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General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character


Jul 13, 2008
Sheik. He/she was mysterious only popping out before dungeons to teach Link songs. Plus everything that comes out of his/her mouth is a beautiful majestic poem :P A lot of good quotes to take from Sheik. Adding to all this, Sheik looks so sleek! I guess he/she is a ninja though so thats the whole idea. Sheik is just awesome.


Gosh that's a difficult one...
But I have to say I think Midna really is my favorite. She's everything I'd want in a character, especially a Zelda one. A close runner up though was Zelda from SS. They did a great job with her as well.

Favorite boss has to be Crayk from PH. Sorry, but I really think they did an amazing job using both screens of the DS (and it was a very original boss on top of that). May have been kinda easy but I loved it. Haters gonna hate.


Groose, he's got awesome character development and I always tend to love the comedic characters! :D
Although I love the happy masks salesman and who could forget Ghirahim's fabulousness? :lol:


I really like linebeck from PH
His theme is awesome and he is really funny


my favorite character would be Aryll. my favorite boss, would probably be Twinrova.

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This is difficult; there are so many great characters D: well, I'll make a list that's not in any particular order:
1. Saria
2. Ghirahim
3. Malon
4. Aryll
5. Tetra
6. Tingle
7. Midna


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Mar 16, 2012
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Someone besides Link? There are alot to choose from! I like alot of people!

Ok mines is Zelda cuz she's sooo much better than Peach. She has the triforce of wisdom, She actually helps Link with her quest, she has a different role to each games, she's beautiful, she's a good, selfless princess,...there's so much stuff to say about her!

Ghriahim is soo weird, but in a good way. He's my favorite villian in the series, so he would be pretty up there, but so would Demise.

Malon is my favorite "love interest" of Link's. She's a sweet, adorable, singing, red-headed, farm girl that can help Link relax after a hard day's work. And if you get tired of her, you can always hang out with Romani & Cremia

Tetra is so cool! She's my favorite of Zelda's alter egos. She's sassy, smart, cool, witty, & pretty agile too! Plus I can actually cosplay as her!

Midna brought a bit more attitude to the sidekick role. She was selfish & rude at first, but became kinder & a bit tsundere-ish. I really like her as a person twili imp thing.

Grandma in WW is one of the sweetest grandmother in the history of video games! She makes Link some of her soup, which happens to be one of the best, if not, the best, healing potions in the entire series. She cares for Link & Aryll with love & care & you just feel so bad to leave her alone & sick with worry. :kawaii:*Sigh* she's such a great grandmother


Ghirahim. He is such a well done character, Nintendo really succeeded with him. His look, his powers and his attitude makes him scary, but not ridiculous. I hate him so much because he's mean and all when I'm playing Skyward Sword, but when I think about it, I love him because he's really a good character. Really good boss, maybe not my favorite character in the way that I like his personality, but he's a great boss!
If I should choose a 'good guy' favorite character, it would be any Goron from any game, Saria from Ocarina of Time or Fi from Skyward Sword.
(I have only played SS and OoT) :)


Vaati is an all time favorite, along with Majora.

And I LOATHE Tetra.


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Apr 4, 2012
My favorite character is most likely...Pipit. You don't get much from him in the game altogether, but I could see potential for a great character :).

Favorite Boss: Ghirahim ;).


Favorite character would be Midna, as she reminds me of myself with her snarky attitude.

Favorite boss would be Majora's Wrath. dat shriek.

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Hrrrrrrrnnnnnngggggggghhhh........ man this is hard.......

Ok, favorite character besides Link is..... ummmmmm..... dammit this is hard.
You know what, I cannot pick, there are too many. Depending on my mood, it switches between Malon, Aryl, King Daphnes Nohannes Hyrule, Midna, SS Zelda, and Groose.

Favorite boss: Ok for non-final bosses it, again depending on what mood I'm in, switches between Bongo Bongo, Twinmold, Zant, Scervo (mid-bosses count, right?) and Ghirahim.
Favorite final boss: Demise. No question about that.


Link, obviously guys!
Ganondorf is pretty badass, both from Twilight princess and Samurai sword Wind Waker

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