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    Anouki Village Fence

    I have beaten the game he doesn't finish building the fence!
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    Ocarina of Time The Running Man Beaten Opens the Sky Temple. Is It Fake?

    I think it's fake! That guy is like impossible to beat!
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    How Excited Are You For Skyward Sword?

    I'm really excited for SS! I think this game is going to be awesome! And I hope it has good dungeon's and bosses and enemies!
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    Happy Saint Patricks Day!!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! And remember to wear green (today matches with Link's regular tunic color, green!) or you'll get pinched! :)
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    Who Would Win?

    Wind Waker Link! I think Toon Link would kick all of those's Link's butts! Go Toon Link!
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    What Temple Boss and Music do You Like?

    Boss: Molgera from The legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Music: Ganondorf Final Battle from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
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    Where Should I Start?

    I recommend playing mario first! Mario games are really awesome and fun!
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    Ocarina of Time Was the Water Temple Hard for You?

    Yes! The Water Temple Was hard! I was stuck there for a long time! But, then I beat and I was so happy!
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    Fun In Hyrule

    I would explore the temples and take picture of them!
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    Ocarina of Time Whats Your Favorite Mini Dungeon from Ocarina of Time?

    I like the Ice Cavern, because the totally freaks me out!
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    It's the Hero's Charm. You get by giving the teacher on Windfall Island 70 Joy pendants and then she'll give the Hero's Charm. And the Hero's Charm let's you see the enemies' health, and when you're using it in a boss battle, you can see the bosses health. I hope I answered your question! :)
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    Operating System of Choice?

    I have a Mac OS X, and it's the best computer I have ever had!
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    Websites That You Made or Own!

    I have one called ZeldaTown and I made ZeldaTown :)
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    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages Which One is Best?

    I like Oracle of Seasons better. I liked changing the seasons and I liked the dungeons, and bosses in the game, and it was the first zelda I played and beat! :) (This is my opinion)
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    Favorite Item?

    My favorite is the longshot from Ocarina of Time, the item you get in the Water Temple. I love this item! You can cling to object from far away!
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    If You Got the Chance to Live Anywhere in the Zelda Series Where Would You Live?

    I would want to live on Outset Island, because it would be relaxing and fun there to live!
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    French Fries or Tater Tots?

    I like French Fries! There are better than Tater Tots! French Fries are yummy! :)
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    Twilight Princess The Most Beautiful Place In Twilight Princess?

    I thought the fishing hole was beautiful! It feels so relaxing there! Ahhhhhhhh.....
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    Your Favorite Pet!

    I like cats better than dogs, because in my opinion I think they're cooler than dogs, and some cats act like ninja's which cool! And my cat "Milo" Pronounced My-low and he acts like a ninja, and when he's running, he skids across the smooth wooden floor! It's really funny! And I have another...
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    Bath or Shower?

    I take showers mostly and I take baths rarely, and I would take a shower, because I wouldn't want to sit in my own filth while taking a bath!
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    A Link to the Past Why Do You..?

    I liked it, because it had an amazing story, there were a lot of items and there were cool items, and there were a large variety of dungeons and the dungeons were pretty big, and I thought it was fun fighting the bosses, and the bosses looked creative. That is why I like ALTTP.
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    Which Piece of the Triforce Would You Like to Own?

    What Would You Choose? Courage, Wisdom, or Power? What would you choose to have? Courage, Wisdom, or Power? I would choose Courage, because I would like to not be scared of anything and I pretend to be Link a lot, so that means I pretend to have Courage a lot too! ;) So, what would you choose...
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    Twilight Princess What Did You Name Epona?

    I just left her name Epona, because I didn't want to come up with a name for the horse.
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    Adventure of Link Whats Was Nintendo Thinking

    I think AOL sucks! I've played it before and it's not fun at all! And remember! This is my opinion!
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    Mini-game Owner:D

    I would call it "Dodongo smasher" and you have to smash these wooden signs with a picture of a Dodongo on it, and you have to break a certain amount in a certain amount of time. And it would go to all races and the prizes are: 1. A heart container 2. 100 rupee's 3. 50 rupee's 4. 20 rupee's 5...
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    Ocarina of Time What's Your Fav Music of LoZ OoT?

    Gerudo Valley and the Forest Temple. The like the beat Gerudo Valley, and The Forest Temple still gives me chills when I listen to it.
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    Come Up with the Weirdest Zelda Story

    Link and Zelda walk through Hyrule field and they see Malon running away from Ganondorf. Ganondorf shoots cucco's at malon and they attack her. And then Ganondorf see's Link and zelda, and Ganondorf faints when he see's Zelda, because he thinks she looks so pretty. Link and Zelda are like "What...
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    What 3 Would You Pick?

    Master Sword, bow and arrow, and and grandma's soup.
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    What Zelda Game Was the Hardest to Do with the 3 Heart Challenge?

    What Zelda Game was the hardest to do with the 3 heart challenge? Well, I haven't done any 3 heart challenges yet. (Sorry, I just don't really want to do a 3 heart challenges.) For the people who have done 3 heart challenge, tell me which zelda game was the hardest for you! Tell me! Bye! :)
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    Who Likes Justin Bieber?

    I hate Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think he is really dumb!!!!!!!!! :mad:
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    Link's Awakening What is Your Favorite Dungeon in Link's Awakening?

    What is your favorite Dungeon in link's Awakening? my favorite is Turtle Rock, because it's a big dungeon, which I like. You get the Fire Rod there, and I like the boss "Hot Head". So, what is your favorite dungeon in Link's Awakening? :) (And remember to tell me why it's your favorite dungeon!)
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    A Link To The Past :)

    I have beaten ALTTP! But I beat it with the GBA version of ALTTP! And no, I wouldn't change anything about it.
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    General Classic Favourite Classic Zelda Game

    My favorite classic is Ocarina Of Time! That game was so awesome and fun! Majora's Mask was fun too, but not as fun as Ocarina Of Time. A Link To The past was fun a little.... And the first and second zelda aren't fun to me.
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    Link's Awakening Legend of Zelda Links Awakening Differences

    The DX one has colors, there's a photographer with a side quest you can do, there's a color dungeon, and there is a blue tunic and a red tunic.
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    Majora's Mask Do You Find Tingle Annoying?

    Well, he can get annoying a lot, but he's actually a pretty cool character in my opinion!
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    Ungrateful People

    I have a brother who hates zelda and when I buy a zelda game, he'll complain about it! It's annoying!
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    Ocarina of Time What Boots Are Your Favorites?

    I would choose the Hover Boots, because I like hovering across edges and when you go to the desert waste land place you can hover above the sand river, and the normal sand!
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    Ocarina of Time Where Did You Get Stuck the First Time You Played Through OoT?

    The Fire Temple! That place was confusing the first time I played it!
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    Twilight Princess Wolf Link's Chain

    Remember when Wolf Link saw Midna for the first time and she broke that chain for Wolf Link so he was free, and the other part of the chain stayed on Wolf Link's paw! Remember that?! :)
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    How Do You "Zelda-fy" Your World?

    I draw a Triforce's on my left hand and when i play with plastic swords or whatever I pretend its the Master Sword! :)
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    Ever Wonder Why Link's Hat Never Falls Off?

    Link probably just taped it to his head and the tape is so clear that you can't see it!
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    Airplane Food. Like It, or Hate It?

    I like airline food, and really it's not that bad!
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    Know Your Fellow ZD Member

    lancelotp8 His Favorite zelda game is Wind Waker.
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    Your First Forum

    My first one is ZD, because my friend told me about this website.
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    What is Your Job?

    Well, I don't have a job, but I'm a 5th grader.
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    What is Your Favorite Boss in Oot?

    Mine would have to be Phantom Ganon, from the Forest Temple.
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    Ocarina of Time Epona's Escape from the Ranch....

    I don't think it's a glitch, because I you can jump over the fence again, and again.
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    Why Did the Cucco Cross the Road?

    Why did the Cucco cross the road? To get revenge on Link!!!
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    What Are You Wearing At The Moment?

    I'm wearing jeans, with a black long sleeve shirt.
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