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    How Should Dungeons Be Fixed In the Sequel?

    Um, how are they not dungeons? They're still self-contained locations where you fight enemies, solve puzzles and occasionally face bosses. Are Zelda II's dungeons also not dungeons, as they did away with the puzzles? That's arguable. Until ALBW came out, I hadn't been able to truly enjoy a...
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    How Should Dungeons Be Fixed In the Sequel?

    They didn't remove the dungeons, they just converted them to better fit BotW's mold. Divine beasts, shrines and Hyrule Castle may be different from previous dungeons, and you may not like them (which is fine), but they're still dungeons by definition.
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    How Should Dungeons Be Fixed In the Sequel?

    On the dungeons vs shrines subject. I'm honestly cool with getting a bunch of mini-dungeons (shrines) over a few overlong dungeons. In fact, I'd dare say I prefer it like that. After trodding through TP's exhaustive, needlessly long dungeons, I've been wishing Zelda switched to having shorter...
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    Can you be a fan of a game you've never played?

    That's pretty dumb. I've seen plenty of games that looked awesome in videos, but played like ass. I've even watched videos that made Sonic '06 look good for pity's sake. A video doesn't necessarily tell you how well it controls, or how polished it is, for instance.
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    Light-hearted and goofy moments in BotW2

    Honestly? I've always found the humor in Zelda unfunny and juvenile, especially when it comes from cartoony over the top characters like Linebeck or Kohga. It's even worse when the humor ruins potentially interesting characters, like Zant or the Yiga. I hope BotW2 tones down the humor, or gets...
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    Can You/Do You Swim?

    Was a fast swimmer in my teens (once won a swimming competition) and used to do dives and such. I rarely ever swim these days, though. When I jumped into a pool a few years back, it took me a while to remember how to do it properly, lol.
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    Link's Awakening Switch What is the biggest flaw of Link's Awakening?

    Honest question, why would you want to control Link with the d-pad? Diagonal movement is a pain in the ass with the Joycon and the Pro Controller's D-pads.
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    What do you NOT want to see in BotW2?

    Traditional dungeons. They were all right up to TWW, but after that, they got too long and tedious. By TP and SS, it felt like the games were entirely centered around dungeons, with everything else being an afterthought. Even worse was how SS removed the overworld and turned the outdoor areas...
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    Breath of the Wild Did BOTW overdo things?

    Then people would have complained even more about BotW's world being empty. All right, then I'll answer the thread title's question. No, I don't personally feel BotW overdid anything.
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    Breath of the Wild Did BOTW overdo things?

    If they had done that, maxing out your inventory would have been harder, as you would have to collect every single seed. Putting twice as many as necessary allows for a margin of error -- you can miss half of them and still max out. I don't think I should have to explain why looking for 20...
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    Breath of the Wild Did BOTW overdo things?

    I don't get where the complaints about the Korok Seeds come from. If they had put less seeds, finding them would have been harder and more time consuming, given the massive world. It would have been like searching for a needle in a haystack, even if expanding the equipment inventory took less...
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    An open world with linear dungeons?

    No they weren't. The overworlds in LoZ and ALttP were open and could be freely explored for the most part. They didn't impose tedious tasks like "search for a bunch of scrotum-shaped creatures in a maze-like forest" on you before letting you advance. In ALttP, as soon as I beat the starting...
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    An open world with linear dungeons?

    No, I don't really want to go back to linear, overlong dungeons. I would be okay with the next game having the same kind of dungeons as BotW. During the Wii/DS era, the dungeons basically took over, to the detriment of everything else. SS basically removed the overworld and made the outside...
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    Do Your Friends Like Zelda?

    Have one friend who has heard about the series. He always refers to Link as "Zelda" when we play Smash.
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    Weirdos of Zelda

    How many Zelda characters aren't weirdos?
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    Games you hate

    Skyward Sword, one of the most tedious and unfun games I've played. Coupled with my disappointment with previous Zeldas, it almost made me give up on the series altogether. Although maybe I should be grateful to it for forcing Nintendo to open its eyes and do a 180º turn after it. The Capcom...
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    Are there too many Ganons?

    Power-hungry baddie who belongs to a seldom-seen race betrays someone he pledged allegiance to in order to steal a great power, which he uses to attack Hyrule and kidnap Zelda in his quest to conquer it and get a hold of a triangle-shaped omnipotent power known as "(something) Force", but is...
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    Are there too many Ganons?

    I don't think that Ganon has too many forms, but I'd welcome a new villain. It gets old to see the same story get rehashed all the time. I agree with the bolded part. However, I don't see the logic in complaining about the overuse of Ganon and then saying that Nintendo should bring back Vaati...
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    Who will be the next main villain?

    Anyone as long as they're not another Ganon clone like Vaati.
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    Was Flat An Iron Knuckle?

    Hmm. What about the 3DS ports? Do you know what happens when you break their armor in them? Because a number of sources state that they removed the beta Nabooru head in them, suggesting that it was indeed an oversight.
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    Was Flat An Iron Knuckle?

    Well, even so, I'm positive it was just an oversight, as it's not a generic Gerudo face; it's an early Nabooru face from prototype OoT versions, with mistakes such as the lack of eyebrows.
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    Was Flat An Iron Knuckle?

    Pretty sure that was just a leftover of OoT, as they reused the model used for the golden Iron Knuckle/Nabooru. IIRC, it's not visible in-game; I believe people only discovered it via hacks or glitches. And didn't they remove Nabooru's head from the updated Iron Knuckle model in the 3DS port?
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    Was Flat An Iron Knuckle?

    Only the golden Iron Knuckle in the Spirit Temple is a Gerudo. The others' identities are unconfirmed.
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    Next Zelda Game Predictions

    Well, didn't Aonuma already state that they'll keep the BotW formula (as they should)? Perhaps they'll implement more traditional Zelda-style dungeons following people's disappointment with BotW's main dungeons, though. I just hope they don't return to a linear order. They should stick to...
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    Do you want Zelda Switch to be cel-shaded?

    No more cel-shading or cartoony graphics please. That style was great but it overstayed its welcome. As much as I loved TWW's look, no Zelda game has been able to nail the cartoony cel-shaded style since then, so I definitely think it's time for the series to move on. SS looked ugly to me, and...
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    Breath of the Wild What do you think of horses?

    What do you people mean when you say they control poorly? Are you talking about how untrained horses are unwieldy and disobedient?
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    Breath of the Wild BotW is already the second best selling Zelda title

    The Switch is still young. I think it's only a matter of time until BotW becomes the highest selling Zelda game and TP is dethroned (as it should be).
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    Is the Next Zelda going to have full Voice Acting?

    I'm fine with Zelda having voice acting as long as they add the option to use the original Japanese voices. I hated how BotW gave you the option to select the voice language but neglected to include the original Japanese voices, as I've never been a fan of dubs, and every dialogue in the game...
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    How much freedom do you want in Zelda Switch?

    I want every bit the freedom that BotW provided. TP and SS bored me with all the hand-holding TBH.
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    Breath of the Wild Breath of the Wild, and the Promise It Breaks

    Majora22, if you're going to heal during boss fights whenever you're low on health, literally no enemy or boss in the game will be a challenge regardless of how hard the programmers make them, as you can stockpile a nigh unlimited amount of health-restoring food. I relied just on fairies when...
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