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Virtual console graphics

Aug 6, 2010
So, i just bought majora's mask on my nintendo wii from the virtual console shop, and the graphics are really grainy and blurry. It's an old game i know, but im playing it on this tv using a component cable, so the graphics should at least be okay. I did a comparison with the gamecube version of majora's mask, and the graphics seems to be slightly better, why's that?
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Feb 25, 2010
Its a direct port of the N64 version. So the collecters edition would look better. If they improved graphics, it would be changed to wiiware, not VC.
Dec 11, 2009
There's no problem. My brother got the component cables and the games he played looked horrible compared to how they look regularly. These were N64 games, mind you. It's nothing really, it's just that these games aren't really meant for those cables. Try an NES game with the cables and you will just be staring at a black screen. Well, that's what happened to us. Don't know if it'll do the same thing for you.


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Jan 30, 2011
I have Majora's Mask for both N64 and VC and I play it on a normal tv, not flat screen or HD. The N64 one is a little blurry compared to the VC in which the emulator within the system is a higher quality and Majora's Mask looks a little polished up imo. Either way I dont care about how it looks as long as the game is playable :)

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Oct 16, 2010
South Carolina
I have the VC version, and in HD which is great, and it still looks great to me. I don't know what to suggest to improve the graphics, but I do know it looks great to me in HD.


I dont know what youre talking about, the graphics on the vc are way less grainy than on a cartredge


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Apr 28, 2011
Rovin, sorry to say it, but on an HDTV without adjusting the settings, the graphics are going to look the same and, in some cases, worse. If your cartridge is grainy, then chances are you have a problem with your system and/or game, unfortunately. My cartridges (yes, I still play them) have crystal clarity, though they are blocky and slightly pixelated, there is absolutely no grainy-ness.

As far as your issue, Ultimatium, here's what I have to suggest.
Here's the deal, it's an HDTV and, unlike most situations, that's unfortunate. That is because most of these lack interlacing/scanlines, which are what make the sharp, jagged edges appear on the HDTV. All CRT monitors/T.V.s (what the original game was made for; the VC is a direct emulation of the cartridge) have the scanlines. Scanlines were implimented intentionally back in the day with old game systems to hide the jagged edges that the hardware wasn't able to then easily clear up with anti-aliasing rather than waste precious ROM space to make it better, since it was more expensive to put that into a system like the N64.

Your best bet is to check your T.V.'s settings and see if it offers "interlacing" or "scanlines." If not then the next best thing would be to turn down the sharpness and/or (on some TVs) resonance (I believe it should be called). This will lower the overall quality, but blend the lines a little to cover up the spaces that used to be overridden by the scanlines. Resulting in slightly less clear pictures, but objects that exist in three dimensions much more realistically. As if you were looking through slightly blurred vision (on a blocky, low-graphics world, obviously).

Hope that explaination makes sense, and good luck with your graphics issue!

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