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    hiya!!!!whats up???sorry...im still waiting for you to come back from your old threads, so we can talk about more theories!!!!!:) (lol i did not forget!!!)
    hey...is something up???(sorry....im a little.....impatient......)
    anyway!!!lets have a reguler talk!
    how you doing???
    OH, and also.....what about the zoras in OoT?
    they seem to be a bit....diffrent from the ones in MM, doncha think???
    omg so...hi.
    anyway!i was in school!!!yea!school!and i was in my really boring math class!!yup!and i thought of another theory!!!
    in the stone tower, when you kill one of the redeads!!!yeaa!!!and did you ever notice, that, when you kill one of them, they gather around the one you just killed? its like...there morning its loss.....and when it dissaperes, they go back to where they where standing???!!!???

    i think we could make a theory out of that......what do you think?
    well....he is healed by the song of healing.
    it seems that when people hear that song...they are awakened.to who they are and what they have to do.
    at that short moment after her father heard the song, he relized he had to take care of pamela and and live.
    ...i think...
    WELL i mean did you ever notice that before each of the people turned into masks each had a flashback of some sort??!??!??
    why dident pamelas father get one??why cant we see his?
    well how her father got that way, how the gibdo song was discovered, why pamela visits the well-even when she KNOWS she COULD end up like her father, why did they go to ikana...
    do any of these help???
    hello!!!!!!!!we havent talked for a while!so, did you find out any more zelda theorys that should be disscussed???:)
    Not much.:) I am leaving the forum so, I will not be on much if at all. I hope you are doing good. Well, see you whenever I can get on.
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