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  • Haha, yeah, blogging probably helps ~ I watched the vlog you posted and I could barely hear you at all, even with the sound up. -.- Buuuuut, I did blogging at school, and I was pretty upset at the fact that my teacher didn't let us do one like yours, it was more like we were given a set assignment every week on what to blog on, and we were only allowed to blog on one particular subject. Haha, yeah, i've seen the shoutbox (I think it's called) seems everyone has interesting conversations there, haha ^^ Same! I've always wanted to be a Hylian Knight, but then again, it might be a bit stressful especially with homework, etc.
    Ah, please do, I want to see what your cosplay is gonna look like xD It's a shame I can't go, I really wish I could, but i'll definitively come to the next one. =3
    Haha ;) Wow... I only have one heart sitting there, haha, I don't post much, mainly because I never really have anything knowledgeable to say. Congratulations =3 Yeah, my two old closest friends from here are pretty much not active anymore, so I figured I would make new friends, which is pretty easy to do on here. Oh yeah, I used to talk to him, we sort of lost contact though :( Hope you're cosplay is going awesome aswell :D
    Yaaaay ~ :D I know, it's so great here! Nice people everywhere ^^ It's changed so much here, I remember joining when the layout was brown :P And I saw that huuuuuuuuuuuge post you made a bit before, I can't remember on what topic exactly, but you look really smart Chelsea-san :D
    Yep. And that's not the only thing that I've changed... I finally added a MixPod to my profile! (It's a bit late, I understand, but I never understood how to do it before XD)
    Chelsea-saaaaaan ~ :3 I'm online for once. Haha how are you ? I haven't been on here for ages...
    That sounds really cool! Actually Rin is part of a program in Japan called Vocaloids. They're holographic singers! She has a twin brother named Kagamine Len. You should listen to some of their songs; they're really good!
    AWESOME!!! Who are you cosplaying as? There's an anime convention by me but my mom wouldn't let me. :) If I went, I would cosplay as Kagamine Rin (my avatar)!
    I'd say it's pretty good. I've gone through the 1st season and I'm not disappointed at all. I'd say it's definitely good enough for a try. The episodes with Shana-tan (the chibi) are comedy specials that basically abridge the series in a way, they're pretty hilarious once you know what's going on.
    Two weeks? I'd like that better than two months because then you don't forget as much. :) Not that I do, just some people...do. Anyway, I'm not sure where I'm going with this! Hehe...So doing anything for break?
    It's Shana from Shakugan no Shana in her Shana-tan form which is shown in Shakugan no Shana-tan.
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