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    Zelda Art Snowpeak

    AAANND STORY IS BACK Chapter 4: Lost Ticket Yeta was gone. As Link walked, defeated, to his pile of cushions, he could see only the shadowy form of Yeto, a perfect living couch, curled protectively around no one. Strange. Link eased himself down into his little pillow nest...
  2. Tavoriel

    Zelda Art Tavoriel's Zelda Art

    Whoa, I never updated this thread with this little beauty: http://tavoriel.deviantart.com/art/Beetle-244082137 Enjoy. SKYWARD SWOOOORD!!!!!!
  3. Tavoriel

    The Substitutes-- Sign Ups

    HM :( The school year has come around again, and I am quite pressed for time. Does anyone REALLY REALLY REALLY want me to write this?
  4. Tavoriel

    Twilight Princess TP and FOOD

    HMMMMMM.... Based on evidence of food we find throughout the game (thank you, Mr.Verto), we can make a perfectly logical assumption that Hylians more or less have to eat in order to live, just like the rest of us (but, as Zleda mentioned, they reason they never eat when anyone is watching is...
  5. Tavoriel

    Twilight Princess TP and FOOD

    That could very well be true. But if so, why do Ordon people grow pumpkins and raise goats? Why do you see tables in peoples' houses? Why do Castle Town people sell food in the marketplace? Also, nobody seems to eat in OoT, but the Gorons claim to be starving when they cannot get to...
  6. Tavoriel

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    If a tree fell in the forest and there was no one there to fear it, would the falling tree still be scary? IDK. Thread is longer.
  7. Tavoriel

    Twilight Princess TP and FOOD

    Midna comes from the Twilight Relam and is so incompatible with the World of Light that she cannot even assume her actual shape. What in the world would she find to eat??? This line of thought goes both ways--what did all of the Hylian people eat when Twilight covered Hyrule? I think I just...
  8. Tavoriel

    Why is Toon Link So Lazy?

    In every LOZ game I can think of, Link either starts out asleep or is knocked out at some point before the real adventure starts. Therefore, it is my belief that LOZ adventures can be interpreted as Link having really wacky dreams. *shifty eyes* *leaves*
  9. Tavoriel

    Twilight Princess Wii Version: Does Anyone Feel The Same?

    There's a point in the Wii version where Link shakes hands with Telma... left-handed. LOL. I'm left-handed and I don't really mind. It is sad to think that Link may be right-handed from now on, though. Maybe he'll stay left-handed on handheld games?
  10. Tavoriel

    What if Nintendo Made a Dark Zelda Game Again?

    I would love another dark Zelda! And let's not forget Bottom of the Well and the Shadow Temple in OOT! Those were fantastic. They need to introduce "swordless Link" occasions to creepy locations.
  11. Tavoriel

    Spoiler Tav's New Hero's Shade Theory

    A while ago, I posted a thread about how I thought Rusl might be the Hero's Shade. But now I'm thinking that the Hero's Shade is the cursed warrior from Hyrule Castle, possibly sent by Zelda. For reference: look at the ZD Video Walkthrough for the Hyrule Castle dungeon, second video on the...
  12. Tavoriel

    Zelda Art Snowpeak

    MOAR story Chapter 3: Alone Yeto slept by the fireplace next to his wife, cradling her aching head with his massive side, radiating gentleness and care even in sleep. It was touching to watch. And Link did watch. He watched the two of them snore for a good thirty minutes before he was...
  13. Tavoriel

    Zelda Art Snowpeak

    Thanks for the feedback :) Here is more: Chapter 2: Hospitality Yeto’s wife Yeta had a kind and gentle spirit, more so than Yeto if that could even be possible. She didn’t seem to have arms herself but nevertheless sympathized deeply with her guest. She crooned “Ooooh” and...
  14. Tavoriel

    Zelda Art Snowpeak

    Hi Zelda Dungeoners! I journeyed to Snowpeak in Twilight princess just after I finished reading Stephen King's The Shining and then bam, I had to write this story. I hope you like it. Rating: PG-13 (Unsettling at times but nothing horrible or gory) Summary: Separated from Midna and...
  15. Tavoriel

    Favorite Books

    I should probably read more. But all of these are fantastic: Book: Anything by Patrick O'Brian, 1984 by George Orwell, Lisey's Story by Stephen King, Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkein. Manga: Bleach, Death Note, Gintama, Mushi-Shi Graphic novel: Watchmen...
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