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  1. Ultimatium

    Characters you simply can't forget even if you want to

    I'd probably say the deku butlers son. It's such a sad story that surrounds both him and his father in majora's mask.
  2. Ultimatium

    Final Night Moon's Tear

    It's the first time i have seen that, it's interesting. It looks a bit like he's possesed?
  3. Ultimatium

    Favorite/least favorite minigames

    It's still the waterfall rapids for me, i think. I sometimes visit the place to race against the beaver brothers, even if i have already beat them several times.
  4. Ultimatium

    Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Games

    It's ocarina of time for me personally, as it's simply the best game that i have played. As for my least favorite zelda games, i guess that it's probably most of the games that were released after majora's mask.
  5. Ultimatium

    My theory's on Majora's mask

    It's something that i have read somewhere a long time ago.
  6. Ultimatium

    My theory's on Majora's mask

    I thought the spirit of the fierce diety mask was the hero who was supposed to fight against majora's wrath, to save the ancient tribes?
  7. Ultimatium

    Closest Call in Majora's Mask

    Yes, it has happened to me several times. It feels so rewarding when you finish a dungeon or complete a quest, right before you run out of time. It's what makes majora's mask such a special game to play.
  8. Ultimatium

    Any Majora's mask tips?

    I'd suggest you play the inverted song of time, before you step into a dungeon. Also, some of the sidequests are a bit time consuming, so you shouldn't be afraid to use one of the owl statues to save your game.
  9. Ultimatium

    Majora's Mask vs Wind Waker: What was your preferred sequel?

    I'd say majora's mask, mostly for the reasons you mentioned, with the game being more of a personal quest for link to find navy.
  10. Ultimatium

    Pineapples on Pizza: Yes or No

    It's not something i would usually put on a pizza, but i guess i could do it occasionally.
  11. Ultimatium

    Remade games you still prefer the original over

    I still haven't played the 3ds version of majora's mask. I like what i have seen in the game so far though, but why did they change the boss fights?
  12. Ultimatium

    Remade games you still prefer the original over

    I'd probably say most of them, there's very few remakes that i actually enjoy playing.
  13. Ultimatium

    Zelda enemies that still scare you

    Well, i wasn't scared by any of the monsters, but i always thought that the dead hands in ocarina of time were a bit creepy.
  14. Ultimatium

    Why did the aliens invade romani ranch?

    Yes, that makes sense as well.
  15. Ultimatium

    What Kind of Extra Content Would You Like to See in Master Quest?

    Well not much really, the original version of ocarina of time is perfect the way it is. I wasn't a big fan of masterquest i guess. I get it's supposed to be more challenging, but i personally feel like the original game is challenging enough. If masterquest had some new monsters, dungeons or...
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