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  • Yep, but that's all right. I'd buy chocolates! I can't have wheat or dairy so no GS cookies for me! I sent in a suggestion to make allergen-free ones but so far, no luck. :(
    Oh... boy! One of my bros accidentally sent that message while I was still logged in (the spelling and grammar prove that I didn't send it!). We got confused with your blog post Fail-o-saurus said. It was talking about Evolution being taught in a catholic school, and you said that the two religions don't agree with each other, and when I read it, I thought it said that you didn't agree with the two, but I just re-read the post upon seeing this message. Sorry about that.
    Yeah I hear ya. People like to buy cookies from the younger Girl Scouts so I barely got any orders when I sold.
    Yep I sell cookies. :P I didn't this year though because it was only a 2-week selling period and I knew I was barely going to get any sales so yeah. :D
    Spirited Away is creepy but Ponyo was actually really good.

    Woo! Girl Scouts can be safe!!! Which is good, cuz I'm one! :P
    Eeee. I love Clannad, it's so amazing :D and Fuko is adorable. :3 Have you watche the afterstory too?
    I have! It's freaky! Well, I first saw it when I was like, seven, so anything was freaky to me then. How about My Neighbor Totoro?

    And Osama Bin Laden's dead! W00t!
    Gasp! It's a freaking amazing game. Yesterday at the mall I bought the soundtrack for it. It's 133 songs! :O
    Hi there again! I've started the Wind Waker Let's Play and Episode 1 is posted. I have to show my mom episode 2; hoping to do that super duper soon so episode 2 should be up soon! How are you?
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