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  • Hello Teal. I'm Linknerd09! Just wanted to let you know that I have joined you group. Hope you don't mind.
    Nothing against you, just that post was somewhat derogatory. Just need to watch that here. I learned that the hard way. ;)
    I need help on spirit tracks.I beat the sand temple now i need help i the Tower of Spirits:dry:
    Well that was depressing...but we had a good run right? Oh yeah, I'm GDL, welcome to the forums, hope to count with you again sometime. ;)
    Hey, I don't know if your username was intended to be spelled "Teal" or if it's an accidental misspelling of "Tael". If it's the former, if you wanted it changed you could PM Justin and he'll probably change it for you. Just thought I'd let you know in case it bugged you. Nothing wrong with it though. ;)
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