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  • :kawaii:No...not yet. I'm broke now lol. I'll probably wait until they release it for the PS3 though. Is it a bad game?
    Whatsup man? How are things? Haven't talked to you in a while.
    Here's the video:

    Its good stuff Ver-go! I <3 the way Noctis looks now. He looks so much better!!! I don't know if I'll get Agito though :(. Anyway, there's suppose to be a BIG conference coming up in January that's going to involve the whole Fabula Nova Crystallis series. I'm hoping they'll announce a release date for Versus, but that probably won't happen anytime soon.....
    Mr. Ver-go-a-go-go! Have you seen the mini-short trailer for Final Fantasy Versus & Agito XIII yet? =p
    I remember that to, I could never get higher than around 106,000 or maybe it was 116,000, whilst Josh had around 160,000.
    See you were trying to beat me on that Super Mario Coin game. xD Well, I managed to beat Josh somehow...and I think it destroyed my eyes. 11 minutes of watching something falling constantly screws with your vision. xD
    Yeah? I might. ^^ I might not be able to keep up quite as well now that I'm back in school, but it was certainly fun.
    You going to play this time?
    Eh seems only fair that we townies get a disadvantage like that when last game the same was going on for the Mafia. I hope next game that won't happen any more...
    Ah, looks like it's end game now unless every lynch is mafia now... the game is lost.
    Hey I know you know who I am anyway will you be my friend I can show you all the zeldas if you want.
    It's just the failtrolls that are annoying. And it didn't really drive him off, though he seems less active in the shoutbox.
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