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  1. Mamagaea

    GAME HELP: First Lock in Ancient Cistern

    I thought of that. I made sure and went and did the hands so they would close. That didn't work either. The walkthrough said you didn't need to do that, but I did it just in case. It still didn't work. I'll try one more time today, and then I'm giving up. Each petal of the flower lock lit...
  2. Mamagaea

    GAME HELP: First Lock in Ancient Cistern

    I just don't know what to do. Obviously, I've checked the walkthroughs and know the pattern that is supposed to be used (top, bottom, left, right). But no matter what I do, it won't open up the damn door! Sometimes I mess up, so I wait for the arrow thing to go back to the top of the dial...
  3. Mamagaea

    Did You Like the Bug/treasure System?

    I've been watching the walkthrough with Mases, and he hasn't mentioned ONCE what the bugs are even used for! He's all the way to Nayru's flame and not once has the reason for collecting the bugs been mentioned. That's not really fair, for those of us who have not yet been able to play the game.
  4. Mamagaea

    Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

    I'd have to go with Turtle Rock from Link's Awakening. The main reason was BLAINO. At the time, I had so much trouble. I kept getting sent back to the beginning of the Dungeon. I gave up. I don't know if I ever tried to finish that game. I may have to try again some day.
  5. Mamagaea

    Bad Luck, or Nintendo Losing Their Edge?

    I personally think that Nintendo needs some shaking up. While I will always be a Nintendo girl, they are losing ground in the console market. I mean, I was able to pick up a Wii for $115! What does that tell you in the grand scheme of things? I don't plan on getting any other consoles...
  6. Mamagaea

    Ocarina Vs Harp

    Ocarina, hands down. Why? Because you can actually play the darn thing like an actual instrument!
  7. Mamagaea

    Puzzle Keys

    The one thing I actually love about Zelda is the puzzle mechanics. I don't play it for slash and kill, although of course, that is fun, too. I welcome the puzzles. I play puzzle games all the time anyway. It's good to find something new and different in an age old title.
  8. Mamagaea

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but now you died from a natural gas leak because the sulphur additive they put in it to give it a smell smelled like cookies! I wish for sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns.
  9. Mamagaea

    Kotaku: Is This the Official Timeline?

    Just to help people who may be new to the series or new to this forum and may not be used to all of the acronyms, and to help us old farts remember, I will write out all of the acronyms that I can figure out, and can someone please fill in what I don't know? It would be very helpful. SS =...
  10. Mamagaea

    Which Zelda Game Haven't You Played

    It's hard to play Four Swords with other people when you don't know anyone else who has a GameBoy Advance.
  11. Mamagaea

    What Do You Miss from Certain Zelda Games when Playing Other Titles in the Series?

    I love the Spin Attack. I'm not seeing it used in Skyward Sword. Just the Goddess Strike, or whatever it's called. I love being able to spin around and strike down everything around me at once!
  12. Mamagaea

    Phantom Hourglass Figure Giveaway - Favorite Zelda Enemy

    I would definitely choose Ganondorf because it doesn't matter how many times you kill him, he KEEPS COMING BACK! But I love him in OoT the best! The whole "I'm being all nice, but I really just want to kidnap ZELDA!" I like how you find out he is the Gerudo King.
  13. Mamagaea

    How Old Are You?

    (shhhhh, there's only 4 people near 40. don't let the younguns find you. shhhhhhhh.) Nope. Not the oldest. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Be quiet. They'll find us.
  14. Mamagaea

    What Was Your First Video Game?

    Pong. The original. I prefer to say I'm OLD School! Who wouldn't love Little Big Planet as their first game!
  15. Mamagaea

    Skyward Sword V Skyrim

    If Skyrim had actual swordplay ability like Zelda does, maybe I'd lean more that way. I just prefer Zelda overall.
  16. Mamagaea

    Why You Like Your Avatar

    Looks like a lot of people have changed their avatars since this thread was started. DOH! I like mine because I just snagged it from the Skyward Sword video walkthrough by Zelda Dungeon! I love the colors on it and I am totally going to use it as a model for my eventual Hylian Crest tattoo!
  17. Mamagaea

    Harp-Worst Instrument Ever?

    I am so used to being able to play actual notes and I always loved that about the musical instruments. I mean, seriously, the Ocarina is the best! Why couldn't they have figured out a way to allow us to actually PLAY the harp?
  18. Mamagaea

    Zelda Art Majora's Mask Pieces - Operation Moonfall

    That shows a heck of a lot of talent. I am impressed.
  19. Mamagaea

    General Art The Real Gerudogirl Art Thread

    Awesome licky lips! That would make a great avatar, too!
  20. Mamagaea

    Link Plush Doll Giveaway - Favorite Funny Zelda Quote

    I think it's hilarious when that guy is in the toilet. I mean, seriously? Someone is living in the latrine? Majora's Mask "Paper!!!!!"
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