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  • Hey Sabie. Not sure how often you come on, and I was inactive for like 8 months on here and I still hardly come on, but I was just wondering how you were doing. So I thought I'd say hello~ ^.^

    hey. it's been a while sine i've heard anything from you. I was just wondering how things were coming along.
    Yupeedoodles! I sure am! ^^ That is so coolio! :D

    Oh, since that's long past I can't remember. :sweat: Sorry I was inactive for about a month. :\ But I'm also babysitting for two hours on Wednesday! X3 But this kid is easy, he'll sit there to watch a movie for the whole thing. ;3

    Ahahahaha! "Great minds think alike!"
    pretty good. I love that it's autumn now, the bad part is school though :( , do you think that in general the activity on the forums seems to be going down? I know for sure that it has hit the "avatars and signatures" section really hard.
    I'm on call always for babysitting. My older sisiter who moved away knew all these families with little kids, and she always babysat them. But since she's gone... I'm the only one left who can do it. X3 I do have an older brother, but he isn't to keen on babysitting. :p So yeah, about three times a week someone want's me to babysit. XD And I'm home schooled, so I can babysit during school hours, which makes them want to call me more. Yup, fun job. :D
    Aww, that's great! ^^ And I've been good. I got a job, and it's unexpectedly taken up a lot of my time along with school. :bleh: But I need the job, and it's a fun job too.
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