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Ever Died in the Game?



If you have before say how many times, where, and why exactly.i nearly died on the third ghirahim fight for some reason i couldn't get my fatal blow to work and he got me. If not just say if you had any critical moments or close calls.
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Jun 15, 2010
In my first playthrough, I died about three times. To my memory, they were all in the early portion of the game because once you get a respectable amount of hearts, bottles to put potions in and a large inventory of weapons, I find it hard to die.

Agent B

The King of Hyrule
Dec 19, 2011
Lost Woods
In my first playthrough, I didn't die at all, I nearly died at the second Ghirahim fight, but I beat him with 1/2 hearts remaining.

Big Octo

Jul 2, 2011
In my first and, so far, only play-through, I kind of do things in a "Berserker Style," meaning I rush in instantly into the action. This can be effective in getting the job done fast, but also has a side effect of occasional deaths.


Jun 22, 2011
I've died multiple times in the boss rush on hero mode. I didn't die at all in two playthroughs though. I came close a few times but after I got the 3rd bottle I never came close to dying again in the regular game. Boss rush is challenging for me though and I still haven't gotten the hylian shield. I'm thinking that I should have tried it in my first playthrough to gain confidence instead of trying it in hero mode first.


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Oct 14, 2011
i died a few times in my first run, now i'm in Hero Mode i died quite a few times against Ghirahim but once i got some bottles i've been OK


mostly i died fighting the boss in the Ancient Cistern i forgot what his name is but i believe it starts with a K.but any ways i bit the dust like 10 time because when i had the big sword in my hand and thought i could back flip do doge his attack but then i dropped the sword and he would smack me with his 3 arms ...ouch
I got around twelve game overs during the first Ghirahim fight in Skyview temple because, first of all, my calibration on my wiimote kept on getting messed up, so I couldn't block his attacks correctly. Second, I wasn't quite used to the controls yet; and lastly, every time I would break a pot to get a heart, I'd waste it because he'd charge at me right after I collected it... It was just frustrating, because I only died three times after that battle, just for stupidity. ;/

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