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Is majora's mask just a dream?

Aug 6, 2010
So, i always wanted to come up with my own theory about majora's mask,

so here it is. the skull kid, a prankster, is left alone in the lost woods, so he decides to befriend four giants. the skull kid is angry that his closest friends, the four giants, have left and betrayed him. so when two fairies, tatl and tael finds him, they decide to befriend him. one day, the skull kid takes tatl and tael with him to the lost woods, where they snatch a mysterious mask from a mask salesman, who happens to be wandering through the lost woods. after stealing the mask from the mask salesman, the skull kid uses its dark magic to create the fantasy world of termina, which is a figment of his own imagination, where he can get his revenge on his former friends, the four giants, by crashing the moon into clocktown, with the moon being his emotions, symbolizing his wrath. but if the moon is representing his emotions, and not the people he meets on his journey, then why is everyone you meet in the game so angry and sad? as for the side quests, i think nintendo had to put them in there just for replayability. anyway, meanwhile you have link, who is tired and exhausted from his previous battle against ganondorf and saving hyrule, is also wandering through the lost woods, searching for his own fairy. the skull kid then sneaks up on link, throws him off epona and steals his ocarina. link then chases him through the lost woods, where he falls through a portal that leads into the parallel world of termina, created by the skull kid. on his journey, link learns to heal peoples wounds with the song of healing and that believing in his strength will get him through his journey. so after defeating majora's wrath and saving the citizens of clock town, the mask is cleansed from its dark magic and link is seen riding into the fog, as the imaginary world of termina mysteriously disappears behind him, what do you guys think? the dawn of a new day begins. the skull kid remains in termina with his two new best friends, tatl and tael, who were with him all the way through his struggle, and the mask is cleansed from its dark magic.
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Well it began as a theory, now its mostly just an overview of the game. The only part left with a theory is that the skull kid stole and used majoras mask to create a fantasy world of termina.
That's not theoretical, The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia states that is the case, if one wants to believe it.

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