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    What is Your Hylian Name?

    Viacka Bondalade. Cool :) sounds like I am about to beat up some gerudos...... Sweet
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    Where on the Timeline Should the Next Zelda Game Take Place?

    I'd really like to see a game based ont he style and on the timeline after TP. :)
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    Twilight Princess POLL: How Difficult Was Ganondorf in TP?

    It's really hard to say because Gannon's fight is in many stages... Frankly puppet Zelda is like a 3, beast gannon is like 7 and the horse back battle is just flat out annoying :/ I won't event rate that part
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    Spoiler Freakiest Vids in TP

    Definitely the one in the Lanayru Spring. It's just flat out creepy and disturbing :( especially when Link has no pupils and Ilah pulls a knife on him :/
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    May Giveaway Contest: Most Anticipated Game of 2012

    I would definitely say that Pokemon Black and White 2 are the games that I am looking the most forward to :) I love the first ones and I can't wait to see what the second ones have in store. However, if Nintendo were to announce a new Zelda game, I would leave Pokemon on the shelf and watch very...
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    Zelda Sports?

    Well it would be a little weird but Link has participated in: Snowboarding, wrestling, goat wrestling, kayaking, fishing, horse races, swimming, and Scuba Diving :)
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    Most Annoying Temples/dungeons Throughout the Series

    Ocean temple in PH -.- someone please blow that place up :/
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    1) She has really little tea sets :) or she eats them.... Mmm chocolate colored roaches :D 2) he parents live in the tree in her house :) but they're gone all day and sleep in the tree at night so you never see them :D 3) she sells parasols and flowers to raise money :D..... Or maybe she steals...
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    Who is the Cutest Character in TP?

    Link. Or Ilah :) frankly guys Agitha just disturbs me. :/ she's creepy and obsessed beyond normality with bugs....
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    If You Could Be Any Zelda Character Who Would It Be?

    Shiek. (yes that includes Zelda. Particually the TP one. She's hot :) ) but if had to goose another it would be Ilah :)
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    Gorons Vs Zoras

    Zora. No contest. They're faster and water is "super effective" against rock ;) :)
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    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character

    Naboroo <3 Minda <3 Ilah <3 adult Malon <3 but most of all Shiek. Yes I know she's Zelda. She's still awesome :)
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    Which Girl?

    Ilah :) :)
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    Zelda Couples ?

    Pipit (keeper of birds) and Malon (keeper of horses) :D :)
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