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  • I can respect that, it's your choice lol. I hope you have as much fun with it as other Halo fans have! :)
    You're welcome :D
    What will you be getting? Something tells me to tell you to get Reach though I haven't played Halo 'seriously' like other people hav.
    You can always start off where you left off in any Game of the Month thread : D
    It wouldn't be fair to force you to start over, right?

    About the Skyward Swords vs Halo, it really depends on what you like more. Do you have friends who play Halo Reach? If so, then I would say forget about SS and get Reach. If you don't have any friends or not that many who play Reach, then get SS. That's just the way I think of it though. x)
    I noticed. Thanks :3 But i'm closing it soon. Not enough people. Thanks for showing interest anyway :)
    I have a major problem and I hope anyone who actually looks at my profile or whatever this is called can help me that owns an Xbox 360 and has the Halo games. I know Skyward Sword will release this holiday season there is no reason I can think of that it would not. However for over a year I have been watching videos of Halo more specifically Halo Reach and I have been saving up to buy the Xbox 360 and Halo Reach. So here is my problem I can only get one at a time I want to get Skyward Sword but I also want to get Halo Reach and the rest of the Halo series. So which one should I get? There may be a possibility I get both but I can't be sure so thats my question now give me your answer. I do NOT want comments or PM's saying something like "if you get the Xbox 360 then your a traitor to Nintendo."
    Happy birthday LM, I don;t think we've even talked, hope you had a great day!
    How is it that popular members only get Happy birthday wishes? What about you? Are you just ignored because you aren't that popular? That's bull...Happy birthday. Have a good one, The Great One doesn't have favorites. ;)
    I found your group, Skies of Arcadia lovers.

    That is my favorite game of all time. Good to know someone else remembers it.
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