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    Take care, everyone.

    Take care, everyone.
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    The perfect mature disucssion thread

    I never really saw the appeal in discussing sensitive political and social issues with nerdy tech people on an online zelda fan forum focused on Nintendo video games. If I want a serious conversation like that, I'll go elsewhere on the internet (or real life with people face-to-face, strange...
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    Nintendo E3 2018

    The direct was pretty great, definitely not a waste of time and definitely not disappointing. I do wish we got more Metroid Prime 4, although that game is probably early in development with little to show off right now. There wasn't much to celebrate besides Smash, but I'm really looking...
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    Ultimate Smash Bros Ultimate

    The reveal was super hype, and it's really looking like it's going to be its own game apart from 4. Even the graphical improvements on top of the thousands of little changes they've made were pretty noticeable, making the "ultimate" moniker very appropriate. I never imagined that every single...
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    Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon

    For those of you that have been following the indie-game Kickstarter scene for a while now, I'm sure that you remember back in 2015 when Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night became a thing and got tons of people excited. Being created by Koji Igarashi, one of the masterminds behind some of the...
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    What Are Your Disabilities?

    It's probably best to start a new thread about this if someone wants to talk about it (in an MD appropriate way of course).
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    Your opinion on BotW's Hyrule Castle

    I thought it was fantastic and probably the high point of the game. The enemies everywhere, guardians swarming the place, the multiple ways to approach it, the malicious atmosphere, the music, I could go on. I was a huge fan of TP's Hyrule Castle and the feeling you got as your slowly made your...
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    Will 2018 surpass 2017 in gaming?

    I don't think so, 2017 was one of the best years for gaming in recent memory. BotW, Persona 5, Mario Odyssey, Sonic Mania, Samus Returns, the list could go on and on. 2018 has been a slow start so far, Smash and Fire Emblem might be the only things that really grab me this year.
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    Farewell Mr. Kimishima

    The guy was a business man first, which I believe greatly helped the Switch be such a huge success right out of the gate. I hope that future CEOs realize this, and keep in mind that yes, it's okay to be fun and playful, but there's a business side of things that needs to be an aspect in...
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    Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has sold over 10 million copies, is the best selling Zelda Game

    It's a really good sign for Nintendo and the Zelda series. I personally loved BotW, so I'm looking forward to how they add and improve what they did with the game for future installments. It's really bad news for people that thought BotW was mediocre/bad due to its structure. I severely doubt...
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Take my advice and do not spend a single orb more. Swimsuit Camilla is sure to happen this year.
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    Coolest (and lamest) Name for a Video Game Console

    "Xbox One" really struck me as being strange and unintuitive if only because it didn't seem like a logical progression from "Xbox 360". The PR disaster that followed the reveal of the Xbone probably didn't help. I also thought "Switch" was kind of stupid at the beginning too, although it made...
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    The peak of journalism.

    The peak of journalism.
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    Mega Man X Legacy Collections 1 & 2 Announced

    This is absolutely fantastic. The X series (well, half of it anyway) is among my favorite in all of gaming. X1, X2, and X4 are fantastic games, and X3 and X8 are pretty great too. X5 and X6 are meh.... the less that is said about X7, the better. I was getting worried because it was actually...
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    General SSB Who is Your Smash Main?

    Melee: Mario Brawl: Mario, Ike Smash 4: Mario, Ike, Zero Suit Samus
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