I beat him on his horse and had to deflect the bolts the camera view was akward, the railings would get in the way and it would be hard to time the attacks. If I were to go closer I would be too close to Ganon and would end up getting hurt from his bolts because I wasn't far enough away to react and slice the bolt.

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