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  • same here but I never played Final Fantasy before and I like 3rd person shooter,sometimes RPG, GOOD action adventure games, and sometimes fighting games. have you ever played super smash bros brawl before?
    don't worry bout never signing up, ive never written a fan fic. The shadow tribe is basically hylians but ussually with black hair and eyes, Skilled at hidding. read the story and message me or write with feedback. I want to see what you ( the people) think about the story
    I'm going to do that. I'm going to sit down and draw whatever comes to mind. I will also experiment with some different designs and maybe that will help me expand my horizon when I draw.

    Oh, and one more question, how did you find your style of art? Did it just come to you, or did you have to practice a lot to find your style?
    Hmmm....that's a pretty good technique! I will have to try that the next time that I have the chance. ^^

    I get so pressured when I draw.... I think that that is another reason that I take so long. I focus on the realistic aspect too much and I forget that I need to relax! Your artwork has a way of mixing realism and simplistic artstyles together, and in the end, it turns out great. I think that I need to fix my technique...at least for a while until I get the hang of simplistic drawing... :awkward:
    Well, the simplistic style looks absolutely amazing! :)

    When I draw, It takes me a REALLY long time. That is because I can never seem to get myself to draw simplistically. I really need to practice drawing that way. It could really help with my drawings.

    By the way, I love your Twilight Princess cover artwork! The one that you used for your avatar for the forums. It looks exactly like the real thing!
    Thank you for accepting it~ ^^

    I saw your deviantart page, and I must say that you are an amazing artist! I love how your artwork is so simple yet so detailed! How did you learn to draw wolves that well?
    Busy with Holiday sorry for the delay. MM is a very good game it is rather short if ur just focused on beating the game and not getting all the masks or doing SQ's and it has great BGM's I like the Deku Palace and Stone Tower themes.
    What you would wish if you found the triforce. Mine are OoT, MM, TP and my Triforcewish would be world peace.
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