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Majora's Mask Crashing on Collectors Edition Disc


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Jun 19, 2011
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I started a new file on majoras mask yesterday. I played on the wii via the GC zelda collectors edition disc. However, the game crashed on me in clocktown - when I left town, before it changed scene, the screen froze and stayed black. I couldn't do anything about this except turn the power off and lose my saved progress...

Now, I read up on this afterwards. And apparantly, MM on the GC zelda collectors edition disc crashes a lot... so I know it's not just me. I am not too far on the game, so I am thinking of just downloading it for the virtual console instead and starting again.

My question is: Does MM work fine on the virtual console? No crashing like the version I'm currently playing on?

i have the collectors disc to my majoras mask has never crashed


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Jul 19, 2011
At the moment am replaying Majora's Mask on the Game Cube Collector edition and its only crashed once for me and am at Ikana Castle i guess it crashes since of the port to the Game Cube, hope it does not crash again espically if am in a temple.



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Jul 4, 2011
nobody knows
it does crash a bit mine always does when i go near the seaside skulltula house and another time it made me freakin' mad when i was about to face gomess in the stone tower temple and i slashed at a pot and then boom it froze:mad:
I had to do most of the tedious temple all over again except i saved when i got my light arrows *phew*

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