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  • Awwwww. Summer break lasts about 2 months here, which is pretty good. But we don't get much off time from school.
    Hey, may I request that you answer the required questions on the beginner's mafia sign up thread? Thanks~
    No... o.o
    Moving right along, I found another Clannad fan!
    Who knows? Maybe it's just hard to stalk an inactive :P
    Are you ever on anymore?

    o.0 I just got my 1st 30char warning thingummy!
    So you have little breaks but then school during the summer? That's probably better but I live in the US so yeah. I go to private school but all schools in the country have (relatively) the same breaks. Bleh! I want to move to Canada.
    THANK YOU! Meh whatever. If they happen, I'll be sure to buy some. :P I have 8 days of school left! I'm so excited!!!
    I'm doing good, mostly cuz I haven't had much homework lately :) How are you, how's highschool?
    Hey, Me and my folks will be going to the village today, so I won't be able to do any internet for a while. Just thought I'd let you know.
    Steve is my younger bro. To make things just a bit easier, the green link in Lozoot is my younger one, and the blue one is my older. They're fun. Me and John can always talk about funny stuff to put in Lozoot, and me and Steve can always talk about our stories, even if we do get into an argument, the next day it's like nothing happened... usually. Sometimes when we have an important talk the next day it's like it never happened too... Not that there's anything wrong with that. They're the only friends I can have here. That reminds me, have you read Proverbs lately? Prvrbs 18:24 Some friends bring ruin on us, but a true friend is more loyal than a brother. Not that I doubt the scripture, but in my scenario, I find it hard to believe.
    Well, I read it on my own time, I just tell the others what's up occasionally, they don't even have Blogger accounts!--- Quick update! My younger bro just told me that he reads your blog on his own... while I'm still logged in. At least he doesn't do anything, like what he just did. But it was an accident, and he doesn't even try to, so all's well with that,
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